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  1. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Hey my In game name is Dean Darby Im fairly new to dayzrp and im interested in learning Surivior roleplay and i look forward to being mentored Timezone: Pacific Standard
  2. Thanks for having me!

  3. Sounded like a good song from what I heard, upload it to soundcloud lmao

    • Dean Winchestr
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    i'm finished

    1. Irish


      Good job man, best of luck :D

    2. Chewy


      Very nicely done Support Oisin! You are a credit to this community and it's very nice to see newcomers so appreciative of your help. :) 

  4. Thanks for having me!

    I am happy to be here with this wonderful community... looking forward to RP with all of you.
  5. How do i get white listed now?

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    2. Dean Winchestr

      Dean Winchestr

      Its complete

    3. Method


      way to go my dude can't wait to see you in game

    4. Dean Winchestr

      Dean Winchestr

      Same dude!