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  1. So just glitched and fell off green mountain tower with full gear and full ghillie that i had been grinding for 3 days . Boris litvinchuk will not have this though and still lives on like this never happened and like those past 3 days he had just been sleeping . sometimes dayz makes me want to die IRL.
  2. Boris was just another working class citizen in the land of Chernarus, he worked at the Elektrozavodsk docks as a captain.Boris favorite passtime was hunting with his friend Artiom . One day Artiom and Boris had a plan to go out hunting for a couple weeks and spend time in Artioms fathers cottage out in the middle of the woods to the North of Svetlojarsk many kilometers into the forest .When the two had been out hunting for two and a half weeks they decided to call it quits and go back home. On the way to Dobro where theyr car was parked they encoutered a man just standing out in the woods.Artiom approched the man and yelled : Hey Debil bljad what are you doing on my land ,but then the man attacked Artiom and pushed him to the ground and almost bit him but Boris Lucky was quite the triggerhappy fellow and shot the man right in the head. for a moment there was an eery silence followed with panic . The two didnnt know what to do they had just killed a man, but then they realized that the man was not like a human . he looked deformed and rotten . the two hid the body and started goinf towards Dobroe again. when they reached the outskirts of the village they saw people shambling about in the streets ,They tried to reach theyr car and get the hell out of town but before they could get in another man attacked Artiom they shot him dead but now the whole town full of the Shambling people started running theyr way . they had no time to waste they had to leave now . After a 30 minutes of driving through the hordes of people they reached a chekpoint near Elektrozavodsk where they were greeted by US marines who said that there were no more Ships going out of Elektrozavodsk or anywhere by that matter.The Marines said that the situation is hopeless.What the marines didnt expect was that a massive horde of these socalled zombies were following Boris and Artiom. In the Midst of battle between the Marines and the massive hord,Boris and Aartiom got seperated . Boris fled to the woods with nothing on him but a flare and clothes, he had also gotten hit by some shrapnel and passed out. In the morning he woke up near a beach not remembering anything of how he got there or where hes friend or the marines was. hes mission now is to find Artiom and get the Hell out of this place called Chernarus.