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  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  2. Ok, thank you for the answer.
  3. I have some example scenarios and I want to know if this would be considered KOS. So I would meet someone, we would interact, talk. And if that person is not aware of me, and I kill him/her, is that considered KOS? Or, after interaction, the person tries to get away and I kill him/ her, is that considered KOS? Or, if I see the same person a few mintues after the interaction, and I kill her/him, is that KOS? Never done any of them. I am just wondering.
  4. Hello, my name is Denis, I am also known as Syn, I am 16 years old and I live in Romania. I am a huge fan of gaming in general. I have been gaming since I was about three years old and my family tells me I have it in my blood, I believe I took this hobby from my dad that used to be a professional cs 1.6 player back in his days, I decided to go on his steps and be a csgo professional players myself but after 1.5 k hours of csgo and 1 VAC ban I decided I should find something better to play. Eventually I feel in love with DayZ. About my personality in general, I am a loyal friend, I like helping here in there when I can, I am a trustworthy, people get to know me really fast and start trusting me really quick, because I have sometime of charming thing, usually people get to like me really fast and to integrate me in different groups. I love being around other people, I like communicating, I am a very social human being, but even with all of those I know one golden rule, "DO NOT RELY ON ANYONE IN LIFE", and I totally agree with it. I like taking part in social eveniments, or team/group work, I usally have a leading feeling, and it seems like it works, I am usually the leader since people kinda' like my decisions and agree with them, and I feel satisfied when I see my ideea and my group got to work really good, makes me feel important in a way. When I do a thing, I make sure it turns out to be perfect, because I don't do it for nothing. Huh, that's just me I guess. My golden rules is "Respect and you will be respected.", "Never let down your family, no matter what." In my free time, I have many different activities I like to do. The main one, obviously, is gaming, but in the same plan as gaming, I am a content creator, I started posted YouTube videos for the love of recording, editing and sharing, I play different games but I am sticked to DayZ, H1Z1: KOTH AND JS, Arma 3 and Minecraft. The game I played the most in my life was CSGO with over 1.5 k hours, but now I am main DayZ. Besides gaming, I have been a cycler for the past 5 years, I am taking parts in tournaments and contests, I had wins, loses, crashes, my worst crash was so far, descending at over 40 km/h and losing control of my bike, hitting a hole by the side of the road and ending up in a frontflip at 6-7 foot in the field near the road, I was unconscious for 3 hours before I woke up and almost broke my neck and back, that happened 1 year ago in the summer, but I am still going for my dream, that one day I will take part in "GIRO", I learnt that if you don't keep going even when you feel it's not possible, you probably won't get anywhere. That's me! If you have any other questions about me, don't hesistate to ask me. I am also a streamer, check me out here --> https://www.twitch.tv/noggy127
  5. Synn

    YouTube series. [Looking for people]

    I can record, play, and edit. If it is ok, I will also upload to my yt channel.
  6. Ok, done that. Thanks again to all of you guys.
  7. Ok, thank you guys. Much appreciated.
  8. I was VAC banned on CSGO, exactly 496 days ago for cheating, I was a stupid guy back then. I was wondering if you could please, forgive me, or get over my actions because I show all my my apologies for what I did. I was wondering if you would accept me in your community?