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  1. I beg you to get rid of this rule it really makes this server a hassle to play there are a few moments where its cool but then anytime your in combat your basically forced to give your position away if you need video evidence and if you don't wanna give your position up your crucified for meta gaming its a fat struggle if ima be real.
  2. I really appreciate this, Thank you
  3. Link to punishment: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97752-s1-kos-bad-rp-6172019-aprox-430am-est/?tab=comments#comment-1794588 Why verdict isn't fair: We were blatantly being VDMed and the video named "CARRRR" is the supposedly "withheld evidence" the only reason the car stopped in the first place was because they crashed into the wall I don't see where I meta gamed either I'm just blown away at this point I told the to "stop the car" while aiming my gun at them I guess that's not an initiation. is attempt VDM not considered a hostile action? What would you like to achieve with this report: I would like to have a fair verdict even if I am not unbanned I feel this verdict just doesn't make sense to me I would like to hear someone What could you have done better: maybe not kill the people in the car but it was in the heat of the moment and they tried to kill my allies twice
  4. No, Please don't do this Could lead to people being forced to avoid an area because the area is owned by a hostile group
  5. *Jacob Presses down the PTT* "Well if your concerned about the pest We have already gotten rid of them, But all I gatta say is don't let me find you in Chernarus or you will pay dearly for this slander" *Jacob changes frequency to no longer be involved with this conflict*
  6. *Jacob Presses the PTT laughing at this mans audacity* To think you take a man under your wing just for him to spit in your face when you realize he’s not good enough I’m glad we mowed the grass because you were just a snake waiting to strike huh go find someone else to leech off of we’re done with rats like you. *Jacob slams the PTT pissed at his new discovery*
  7. PapaMeme

    Fight club

    Me and Agent bryan bryan 1 on 1 fighting I won btw @kabuk
  8. POV - These guys come by in a car zooming past forcing us to move out of the way if we were a second slower we would've been dead then we chase the car because we could've died, that was the end of that besides a few of my guys that wanted to chase the car more we realized the car was gone. when out of no where they come zooming by again attempting to kill one of our guys (I know this because he did not slow down when he was behind my ally he only sped up) we then caught them coming back into Elekktro and we all voice initiated and two of our members text initiated. They kept speeding off so we started to light up the car the car crashes and all the people inside are dead. The passengers might not be to blame but the driver was looking to kill my teammates
  9. @Imation11 Great Rp with him today I really love this guy 10/10 RP and he saved my life when my game froze. He gave me the whole doctor RP session was a great time and He was a very solid RPer
  10. User was cautioned for this post
  11. yea thats what i was implying i wish the combo locks was part of the meta again it would spice things up
  12. Now I see your point of veiw but its just like the gate is no longer a raid point of entry its all ladder based i wish we could saw off the combo lock too that would introduce a whole new point of attack
  13. FACTS offline raiding is easy this fucking gate to wall thing is bs nobody has 2.7 hrs to sit there holding left click there is its a yikes bro anyone that thinks its balanced scares me a little.
  14. it is a challenge just not a balanced one to even have a chance in an assualt you need atleast double the numbers that doesnt seem fair why cant i just crack open the front gate and force them to come out or be shot 10 mins is balanced even 15 mins there both balanced but 2 hrs is legit insane in my opinion.
  15. its not about when there offline its when there online and they remove the gate there is no way to get in because if you use the ladder you fall down just to be mowed down by defenders waiting on the other side while you still have to draw your weapon from the fall. When it would be way more fun for both sides if we could actually get there gate open. people also had bases before it took 1000 hrs to remove the gate and that worked fine in my opinion
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