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  1. Elyas "Ely" Brune was born to a modest household in the United States of America. His father had a steady job working at an office, and his mother also worked, however, this was as a secretary instead. As such Elyas was often left to his own devices, with his imagination running rampant. Often, in fact, he can recall pretending to be a part of these worlds. Yes, this is a common occurrence, children having fantasies that is, but where this became a problem is when it carried on later in his life. Although some might count this as a hindrance, it truly was not. As, young, Elyas had a plan, he was going to become an author. Well, that is what he said he was going to do in reality, it was much more complicated. With high school flying by, and him spending most of his time daydreaming about fantasy worlds, his grades plummeted. He still passed, but barely. With that, his teachers, his councilors said that he had no talent. However, he disagreed with this and sought an online degree. He got it, and he moved to a New York apartment. Once he was comfortable in his new home, he began to write. Unfortunately, Elyas found that writing was much harder than it seemed. So much so that he was quickly falling behind on rent. He needed to write something, anything that would help him get by. So he took what money he had, and boarded a plane bound for Chernarus. He did this despite the countries known civil unrest. Chernarus was where the book was set to take place(It was a drama set in a country ravaged by unrest), and so Elyas figured that it would be fitting to learn what he could about the country. Almost immediately upon entry of the country, the locals preyed upon an unwary tourist. They took his money, his phone, and anything else they could. He was left beaten and without a clue of where to go. Mind that it was 2014, and as you know this was when the outbreak occurred. When the outbreak was fully recognized, and the country was quarantined. So Elyas did as he was told, and went various quarantine zones. However, after seeing these attempts to maintain control fail, he left and began to rely on himself.