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  1. Blake Quinn

    Sorry, but it is my time to go.

    All the best @Mr. Blue, one hell of a ride and great RP & story lines across different characters. Take it easy mate and do whats best for you.
  2. Waking on the morning of his freedom, Wade rose and took his last shit as an incarcerated felon. Sitting and thinking he cops a solid whack across the head from Robbo’s pillow ‘For fuck’s sake Wade, coulda dumped that as a free man’. Responding ‘It’s all good, I am free and leaving this shit behind me’ Wade had work to do. Completing his morning cell bound work out, all he could think about was getting out and hunting the people who murdered his family and who lead to his arrest for the failed (Blackmailed) armed robbery of an Armaguard truck. On release Wade was the ideal reformed convict, attending D&A councililing and anger management, as well as regular work as a Heavy Equipmenr tire fitter, through a contact of Robbo’s. Ball breaking work no doubt, though it kept him on the straight and narrow. Allowing more freedom to begin the hunt for his families killers. Wade cursed himself for a fool to allow someone to get so close and to bring a son into this world, especially in his line of work. Though something stirred inside him, something not felt before through his troublesome life...hope, trust and dare he admit, love. Eventually Wades parole was lifted and his line of enquiry pointed towards Eastern Europe, Chernarus.
  3. Try tabbing out, so DayZ goes into windows minimisation. Then go to full screen and try the adjustment again.
  4. Hang in there m8. All the best for a speedy to you and family
  5. Blake Quinn

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    [email protected] Blue no worries mate
  6. Congrats on the approval. Great work being done?
  7. Later mate? Enjoyed your RP across multiple characters. Take a break and hope it gets better
  8. All the best Exio? See you round Chernarus when you’re back
  9. Blake Quinn


    Good effort by Australia, had to literally move continents to get there. In the end not a bad effort. Better luck next year??
  10. Blake Quinn

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    Thanks @RogueSolace, looking forward to the RP with you and the group?
  11. Thanks for the hostile RP, didn’t expect that twist. Got double fucked by wolves and infected later as well lol, scraped through?
  12. Blake Quinn

    Cobra Kai Appreciation Kid

  13. Blake Quinn

    Sergei's Goodbye

    RIP mate...another good one has left this hell hole
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