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  1. Mark Valentino was born in California in the year 1974, throughout his days before disaster he worked as a children's show host on the show "Bray's World." Helping children learn was a great passion of his. "If I help just one kid by being a goof on tv then it was all worth it!" - Mark Valentino. Now he spreads his messages of education and friendship across the wasteland. He does not have much experience in survival situations but, friendship is the most powerful tool in the universe so what more could you need? Despite his calming demeanor been known to have bipolar disorder and can sometimes act on impulse. "Saying sorry is very important!" - Mark Valentino. I'll be very excited to meet you and hope we become the best of friends!
  2. BigTom


    * Colt presses the PTT button* My name is Colt Snyder and I need some help. I'm looking for an older woman, tall with dark hair and goes by the name of Savannah Synder. She may be under an alias. She owes me some answers. I'm willing to pay for any information regarding her location and more so for the delivery. If you have any suspicions on the women you associate with bring them to me and allow me to identify her. Remember, always approach with caution. *Colt releases the PTT Button ending the transmission*
  3. BigTom

    RIP Richard

    You were my boy Richard!
  4. Well, I'm happy to report that it was not a technical issue on my side. Just a strange coincidence that I happened to be messing with my launcher at the same time the server went down. I'll be sure to keep up with the discord from now on. Thanks all for your help and sorry for any inconvenience. /close the thread please
  5. I would like to keep this thread open for right now until I'm sure it's not a problem on my end but, thanks for keeping me updated I'll be sure to check the discord more often!
  6. I've tried joining the server multiple times now but, every time it tells me can't connect for an unknown reason. I've installed the new mod and have it loaded, I've tried repairing the servers mods as well as verify my game files. I was trying to fix the statistic login bug by putting the server address and password into parameters and am afraid I have mucked it all up. I've since restored defaults on all parameters and followed the how to join to make sure it's correct. If anyone has any suggestions for me it would be greatly appreciated. I can provide screen shots of my launcher settings if needed.
  7. BigTom

    Rule 4.2

    Saunders has helped me and now I understand. Thank you all for your help and concern. Could we /close the thread please?
  8. BigTom

    Rule 4.2

    Sorry, I'm still a bit new here and just have a few questions about attacker and defender rights. When do you actively gain them during an initiation? Is there some kind of provocation that has to take place before? I've read this rule a few times over and am not sure I completely understand. I was hoping maybe someone could give me some in game examples so I could fully understand when its ok to use these rights. I figured it was better to ask before hand than to guess in an in game situation.
  9. My name is Colt Snyder. Growing up in California all I ever wanted was a quiet life. My favorite thing to do would be to hide away and pretend I was somewhere else. The jostle of city life was always too much for me. I was born a bastard son and my mother had no love for me. In her eyes I was a burden, another spit in her face from the universe. She would strike me often when she felt the need to let her anger out. It was never quiet....until she was gone. One morning I awoke and she had disappeared. She abandoned me. I made a life for myself out there over the years after being hired on at a cannery. I made it with nothing but my own grit, dreading the day I would her from that awful woman again. I had come to hate her and anyone who even slightly reminded me of her. I was still uncomfortable. City life was no life at all. After thinking about it for countless hours I realized what I needed to do. I had to find my mother and make things quiet again. I searched through documents and gained information through numerous people to no avail. I still didn't know where she was, until one night an emergency broadcast came on tv about some kind of outbreak in a small place called Chernarus. The screen was mainly focused on the reporter but, you could still see some of the crowd. A familiar face was in the background, a tall woman with black hair and blue eyes. It was my mother, I'm sure of it. I had to get there. After exchanging money with numerous dirty hands I managed to secure a ride on a small recreational aircraft into the country. I'm going to find her and create the quiet life I've always wanted.
  10. I was really scared that the inside of this thread was just going to say chicken butt.
  11. I'd just like to check them out before I start to get settled in here.
  12. Hello everyone, Does anyone know of any active Dayz standalone roleplay communities other than this one? Thanks, BigTom
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