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  1. Hey my In game name is Dean Darby Im fairly new to dayzrp and im interested in learning Surivior roleplay and i look forward to being mentored Timezone: Pacific Standard
  2. Sounded like a good song from what I heard, upload it to soundcloud lmao

  3. i'm finished

    1. Oisin


      Good job man, best of luck :D

    2. Chewy


      Very nicely done Support Oisin! You are a credit to this community and it's very nice to see newcomers so appreciative of your help. :) 

  4. I am happy to be here with this wonderful community... looking forward to RP with all of you.
  5. How do i get white listed now?

    1. Ron


    2. Method


      did you ever get the whitelist completed? you were so close last time 

    3. Dean Winchestr
    4. Method


      way to go my dude can't wait to see you in game

    5. Dean Winchestr
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