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  1. Conor Kodak

    #31 - S1 EU - 07/04/17 03:52 - Invalid Kill

    We robbed some people and we took the one guy as a slave his game crashed he died because he was in handcuffs then we saw some guys run to stary and they went to the church we were walking up the the church and they said something like 'please dont come in the church' then abu said something back then they shot him.Then me and the boys rushed and killed them.
  2. dusty can we just close it we thought it was a rando guy shot us
  3. My pov of it was me and scooter were running at the pond of kab and one of the pau talks to me and then 4 of them come over we were just talking and no initiation was said and me and scooter just get shot by them and killed for no reason.
  4. Conor Kodak

    S1: Ruleplay/BadRP in Kabanino - 2017-06-23, 04:30 Approx.

    I dont want to go back and forth but your role play was so generic it was the old I have more people than you I take all your gear make you say something humiliating and then let you go with nothing it was very uninteresting and not original at all so in that regard I dont think you tried hard to role play at all also you guys killed my friend to.
  5. Conor Kodak

    S1: Ruleplay/BadRP in Kabanino - 2017-06-23, 04:30 Approx.

    doesn't @Boston have the vid of the initiation? or Is he talking about when he got killed in the fire fight because I had no part in that.
  6. Conor Kodak

    S1: Ruleplay/BadRP in Kabanino - 2017-06-23, 04:30 Approx.

    I was robbed by them and they took everything I had which is fine I dont care about the gear I just wanted revenge for them calling me thier slave My rp character doesn't like to be disrespected.Then I run to kab to see if I can find a gun to take my revenge with.Then I tell a group of guys what my captors were wearing and they found him they held him up and gave me a gun to gain revenge for killing my friends and cutting me with a knife and disrespecting me and Threatening my life many times.So when I had the chance I gave my last words to him and I killed him I dont see how this is rule play.
  7. Conor Kodak

    S1: Ruleplay/BadRP in Kabanino - 2017-06-23, 04:30 Approx.

    Also I would like to say My Role play has gotten far better since the report I was found guilty In.I was new to the sever And since have learned from my mistakes.
  8. Conor Kodak

    S1: Ruleplay/BadRP in Kabanino - 2017-06-23, 04:30 Approx.

    The reason I killed him is because he threatened my life many times when he robed me I don't see how it was a rule break?
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):- Why the verdict is not fair:So basically, we said move to the church NOW about 3 times to the hostage but he kept on stalling and stalling so when the events lead up to his friends shooting at us we thought we had enough reason to shoot the hostage as we thought he was stalling, and he would not move to the location we wanted him to and when his friends shot and killed my two teammates we knew he wasnt complying with our demands and just waiting for us to get shot by his friends.Also When I was running away form the sence of the robbery I got chased by the hostages 2 friends and I ran away while I was running away I had zombies on me and some guy came out of a shed and raised his gun at me and shot I thought it was the hostages friends because I never saw what they looked like and I knew they were chasing me and when this guy raised his gun at me and shot he kill the zombies behind me and I shot him he didn't die and he lived but that part was a misunderstanding and I was sorry about that. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We told the hostage to go to the church he was staling then his friends shot and I killed him for not complying going to the church. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to achieve removing the ban and points and clearing my reputation because I dont want to be seen as the guy who gets ban for breaking rules because im not the guy. What could you have done better?: I could have done better in role play witch I was going to have great role play but the other party didn't not allow for that because of the very hasty killing of my team mates.