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  1. George, originally from a family of Swedish Immigrants to the US, quickly found himself enjoying american culture, from guns, to cars, to community to cook outs, he found himself involved in it all and got a name as a helpfull fella around town. This inspired him to take up a job in Law Enforcement, only adding to his likable presence around town as he often let teeangers off for little things, would rarely ticket, but when something he saw as dangerous happened, he would take it very seriously. This can do, do good attitude soon earned him a role as a county Sheriff, which escalated to him being involved with national security forces. With his history in law enforcement and his upstanding record coupled with a good attitude, George was selected and funded to take a trip to Russia's end of the Eurasian continent during the early days of unrest, as a none military agent. His duty was no more than to act as a humble tourist keen on seeing the sights, especially keen on visiting Chernarus, as it was widely known it had become a city of note with it's rise to the modern area. Expected to be taking it easy and filing discreet reports on protests, the number of homeless or the state of hotels, George traveled light and for a while, he didn't need his gun, nor his armor, but within months.. He really wished he'd brought them as chaos descended around him and cut him off from returning to his beloved country, forcing him to start from the bottom and start doing things right here. For now at least, he's a good guy, let's hope this world doesn't break him.