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  1. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *The transmission begins* Where are you? *The transmission ends*
  2. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *Maksim leans against the tree as he starts the transmission* Massive group just went through Novy. 6-7 people mostly men from the voices i heard. One girl though. She was wearing a blue beanie i believe. Couldn't see that well because of the dark.. *The transmission ends*
  3. Wounding without kill right

    It did answer my question!
  4. Wounding without kill right

    If i got robbed or tortured by someone and the kill rights timer has expired am i then still allowed to wound the person that robbed or tortured me. By wounding i mean initiating from a far with a rifle shooting him in the leg or another limb.
  5. Radio

    If a me and a friend both have a fucntional radio, are we then allowed to talk on your TS or are we only allowed to use Dayz Radio Chatter?
  6. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *Maksim pushes the transmission button on his radio* There are a lot of people here in Vybor. Including a guy in a ghillie suit and one with an UN helmet. Something is going down in the Police station! *Maksim ends transmission*
  7. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *Maksim pulls out his radio while jogging* *As he jogs he pushes the transmission button* *Under his heavy breathing he says* What about the mask i was talking about? *After the few words he lets go of the transmission*
  8. *As Maksim sits down on the bed he pulls out his newly found radio* *He then holds down the transmission button for two seconds and lets go again* *He pushes it once more and the transmission begins* Hello? Jayce? It's me Maksim. The guy you held up in the barn near Vybor. I found one of those red face masks that you were wearing, and i was wondering if you'd mind me wearing it so you could maybe regocnize me next time we meet..? And also - whilst walking towards Pustoshka i saw a group of 4 people sprinting across the open field towards Green Mountain. I couldn't see so well because of the dark, but they were all wearing black clothing. You might want to you know. Talk to them.. *Maksim looses his grip on the radio so the transmission ends* *He awaits and answer as he sits there eating his beans*
  9. Why does my ban timer go up?

    When i logged onto the website this morning around 8:30 AM i saw that i had 1 hour left on my ban.. Then an hour later it was 2 hours. Now 5:48 PM it's 10 hours? What's going on?
  10. Annoying message

    Can someone please remove the thing that tells me i'm banned? It's the website thingy. I'm not banned on the server - i can play and all, but this thing is getting quite annoying. https://gyazo.com/28bdc42d79015541f6cc24fc67e3a5e4
  11. Which is the capital then?

    But why
  12. Which is the capital then?

    Im actually really confused now. Isn't Chernogorsk the capital of Chernarus and Novigrad the capital of South-Zagoria?
  13. Which is the capital then?

    I figured @SmartyyZ
  14. Which is the capital then?

    I now but you're still not stating why it says in the lore that Chernogorsk is the Capital.
  15. Which is the capital then?

    Oh sorry. Didn't relaise it was a mod that removed it haha