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"Si vis pacem, para bellum."

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  1. MrSalty

    Newly Whitelisted

  2. MrSalty


    Just finished la casa de papel season 3 

    another great season 

  3. that would be amazing
  • MrSalty

    Sleeping Bags

    they do still spawn or group found one yesterday and i don't mind having the small tents back
  • MrSalty


    Hi Welcome
  • MrSalty

    BeanZ WAR

  • MrSalty

    Cars appreciation thread

    Yeah i know that but insurance the gasoline road tax are so expensive here
  • MrSalty

    Cars appreciation thread

    I wish i could buy cars like that here in the netherlands absolute beautiful cars you have
  • MrSalty

    Nice to meet'cha!

    Hi Welcome always good to see another fellow countryman
  • MrSalty

    Hello Chat

    Hi Welcome
  • MrSalty

    About to start my DayzRP journey.

    Hi welcome
  • MrSalty

    im new to dayz

    Hi welcome
  • MrSalty

    Hey I'm That_Guy (New)

    Hi Welcome
  • MrSalty

    What do you listen to ?

  • MrSalty

    The War (Open Frequency)

    *Jake presses the PTT on the radio on his backpack you can hear him laughing* This is going to be fun Just a new enemy *Release the PTT*
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