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  1. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *The transmission begins* Where are you? *The transmission ends*
  2. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *Maksim leans against the tree as he starts the transmission* Massive group just went through Novy. 6-7 people mostly men from the voices i heard. One girl though. She was wearing a blue beanie i believe. Couldn't see that well because of the dark.. *The transmission ends*
  3. Wounding without kill right

    It did answer my question!
  4. Wounding without kill right

    If i got robbed or tortured by someone and the kill rights timer has expired am i then still allowed to wound the person that robbed or tortured me. By wounding i mean initiating from a far with a rifle shooting him in the leg or another limb.
  5. Radio

    If a me and a friend both have a fucntional radio, are we then allowed to talk on your TS or are we only allowed to use Dayz Radio Chatter?
  6. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *Maksim pushes the transmission button on his radio* There are a lot of people here in Vybor. Including a guy in a ghillie suit and one with an UN helmet. Something is going down in the Police station! *Maksim ends transmission*
  7. To Jayce Harlow (Priv. Freq.)

    *Maksim pulls out his radio while jogging* *As he jogs he pushes the transmission button* *Under his heavy breathing he says* What about the mask i was talking about? *After the few words he lets go of the transmission*
  8. *As Maksim sits down on the bed he pulls out his newly found radio* *He then holds down the transmission button for two seconds and lets go again* *He pushes it once more and the transmission begins* Hello? Jayce? It's me Maksim. The guy you held up in the barn near Vybor. I found one of those red face masks that you were wearing, and i was wondering if you'd mind me wearing it so you could maybe regocnize me next time we meet..? And also - whilst walking towards Pustoshka i saw a group of 4 people sprinting across the open field towards Green Mountain. I couldn't see so well because of the dark, but they were all wearing black clothing. You might want to you know. Talk to them.. *Maksim looses his grip on the radio so the transmission ends* *He awaits and answer as he sits there eating his beans*
  9. Why does my ban timer go up?

    When i logged onto the website this morning around 8:30 AM i saw that i had 1 hour left on my ban.. Then an hour later it was 2 hours. Now 5:48 PM it's 10 hours? What's going on?
  10. By the way i never took the items from the backpack while standing behind you @TheMatt924. I was standing in front of you when i took the bandage and the morphine. When i was standing behind you i was patting you down for any concealed weapon or a radio - and when you get patted down you're supposed to immediately drop the items searched for. The reason as to why the robbery was so short was indeed because you lack of "dank gear". I didn't feel like getting into a "full blown roleplaying robbery" like bringing you into a building and handcuffing you because again lack of "dank gear" and neither of us had any handcuffs. We would just awkwardly stand there watching you without anything to do since you had nothing of interest on you. Also if you managed to find out that my gun was empty would make the situation more awkward and easier for you to get an advantage when we or i was not looking - therefor i wanted to get away from you asap. I hope that's reason enough for you, and i know it was a quite bad robbery haha, but i didn't see a whole lot of reason to expand on the roleplaying as it would make little to no sense to do so.
  11. Vladimir and i just got robbed by The people's army of Ukraine. When we ran away i grabbed an sks without ammo and told we should get some stuff from the next guy we meet (robbing or strong arming). We then headed towards Vybor when we med Conrad or @TheMatt924 who we then proceeded to somewhat hold up and take a bandage and some morphine. After the "robbery" i told him to run West since his surname was West.
  12. So basically everyone i've ever held up have been metagaming? Well that's great. Whatever - any admin can close this report as i believe it has been solved.
  13. I can and i figured that, what you just explained happened. But why werent you guys able to communicate over the radio?
  14. Like i said - we told him that We were no threat and that he could put his hands down. This meaning, that they killed me "Just because they could" when the situation could have roleplayed out all the way, but they decide to engage even tho me and my freind were trying to be friendly to this guy. Now i know most of you guys are gonna say "Well pointing your gun at someone doesn't seem very friendly" - but still we told him that we werent a threat after all, but they still decide to take the shot. Might not be an invalid kill after all and no ones getting any punishments, but i just wanted to make sure everyone was playing by the rules. Which they were Well @Flash, i'm sorry for the accusation and all.
  15. Server and location: Server 1 - Northwest Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-06-22, 20:05 Your in game name: Maksim Kustov Names of allies involved: Vladimir Yeltsin @Vladimir yeltsin Name of suspect/s: Maksym Bakaj - And his associates. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: My friend and i were looting NWAF when i saw a guy running behind us. I went into one of the hangars as if i had not noticed him. When he went on by i stopped him pointing my gun at him - i told him to get on the ground and put his hands on his head. Vladimir then came running to talk with this person. I decided to hold him up because i do not trust people with red face masks. We asked if he was part of any group or clan and he said he was a member of an organization called "The people's army of Ukraine". I then recognized the name and knew they were friends with the CDF - and I'm pretty good friends with the CDF aswell. So i told him we weren't a threat to him and that he was not one to us. Then i told him to get up and put his hands down because i thought no one was a threat to anybody. All he did was stand up, still with his hands in the air and that's when i got shot in the side and eventually died from either another bullet or i just bled out.