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  1. David only ever knew his dad and never got to see anyone but his grandma and grandpa, the only real friends he ever made was some cows on his dads farm which he had to kill off to feed himself. He quickly became a though nail after killing the only friends he ever had and when the Apocalypse came, he joined the CDF but got knocked out cold trying to rescue others and some Christians saved him, David was Jewish and had, had family feud with a christian family for more than a decade, but that all meant nothing when these two guys saved his life.
  2. I'm trying to be white listed but cannot seem to find the passphrase anywhere in the rules, I've read them over and over and over again but still cant find the passphrase... I even tried putting the entire page into word and then look for that red line underneath it, but even that didn't work. So I'm wondering if i should just give up on it, or if there is any help to be found.
  3. Esp

    S1 RDM/KOS at stary. 17/06/17

    Yeah i can understand that, must be pretty annoying to be KOS'd with NO interactions before that at all. I will certainly learn from my mistake, and sorry again for shooting you
  4. Esp

    S1 RDM/KOS at stary. 17/06/17

    @King Not to be rude or anything but there is only one question. First off, Yeah in your video i can clearly see the other guys, but from where i was standing there must've been a tree blocking my view from the others, so i only saw you and another guy. I can also see in your video that you're wearing a surgical hat and not the UN helmet, for me the surgical hat looked bigger than your head, like a helmet - I'm not sure if this is because my setting are relatively low. Yes you are 100% right, i had no rights to kill you, and i am also very sorry for that!
  5. Esp

    S1 RDM/KOS at stary. 17/06/17

    Me and a couple of friends got robbed in stary and then when we got set free, i went for a winchester to see if i could get some of our stuff back, minutes later i saw a group of 2 people out on open fields in between stary and kabanino and recognized a guy with a blue helmet as one of our captures, i then shot at him when he suddenly stopped with his friend i saw him fall to the ground and ran closer to the other guy, when i got closer i could then see that there weren't only those two guys and i turned around again
  6. Esp

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    @SnAsK1231, @crunchycoconut and I had just looted the police station when our friend @Musnus told us he needed our help over the radio, so of course we ran over to the two barns to help our friend. Then when we got close @SnAsK1231 said he could hear them screaming "This was your last warning, put your hands up!", and I saw them raising their weapons, so I stood up and opened fire at the three guys, two of them fell to the ground and the last one fled, we then ran after the last guy but gave up rather fast.
  7. Esp

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    @SnAsK1231 Pretty much summed up what happened for me and @crunchycoconut tbh. The only dif is who we hit