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  1. Jake Kuzentzov

    He is the son of two Takistani immigrants into Chernarus and faced mass amounts of prejudice growing up, this was the beginning of his hatred for the nationalist Chernarussians. He knows of the civil war but was a bit too young to understand what was really happening, he really isn't a fan of the state. His father worked on the coal mines in the north, when he was old enough he went to University in the south, this was at the time of the breakout. By the time of the breakout, his family had moved to Kamensk in order to quiet down with his younger siblings. Jake was never able to get back to Kamensk in order to be with his family at the time of the breakout. Contact with them was completely cut off as the postal service imploded. His hardest decision was to stop sending messages. He believes they're still out there and is on a mission to find them.