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  1. I grew up in a very religious household outside Severograd, we lived on a farm, so we were pretty self sufficient and autonomous. At young age, I was already towering above alle the other children in height, so noone ever bullied me in school, I bullied them. During a very cold winter in 1989, both my parents passed away. Me and my twin brother had to take over the homestead. It was at this point in my life really began believing in god. The church was my second home. We were very poor me and my brother, but we survived, just until my brother suddenly left the homestead. I had to sell the homestead, so I could get some food and a tent. I was homeless, and i lived in a tent in the forest near Tisy. During the daytime, I spent most of my time in the church, praying. Moving between the forest and the nearby cities, I became very fit. I started lifting wood logs in the forest to become more muscular. When the outbreak hit, I was isolated from civilization, because I lived in the bush. I have lived in the bush for months now. Today, the 19th of October 2017, I plan on leaving the bush. I will start scavenging the nearby cities, and look for survivors.
  2. crunchycoconut

    S1: Ruleplay, Baiting between Stary and Novy - 09-06-2017 21:50

    We were looting Novy Sobor, me @Esp and @Snask1231 were a little behind @Musnus, because he was ready to leave the town, and we were not. He told us that he might get robbed near the barns, so we went over there to help. When we arrived they were pointing guns, all facing at @Musnus, so we opened fire to defend him. One guy escaped and we quickly gave up. One corpse was very close to @Musnus, within 4-5 meters, another corpse also close within approx. 15 meters I would say.