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  1. Johnny was born in the city of Chicago on July 11 1996. He grew up in "west town" which is a very tough area of Chicago. He was bullied in school for being the minority and stuck to himself as a loner. When he finally reached the age of 18 he went into an Army recruiters office where he was lied to about the job he was lured into. After his training was complete, Johnny got shipped over to Germany where he stayed until his unit got the call to help in the city of Chernogorsk. Even though he was an artillery soldier, his unit was deployed as an infantry element. He was patrolling near the gas station on the west part of the town when him and his squad got surrounded by the infected. There was just too many to fend off. He and 2 others managed to escape through the apartment complexes and eventually found their way to Kozlovka. They survived off the land for weeks but food was so scarce and they were running out of supplies. One of his brothers decided that he wanted to turn on his own comrades and attacked them for the little they had. The traitor ended killed John's friend and wounded John. John was able to trip him and killed him with his K-bar. John was able to stitch himself up and limped his way to Rogovo where he now lives.
  2. If I had logged off before it was probably to talk on discord.
  3. @Hofer, I only logged out after I was killed at NWAF to make sure that my character would spawn in the way I wanted it, then I immediately logged back in...
  4. What he meant by bringing up the "microphone emoticon" was that just because it is on doesn't mean that you are talking. He is not saying in any way shape or form that you weren't talking at all just stating that it's a possibility for to be on and you not talking. We are ready for the punishment yes and again I and Soap personally apologize for accidently killing you. But, we won't stand here and be accused of lies especially when you just turn our own words against us. It just proves that you are trying to use every little thing against us to throw us under the bus. I personally don't want you to get in trouble for lying but it seems you want the worse for us. I bid you well @Speirs. Now we wait for the admins to decide please stop spamming this I can't monitor it 24/7.
  5. I was not the one who ran out of the building screaming that I was the first one killed. and you are right about becoming a bigger target but at the time we were trying to keep a low profile. We don't hold up everyone we see in fact we are nice to almost everyone and give them stuff that they need including weapons and ammo. and as for being salty i'm talking about the guy that my brother had accidently killed. No worries let's just get on with this...
  6. For the events at the Vybor Military base we were truly checking up on these guys looking for the "yellow armband" people that we aren't necessarily in good terms with. We had no intentions in killing this man or harming either of them at all. We called it a "health and wellness inspection" where we just make sure that they are not a threat to us or our brothers in the present or future. It is pretty convenient that you don't have your own voice on the video especially since you were disrespecting us the little you did talk. I did take his friends NVG's but we left them with extra gear that we had not taken from them. After Soap had killed the other man on accident we had left all of his gear in place and during the discord call we had earlier he stated that all of his stuff was there with his friend and that is was good and clearly didn't have any problem with us taking some of his friends gear which was like I said a "NVG with helmet" at least from my end. and the rules that he claims we have broken he broke some in his own doing. Him and his friend had no emotion when we were with them and were quiet for most of the time. As for the Redwood incident, they are correct we wouldn't surrender because the religion we were sporting at the time gave us justification to do such things and the doctrine preaches a paradise of an afterlife if you die a just death or for your god. The hostages that we had, almost all of them DM'd us thanking us for the good roleplay and that they hadn't had such an experience in a long time. I believe him bringing up the Redwood incident is just trying to add to the mistake that my brother had done on ACCIDENT and making the weight fall on top of us because he is salty but hey whatever the outcome is I won't be as upset about it. It might just be me but this feels like an unfair crusade against me and my friends...
  7. Moses was born in the great city of Tel Aviv. His parents both died in a car accident in 1948 and was left with his sister "Roni" to an orphanage where he adopted Catholicism and replaced the religion of his parents. He grew close with the nuns who took care of him and his sister through the years and started having apocalyptic visions at a young age. He predicted many natural and human made disasters including the fall of the USSR where he wished to bring back religion too after many years of oppression of the church that the communist cancer had brought to the land. He ended up in the town of Lopatino and worked at the church trying to spread his faith to the people there. After many years of preaching something happened that he had not envisioned in the amazing gift that god had given him. There were reports of people becoming sick and then turning to something unimaginable. Moses was in Lopatino through all of what happened and hid in his church as he heard the screams from the outside. He stayed there for weeks until he thought it was safe. Finally he came out to something he had envisioned before. "The dead will walk again" the lord said, and so be it. Moses knew what he had to do next.
  8. Carl was born and raised in the once great country of Chenarus. The town he was brought up in was Lopatino, he was an only child and parents were divorced. He was raised by his mother who worked at the local Hospital as a nurse in Vybor. Carl was very close to his mother and took on the job as a combat medic in the Chenarus Army. When the outbreak hit Carl was in the city of Zelenogorsk where he manned a checkpoint with a few other men and did not leave his post for days. Finally the whole City got overrun and he had to abandon his comrades who he couldn't save. Carl migrated to the city of Novaya Petrovka where he attempts to helps every suffering soul he encounters even if they are bad. Carls role in this new world is to try to stitch it back up every little way he can by treating everyone in need of help no matter who they are and what they have done to him. Carl also does not carry a gun and intends on never using one ever again but then again, this world even corrupts the best.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I don't think that it is necessarily unfair and I see now not to report someone because of what other people tell me. Especially because it was one of my first times on the server. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I think that I should be given a second chance seeings how it was my first offense and the ban was because of something not even in game. I don't understand why i'm being told that I lied on a report. Everything I said was true. I was alone and was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that's all there is to it on my end. The only reason why I submitted a report was because I was told to do it by my friend and some of his buddies later on a discord because it was a guy they didn't like and told me that he was a shit head that everyone has been trying to get rid of for some time. I didn't care about dying at all in fact I told them that I didn't want some guy banned because I wouldn't want to be banned if I was in his shoes. But here I am of course the one getting banned which I didn't know until I arrived here in Germany. If there is a problem I understand, I shouldn't have given in to my friends and I do apologize about the inconvenience. But I truly did not lie but I'll leave that up to you. Have a good day. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unban What could you have done better?: Left it alone.
  10. I wasn't aware of an encounter happening until I saw smoke coming out of a suppressed weapon in front of me. So I look down my sights for a closer look so I could analyze the situation and find out which way I should run since I didn't want to get involved. In the video you see me aiming my weapon for a good half a second to look down my scope so I could see what was going on. Then I see a guy run in front of me to my left towards the fire so I back off and let him pass because I didn't want to get involved. Right as I was about to turn around and run I get shot in the head without any warning.
  11. I would like to note that what G19 is stating is a blatant lie. Logs can even prove I was nowhere near your friend. I rose my rifle for a split second to look through the scope to see what was happening, I was away from the situation. You said you have video evidence, please provide it. Otherwise I am going to stick with you lying, considering I was nowhere near.
  12. Server and location: S1 - West of NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:10 - 23:20 Your in game name: Andrew Brown Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Not sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I don't have any video evidence. Detailed description of the events: I was running through the woods near NWAF to try and meet with some friends when I suddenly saw smoke coming from the trees, I turned around and was shot in the head. I don't know why or what happened, I just got shot without any initiation.
  13. Andrew grew up in the small down of Hazard, Kentucky to a Middle-Class family. He could of had everything he wanted in life by following the rules and keeping his head down, but Andrew thought that was too boring. So, he took to fighting to spend his time and was repeadidly kicked out of school for it. Then, when he was 18 he was approached by a U.S. Army recruiter asking if he would be interested in joining. He decided that it may be fun so he enlisted in the Army for 4 years. He reached the rank of staff sergeant and was discharged from the Army due to shrapnel from an I.E.D hitting him in the leg. So, he decided he would take time to himself and planned a trip to a place called Chernarus. In July though he woke up to screams and gunshots, he took to the hills to get away from the chaos that had unleashed during his sleep. He emerged from the woods 2 weeks later to a wasteland, Little did he know what hell he had just wandered into. People rising from the dead, people robbing others for just for scraps of food. The world he had once fallen in love with had disintegrated into pieces. The world would never be the same..
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