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  1. I Hunter Truell was a member of the Longhorns Group. We ran into a guy whom we thought was a cool and fair. we asked him to join us on our trip to stary and asked if he was interested in joining. i was away for the conversation he had with John and do not know what was said but they came back together and we headed to stary. After stary we left for northwest and things were going fine. That was when small talk turned into Steve/the butcher telling us that if we ever needed anyone or anything taken care of he is the one to do it. He said that we dont know what his second life is like. He told us that others call him the butcher because he cuts others up. He said he is good at torturing people. As the god fearing man john is as well as myself we did not agree with this. Also Alex expressed great displeasure with this mans seemed fetish for torture and pain. I asked him if he would go and take care of someone right now if i asked him to. he said yes. Then i said "why would you ever do that without even knowing who it is and why i want them taken care of?" So at the point we aggressed and aske dhim to follow us out to a shed. i tied him up and we stood watch as alex conversed with him trying to figure it out why he would cut others up. That is when he said that he doesn't cut others up. He just kills them with knives he said. we did not believe this to be true. we then left to discuss what we were to do. We decided that God and God only can determine the Fate of this butcher. We put 2 rounds into a revolver and asked that The butcher to spin the chamber 2 times then pull the trigger. If god thinks this man is deserved of life than nothing will come of the event. But if god feels this man had gone too far and is deserved of death. Then a shadow shall be cast from the barrel and the butcher will be no more. When we handed him the gun he put it in his jacket and John Alex and I all aimed at him and told him to take the guin out multiple times. Then when he finally did We asked him multiple times to drop the gun. The butcher did not reply. Then suddenly he raised his weapon. Pointed the barrel at my face. Then Black. That is all i remember.