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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is fair and I got what I deserved Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: None What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove Final warning points What could you have done better?: Not make rash decisions that get me screwed up. Thanks for looking at this and all feedback is welcome, I saw lots on the other amnesty appeals.
  2. A really nice change of pace from y'all, personally haven't seen you guys do a PSC/PMC yet so this will be interesting
  3. Its a little circus that @Watchman made using the editor
  4. Your back was to me, from what I saw in my scope it looked like you had a gun out and was in the process of raising it when I shot.
  5. Fred Dimock POV: After logging on I hear that one of our guys had gone MIA in Zelenogorsk and we had 2 already there looking for him. I move in and arrive about 5-10 minutes after logging in and decide due to the fact that all I had at the time was a mosin that my best chance in the case of a firefight was to provide overwatch and at the same time look for any buildings where someone could have taken him hostage. Therefore I take a position in the woods due west of Military about 300m away. After about 3-5 minutes of looking around at nothing I hear gunshots and point @SmashingWB to where I believed the shooter was in the industrial to the south of Zelen. After getting eyes on the man, all green with a cowboy hat and shotgun, @Kyle_Lucian comes on the radio to tell us its him. Smashing and Kyle both begin to move in when I spot a man in all red with a red boonie and potential plate carrier. Over the radio I hear smashing saying that he would follow him. They moved behind the officer barracks at which point I told them both that I would not have LOS on them if they tried to do anything there. At this point Kyle begins to back off and the man in all red pursues, being joined by two others, one with a green beret and one more whose description I do not remember. Kyle continues to back up, telling them politely at first then with more force to not come near him, with more and more force and discomfort in his voice the more times he says it. I say over the radio that I have clear LOS and have designated my target as all red in case something went down, when smashing came out of nowhere and initiated. I saw him raise his gun then the man in red raise his to begin firing and I dropped him. While attempting to get shots on the others, I was unsure or not if they knew of my location so I moved about 10-15m just in case, I suddenly got shot from the left, wounding me but not killing. As I moved I found a tree to provide concealment and bandaged, as soon as I was done I saw a man run out from behind a tree to my right. I fumbled for my secondary, a CZ-61, but could not draw before I was downed.
  6. Fred Dimock POV: After RPing in the camp and building our base up more, and the admins spawning in wolves and infected hordes(very fun btw thank you) a group of strangers walks up and begins RPing with us, at which point I see two men in full kit with tac helmets and plates, along with bushwrapped weapons and proceed to talk to them, realizing that it is @Osku I confirm it IC asking why they seem familiar, he says there is more than two of us and walks off. I get called up to the front gate by @Rainey and see a lot of people, then hearing one guy I definitely know was district IC, as I heard his voice when I had been captured by them previously. I quickly move back inside and call the roses inside as well because I know that they are going to try something and we needed to be ready. After we move into our base and prepare to initiate they talk with wolfpack for a bit, and a few of them testing us to see how far in our camp they could go, being told off politely multiple times by @Daniels, after a while they walk off, with phoenyx having told me over the radio that they didn't want to talk anymore, and proceeded to go into Novaya, knowing district and how they generally do things, as they had been testing us for days and got into a firefight on more than one occasion, we waited for them to get impatient of baiting us out and to us it seemed they did after about an hour, hour and a half of us watching them move around to set up sniper positions. During this whole thing I am sitting in our base coordinating with wolfpack running an improvised TOC to keep callouts and information between the groups updated and consistent. After hearing a little bit of banter and shit talking between the groups (I was in and out of voice range) and then hear @BanksRP say "Leave or you will Die" and then an explosion. I let them handle things and jump to wolfpack to ask for help, they deny because they cited invalid initiation. I then jump back into coms and see whats going on, letting my guys do their job while I try to figure out what was going on and what to do. I hear someone say something about being on the roof and the skylight, look up and see a guy looking down, I raise my weapon and die instantly. As a leader on the CP and IC of the Black Roses I want to make this fact very clear. @BanksRP was NOT given the green light to initiate, which is something we do every time that Bobby is not around and are considering it. Like I mentioned in my POV, we considered doing it before but I made the decision not to due to potential non combatant and friendly mis identified casualties.
  7. *Fred clicks on his headset* "I do believe in my last interaction with you, we left you broken and helpless, with our name carved into your back, maybe you should stop hiding on your island and give us something useful to shoot at. Or will you be just like all the other "gangsters" I have fought and tuck your tail between your legs, pull your pants up from your knees and run like the little bitch that you are. I can't wait to see what dumbass excuse you have to do nothing this time, and what childs play of an insult you have for me" *He puts his headset down and looks at the guys, with the feeling of anticipation and eagerness he knew only came from the knowledge of a coming firefight*
  8. Fred Dimock POV: Pretty much same as Mouse, He Smashing and I broke in, with me helping get the others in, where they broke the lock on the front gate and I walked in just fine. Like mouse said its already been reported and solved so if stuff is gone then I wish I could be sorry but its too easy to get into Polana when its unguarded.
  9. *Gets on the Freq. Fuming* "Alright Fuckface maybe you don't get the point im trying to make, so let me tell you a fucking story. Two years ago, NATO is the last of the military forces left in country, UN, VDV, and CDF has pulled out maybe a month before hand. Spartan 6 went and got some of our men killed, including himself, along with most of the rest tortured. The survivors all scattered and we went our own ways. Mind you this is after a month and a half of fighting the Black Fangs and Gremlins on a daily basis, holding FOB Patton until we were betrayed by the leader of Riley's Rangers, driving us out and forcing us to wander. Now it doesn't sound that bad does it ? Well lets just say that some of us got tortured so badly that I don't think they lived, and as for the rest I haven't seen a single one of them since. So yeah. Learn now wierdo, get the fuck out before someone makes you." *Releases the PTT on the hand mic before throwing it at the wall in a rage*
  10. *Fred walks up to the Radio, sits down and ponders what the fuck he is hearing* "Odin Actual this is Blackout 4, What the holy FUCK are you doing out here, go the fuck back to where you came from. All you will do is get whatever retards are stupid enough to follow your West Point attitude to the grave. So I say again, leave now, or understand that you and your men will be hunted down like dogs, until you are so beaten down that you will tuck your tails between your legs, and do whatever your new master says, or run away, and wont stop running. I say this from experience, very personal experience." "Your move wierdo, Blackout 4 Out" *He drops the hand mic on the table and walks off, disgusted at the dumbass who he knew would get decent guys killed for his "Humanity"*
  11. Good job with your first group @Cowboy
  12. Always good shit running with the roses. Thanks to whoever gave us that info in Vybor, sitting by the statue.
  13. M1 Crewman, currently driving but I've loaded. Fired the main gun but I wont be a gunner until next year or so
  14. Yeah sure, last I checked my platoon has defended against an entire tank battalion and won, without cas, so....
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