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  1. All the best @Mr. Blue, one hell of a ride and great RP & story lines across different characters. Take it easy mate and do whats best for you.
  2. Try tabbing out, so DayZ goes into windows minimisation. Then go to full screen and try the adjustment again.
  3. Hang in there m8. All the best for a speedy to you and family
  4. Congrats on the approval. Great work being done?
  5. Later mate? Enjoyed your RP across multiple characters. Take a break and hope it gets better
  6. All the best Exio? See you round Chernarus when you’re back
  7. Good effort by Australia, had to literally move continents to get there. In the end not a bad effort. Better luck next year??
  8. Thanks @RogueSolace, looking forward to the RP with you and the group?
  9. Thanks for the hostile RP, didn’t expect that twist. Got double fucked by wolves and infected later as well lol, scraped through?
  10. RIP mate...another good one has left this hell hole
  11. For what it’s worth I think y’all are pulling out too early. Yeah there’s pro’s and con’s with what’s going on but also there is a lot in-game that is developing that makes RP enjoyable. Play the RP from the position you are in and adapt. You can figure out the areas to avoid if you don’t want to be held up constantly. There are other groups out there, more than in a long time, and in said group develop and enjoy the internal and external RP.
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