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  1. Tyrone Boone

    Database error

    There is a solution, its a DayZ problem, if you log you will be locked in the database until a server restart
  2. Growing up in Newark was a rough time for Ty, exposed to a lot of drug and gang conflicts in an early age. His mother, Angel conceived him at Saint Michael’s Medical Center January 15th, 2001. Growing up not rich, nor poor. His father was shot by a blood gang member on his way back from work. An investigation was created and it was found out that his father was involved in illegal down-low gang activity. When Ty grew up he was smart enough to get a good education and get accepted into one of the many prestigious colleges on the East Coast. He majored in social finance and was granted a full coverage of $30,000 for his tuition. Although Ty was convicted of a false charge and a DUI on his way home to his dorm and was jailed for 6 months. Ty fell into a depression. Ty was a lost soul wandering the streets of Newark. One day, when Ty was thinking to himself of putting a bullet in his brain to end it all, he thought of venturing to the countries. He chose Chernarus. Ty decided to ask his friend, Jett, and Sin to embark on a journey together. Jett was one of Ty's best friends-Running back on Varsity football at Harvard University earned his name respectfully, Jett. Sin was always a trouble maker and a joker, if they all worked hard they could overcome any task. Chernarus was always a fascinating place to him growing up and learning about it at school. So he scrapped up enough money working at a grocery mart to finally move to Chernarus. He secured a nice house on the coast near Chernogorsk and life was finally moving up from the darkness. Until the virus hit. When the virus hit Ty didn't know what to do. He couldn't focus it was all rapid fire when the UN was called in and started clearing the virus. Ty took his chances to survive and met up with his friends, Jett and Sin to move up north as he heard of a survivor camp.
  3. Sup y'all. I joined this server around april - may and had a lot of fun with it and am glad to see it coming back to the light after the whole gear bandit circle fiasco. Can someone give me a rundown for me and my new friend that is trying to join? I already had a whitelist and am guessing I have to rewhitelist. Also when trying to join the server it says Bad Version server rejected Connection. Help?
  4. Tyrone Boone

    #31 - S1 EU - 07/04/17 03:52 - Invalid Kill

    aight sorry here. ur gonna have to turn up ur gamma via monitor settings
  5. Tyrone Boone

    #31 - S1 EU - 07/04/17 03:52 - Invalid Kill

    My POV: I walk with my mans Jamal Boone, Peaches, and Akacchi and then we see some people in the church and we decide to see what the hell is going on. Later Akacchi wants to see whatsup and gets instantly lit up. They also, throughout the video evidence, they start metagaming and say they see our sniper behind the walls and say we have this all on gopro.
  6. We two people looking for more people to RP with. WE chill and like to have fun. Hit me up if you wana role with us. I have 850 hours on DAYZ and my friend has 800.
  7. Server and location: S1 EU Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:50 8:10 EST Your in game name: Tyrone Boone Names of allies involved: scooter henson Conor Kodak Name of suspect/s: PAU Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video of me on the road and them dieing to the PAU Detailed description of the events: I was rolling around the street to Kabanino to Stary when my friends run into the PAU with orange armbands and start having a friendly civil conversation and then all of a sudden they light them up. I start to shoot at them and am instantly shot in the head by one of their members. I'm guessing they got the wrong guy or something.
  8. Tyrone Boone

    S1: KOS, Stary Sobor, between 21:00-23 server time, 2017-23-06

    Hey, can we have a conversation about this whole incident in teamspeak? thank you!
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