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  1. All the best guys. Good idea and look forward to this playing out ingame.
  2. To the people that live in the North.

    *Pressing the PTT* ”There is no peace under the rule of the Anarchists, only slavery and submission. Resist and fight for liberty. Join the rebellion and live free” *Switches off the radio*
  3. *After listening to long forgotten music through his radio, Blake would respond* "Sure beats the gabble from Borschta coming over the radio lately... Whoever you are, keep it up." *Blake would resume sharpening his Bowie knife at peace*
  4. The Solute (Recruitment Open)

    Congrats guys👍
  5. The Syndicate

    Congrats guys👍
  6. Good work mate, good read. Lucky you’re not an Aussie doc else the writing would be just chicken scratch
  7. The Free Wolves (Recruitment open)

    Good work all the best👍
  8. The Syndicate

    Good work guys, hope this gets up. Bada Bing👍
  9. Welcome aboard, good to see some more Aussie’s aye.
  10. I’m sorry

    *Switching on the radio by the campfire* ”Another good one bites the dust, twisted by this new world...Selina may you Rest in Peace” *Throwing another log in, pouring another drink and reminiscing on all his friends who have fallen..*
  11. Run

    *Recouperating at his camp by the lake, he would be pleased to hear people joining the hunt for these ‘Killers’ grabbing the radio he speaks* ”The game is up and the hunters become the hunted...one of you owe me a finger and then some. Others have survived your clutches and no doubt will gather those close to them to hunt you down.” ...sighing he ads ”I do mourn the good man that was Tion...until he was twisted by your filth...in the end he made a last attempt to make right...and God will judge him accordingly” Switching off the radio he downs the last of the antibiotics with a swig of whisky
  12. The Railroad

    How about ‘King of the Road’ f
  13. Reportable? Tho prob difficult to get the culprits
  14. Really enjoyed the torture RP from The Killers today @Refacture, @Brett and others, some twisted games y’all like to play. Glad to get out of it alive with @Wulf_jon and @Jadeboatwho were also impressive