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  1. we were running to kabinino and we seen three guys and we told them to get on the floor and they did so we tied them up and asked for there weapons. We then told them to run away up the hill from us and we ran the other way. We got into kabinino and a member of our group found a house locked so we unlocked it and went in. One person was downstairs and we told him to get on the floor and we tied him up. There was one person in the doorway upstairs AFK so we tied him up as well. Another group came outside the house and started saying they were going to throw a grenade into the window. The person we took hostage downstairs was giving the grpoup outside the house information and we were telling him to be quite and he wasn't complying and one member of our group knocked him out to shut him up. In the commotion we couldnt move upstairs because the person afk was blocking the door way so one of our members shot him. We neded to go out the front door so we told the person we had tied up downstaurs to go out first and he wasnt listening so a member of our group shot him. We eventually burst out the door and one of our members got knocked out and i ran outside to make a move and i got killed by a MP5.