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  1. No problems @Wulf_jonat all, that’s what we’re about. Hope the bloody Cholera passes👍 Take it easy out there Thanks to @SpookyBug for the RP, saving a stranger from wolves and Z’s. 👍great RP from @Anoymouse and group and patience as we sought out the Doc @Exio
  2. Boys Only Thread

    Can White Knight join?...I have this Stamp Card to trade a spot
  3. A cry for sorrow [OPEN FREQ]

    *Somewhere east of Severograd, Blake was kneeling in front of a lake...staring, contemplating the still water and his reflection. His old self a distant memory. Familiar voices over the radio trying to break into his thoughts. Coming too and responding* "God No!, Roy...fight and hold on, your family will find you." ... "Damn the evil in this world as it is Man, not God who brings it" *Blake makes his way back, determined to find answers*
  4. be back soon

    All the best Graip, enjoyed the RP through the interesting characters you've developed.
  5. Anyone else having this issue?

    As per Dino said, sounds like shock damage. There are some good YouTube videos that discuss this and other damage stats in more detail etc as well
  6. Private Frequencies.

    Personally I think we need to keep Open Comms radio at least as it serves many purposes to role play for New and experienced RP, from ingame calls for help, ingame hot spot establishmenents, ingame events, ingame character development etc etc. Private Comms are open to meta gaming, though some do it well with coding, or make it harder to deciefer. Critical intel can be kept to other media.
  7. The Red Letter Exclusive

    *you would see him walk over and kick the hornets nest*
  8. The Pharmacy

    Like the idea, all the best
  9. A wombat should of be slow enough for me to catch lol... Otherwise fish
  10. Nice work Quinn. You’re story interacts with many Charactors and groups and also helps track some of the character/group development through the times.
  11. Pub? (Open Freq.)

    Blake would be scraping dirt and what not from his fingernails and toe nails, and trimming them as best he can with his pocket-knife. Gotta keep up a sense of hygiene, many ways to die out here much less infected or others. Hearing the radio come on, he depresses the PTT. ”G’day, Jamo is it? Anyways, yes the Pub in Pulkovo is still operating. Good folk down there. Be careful on your approach and be sure to give Pogorevka a big ass detour. I wouldn’t be stopping there for a warm meal anytime soon. Take care mate” Ending the transmission Blake returns to some grooming, best he can, without the comforts of a time gone by
  12. Best place to meet others?

    https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/285-dayz-radio/ As N-Tox said. Also use the ‘DayZ Radio’ section of the forum for ingame info that should steer you near or away from certain locations
  13. Dont ALT+TAB in hotspots.

    Thanks for the post. Good to know guys
  14. DayZRP Community Memes

  15. Can't find other players?

    https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/285-dayz-radio/ The DayZRP ‘Radio’ section of the forum is considered in-game info when ‘Open Comms’ or a frequency that your in game character would have access too. This is what I was referring to earlier mate