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  1. Fisk Lawton, who unknowingly has schizophrenia, believes he is the prophet of God. Clavicus believes that zombies were sent down on earth as a punishment from God for humans wrongdoings. Fisk frequently receives "visions of the lord". Visions that tell him he is God's chosen disciple, and almost everyone else is a sinner. Sadly, without Fisk's knowledge or recognition, these are really just schizophrenic visions. Clavicus now wanders Chenarus, preaching God's word to everyone he meets, and killing all who defy God, or him. All who hear Fisk's sermons are expected to give donations, anyone who doesn't give a donation is most likely a sinner, at least in Fisk's twisted mind.
  2. My name's Farron Ryker. I was born and raised in St.Louis, long before any of this mayhem started. By the time I turned 18, my parents were divorced, and I had to go off and live with my father. My father lived in Kansas City, and he ran a small ranch out in the countryside. He taught me all he knew, such as skinning chicken, milking goats, and lots of hunting. My grandmother from my mom's side, lived in Chernarus. I haven't seen my grandmother in my years, and she really wanted to see me for some reason, so my mother used that as an excuse to arrange a get together with my grandmother, herself, and I. So, I boarded a plane to Chernarus, a couple weaks before all the mayhem started. My mother never really showed me much affection, but in Chernarus she did for some ungodly known reason. Maybe it was because of the air, or maybe it was because of the time we spent away from each other. We weren't too bothered by the news of the disease. I don't think they believed anything could've ruined the happiness we felt together. But, as you probably expected, our happiness was ruined. While out on a walk one day, my grandmother got bit by, what we thought was a crazy man. Now I know it was one of those infected that riddle every city today. At the time, we thought she would be fine because it was just a bite. But then, my grandmother started getting sicker and sicker to a point of being completely bed ridden. As she was close to what looked like her death, we heard her muttering something. My mother leaned in close, only to get a bitten in the face. Luckily, my grandmother was pretty brittle, and she was put down with one strike from a lamp. But, my mother started showing the same symptoms my grandmother started showing. I, not wanting to be bit myself, said some final words to my mother, and then I grabbed a knife from the kitchen. I don't know why I did what I did that day. Maybe I was just emotional from the grandmothers death. Maybe I became desensitized by all the fights my parents had in the past. Or maybe, I was just done with those fake emotions and words she used every fucking day. I went over to the bedroom were my mother lied, and I put a knife through her eyes, into her brain. I have never been the same since that day, but I don't mind it.
  3. Blake Ebner's POV: I go to Kab with Morgan Foster, and Reece kept overwatching, as usual. We walk into a town, and hear a man with a Russian accent, this man now being known to be Dusty, giving us a greeting, and standing outside of a yellow house. An infected charges him, so I naturally go and hatchet the infected to save Dusty from any damage, and Dusty ran inside, presumably running from the infected. As I was doing this, Morgan said "Watch out behind you" which was a warning for Dusty. We then said "Alright, the infected's dead buddy, you can come out." Dusty responded with hostile comments such as "Get the fuck out of here" , and "I don't want to talk with you." I simply said "Ok" and Morgan said "We just helped you and this is how you repay us." Dusty stated that we didn't help him, and again told us to "Get the fuck away from him". Morgan and I complied, and Morgan said "Well I hope you f'n die buddy if you don't want or respect our help". Dusty then said "Ok go kill yourself faggot". We then start to exit Kabanino, and we hear Dusty again saying "I thought you were fucking leaving. Get the fuck out of this town". I respond with "Yeah, we are leaving right now man." , and Dusty again stated for us to leave, combined with some insults and cussing of course. We then met a guy who was in green army attire. We had a small conversation with him, and he was asking if we knew a man in a blue checkered shirt. We knew this man because he was our friend, Reece, but we lied to protect him and maintain his secrecy in overwatching us. It was then that Morgan messaged me out of character, saying Reece just met someone. Soon afterwords, we hear loud gunshots followed by Reece's spray of bullets. I didn't know what was going on, I tried to ask the green military guy to help us, but he left saying it was none of his business. I, curious of the situation, go up to hill and see Morgan looking at a handful of men, who were presumably next to the unconscious Reese at the time. I then see Morgan shoot his gun, and hit one of the guys in front of us. I, only having ammo for a revolver, proceed to run away considering I was no help to the situation, and didn't want to die. As I ran down the hill, I get shot once or twice in my upper body, and then get shot in my legs, which caused me to go down into the prone position. I then probably got shot on the ground, but maybe I bled out extremely fast. This lead to my death. Afterwords in steam dm's, Reece informs me that he was asked to put his hands up, and was immediately shot before being able to reply. Based off Morgan telling me of the character meeting, and the loud gunshots soon afterword, I thought the statement was logical and well backed up. Note: I have never met Dusty before, and I just recently joined the server a few days ago. This was a rather chilling reminder of most of the public servers I was trying to get away from. Also, I believe what Dusty was doing could be considered baiting because of his consistency of insults, which were probably trying to provoke a hostile response. I have no personal bias for or against any of the people here, I just hope the proper justice is given out, and if this was a BadRP, it doesn't happen again.