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  1. Before the outbreak, I was temporary schoolteacher in Zelenogorsk. I didn't have a lot of money, but I had no family either, so I only had to take care of myself. In my spare time, I spent a lot of time in studying guns, because I planned to start robbing people, and to make an investment in a Markarov pistol. I've always been kind to everyone around me, but I felt like no one were ever kind to me. In late 2016 I decided that I had eaten canned tuna for too long, and I wanted to change that once and for all. Early 2017, I began threatening people and stole their cash, but I couldn't stand the fact, that I was one of the bad guys. Then suddenly it was all over the news, that people were infected. It was July 23th, and almost Zelenogorsk were infected, I chose to help an evacuating group of 13 people, by using my knowledge about guns, and leading their way to little town named Pogorevka. My group joined a little camp just outside Pogorevka, and we were doing fine for a while. I was gathering ammunition for my gun, and after a while, I got very experienced in shooting. I also learned how to craft, and shoot a bow. We lived by the camp for a month or so, but on day when I came back from hunting, my camp was desolated. I found a couple of corpses, and after that day, I got so sad, that I promised myself, to help everyone being kind to me. From that day, I realised that the future is dark, very dark. But one thing kept on enlighting my day, and the answer is, Christianity. Jesus wanted me to live, I could feel him inside me, and even though zombies were all over Chernarus, nothing could ever stop me from going to chruch.
  2. Musnus

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    Dude, you know who's lying here. But that's fine...
  3. Musnus

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    "I died, Jax escaped and John died, but John was like 15 - 30 meters away from us, he probably couldn't even hear us, but he got shot too, while he was not a threat to anybody, he was minding his own business." Funny, because the corpses were laying 3 meters from eachother. John were right in front of me...
  4. Musnus

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    You didn't walk away. I walked over to you, and when you gaves gave me my last warning, you were there - 1 meter away from me, faceing me. =Your group threatened me, my friends shot you.
  5. I was one of the people, standing in the middle of Stary. Suddenly Mao came and said to us, that someone told two of our men to put their hands up. Mao came back and told us, and some people began to run, and some stayed without putting their hands up yet, because no one were initiating yet. I was very confused, because I didn't hear anyone tell me to put up my hands. I walked by the church, and sat down by the waterpump. I saw the others now had their hands up, and suddenly I was shot, and I don't know by who or where from. I was dead some time before, the others even got to the barn. IG-Name: Vlad Guberinko
  6. Musnus

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    Yes but your group, threatened me. It was a hostile situation, so my friends were allowed to shoot.
  7. Musnus

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    Just a correction: I knew my friends were nearby(at the police station), so I thought they could save me, if @Jackfish didn't want to apologise. I thought they were sitting next to me, but they were just looting.
  8. Musnus

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    Detailed description of my POV: My friends ( @Esp, @crunchycoconut, @SnAsK1231) and I, heard shots in Novy Sobor, and instantly chose to run there, just to get some player interaction. I ran into the town alone, and my friends stayed about 50 meters behind me. I went to talk to them, and John Brown( @Jackfish) were very agressive and condescending. I knew that my friends were sitting in the forest, and therefore I kept on asking @Jackfish to stop. They now asked me to walk away, because they didn't want any trouble. My character felt very offended, and I kept wanting an excuse from @Jackfish, and the others gave me two warnings. I kept following, and of course it turned into a hostile situation, and they raised their guns at me. My friends shot them, because they were allowed to, and they were about 30 meters from me. Afterwards when two of them fell into unconsciousness, and I shot them just to be sure they were dead. And just in addition: I never said "Oh sure, I'll get on my knees"