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  1. S1 KOS in Stary 22:30

    So what gave you permission to kill the two people who lay down on the floor, who did not run!?
  2. S1 KOS in Stary 22:30

    So what gave you the right to shoot me!? When I wasn't with them, nor causing any sort of problems? And also, I did not run did I? I stood still and dropped to the floor when you said "get down" But there wasn't even enough time to react to anything as you instantly shot me, and by the looks of it, the other guys.
  3. S1 KOS in Stary 22:30

    Approximate time was: 9:35 GMT (Not sure about server time) My in game name is: Joe Marshal Names of allies involved: A friend nearby called Big Al and James Marshal Name of suspects: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved: None Additional evidence: Non Detailed description of the events: I was in Stary, up from the military tents. Up the hill I spotted 6-7 armed people, pointing guns at 2 people, most likely taking them hostage. So I walked over to see what was going on, and as soon as I went over, I was told to get on the floor. After about 0.5 seconds of him saying that, and as I was dropping to the floor, I was shot at, and the rest of the guys there, taking those other people hostage also started shooting. Is this not against the rules!? This is KOS, right?