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  1. Osku

    • Osku
    • Bravo343

    R.I.P buddy...you should have seen this coming

  2. Bravo343

    Staff Feedback: Roland

    Ok so I just want to add my 2 cents here, I do understand that I'm not working within the template but that is due to the fact this situation is ongoing. And I'm going to get straight to my point without any bullshit. Rolle you had better get your head out of your ass and do some fucking work. I honestly can't believe that you are throwing aside these allegations as trash and that you won't really do anything unless your courts force you. Maybe I'm weird for actually saying that pedophilia is fucking WRONG and needs to be looked into but my beliefs are pretty well in line with the laws of generally every western country there is. Proof or not the Allegations that this crime may have been committed are serious enough that it can put people in prison under felony charges. Now I'm sure everyone here would rather not have an FBI investigation into these claims as it would destroy the community and as much as I don't want that, I morally could not sleep knowing that I let this go. So I say this to you, to staff, and to everybody. Grow the fuck up. Take something that is serious in the real fucking world serious on these forums. Pedophilia is no joke and should not be tossed aside so easily. I want to see results of an investigation today or I WILL contact the FBI. Oh yeah, If you think the FBI can't go international I can. It isn't hard to figure out what countries need it reported to their respective law enforcement. Get shit done @Rolle or there WILL be consequences.
  3. Bravo343

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    @GrainSack Thanks for the quick and speedy reply, also thank you to @SheepyMcSheepface, I was curious as to whether or not you would RP that sort of thing out, part of the reason it was brought up. All good points that really doo clear up pretty much all of my problems, even the gearRP one to an extent. However, I do still have one concern. I do understand that you were not there, and just in case you were not briefed on the situation, I will provide the information(at least as seen from my pov). @Dubstep212 and I had just came south via zelenogorsk to find some RP, after finding none there and no one west of Kamenka, we browsed the forums to see if there weren't any hubs that popped up recently we might have missed, I saw a notification that dusty had replied to the thread and decided to check it out. After seeing that you guys are in cherno we decide hey it might be worth a look, also seeing Banks on gave me a little bit of encouragement that people were actually there. Going through kamenka looking for food and clothing, we see a man down the road, wearing what looked to be a cowboy hat and gorka clothing. Dub continues looting for a moment and after seeing the guy again we decide to see if we cant RP with him, offer him help, and maybe trade for some much needed ammunition. After searching for a moment he pops out of nowhere, being a little spooked, but not enough to actually concern us as we had seen it before we talk to the man, and ask him where he was coming from (Cherno) and all, he said there was nothing there but we said we were going east along the road. After asking him if he had any spare ammo, to which he flipped us off claiming it was the same size as the ammo we needed, I said lets just let this guy do his thing and we will go on our way. After getting a few feet out the guy asks "are you gypsies" and that kinda forces us to stop, at this point I can feel an initiation coming and don't feel like a firefight atm so I answer his question and bid adieu, after about 20 more feet we are initiated on. Now this is where I say gear RP, as there was no valid reason for me and my friend to be initiated on, we were kind and polite to the man, even with his taunts and baits into an initiation, which we did not fall for. Then he waits until all his friends are around to initiate, again for no reason other than stuff. Which I don't have a problem with if you give a reason for taking it in the RP, of which there was absolutely none. Also I will point up that I do feel I was pulse checked, as you can hear a lot when it comes to movement, and I did hear banks as he walked up to the fence btw, not that sneaky. Now I will connect this with when, even on different characters, you attempted the same thing at stary military against @Sleepyhead, @SmashingMedal and a few others. From my recollection, it was when mars corp first opened, some field agents wanted to hold them up, and got in a huge cemicirlce, after almost no actual RP that would lead to an initiation, someone initiated and Sleepy's crew wiped them all. I cannot give further specific examples however I do believe that this is a trend for these members. And I believe that there have been reports, of which I will not make one. I only inform you of this as it can lead to more reports of bad and gear RP. LikePAU and Black Fangs, you too need a valid reason to initiate, and metagaming via pulse checking (I say this with confidence and banks did not RP out recognizing me however the reason used for the initiation after the fact was "Banks heard your voice and said it was one of the old NATO boys so we wanted to make sure". Which is very odd should you think about the events and what different people say. Again, I'm not throwing uo a report because I belive it would have no effect other than make everyone salty. Anyways so that's why I say that you are VERY borderline on gear RP, as IG I had not interacted with you as a group before and had heard nothing about any claims to the coast. Yet you attempted to get me and my friend to initiate, and when that failed you initiated for no apparent reason other than the fact that my friend and I were heavily armed. At least with VDV and the Muslims they gave a decent reason to rob people that actually made sense and got people to do what they wanted. I believe that it would be smart to either ask for advice from more of the senior community members and staff as to how you could prevent reports for gear RP due to a general lack of information all around. Again- I have no salt, just want to help a group that could use it Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Bravo343

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    Will do, don't know when I can due to thanksgiving but I will try for sure
  5. Bravo343

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Bacon, and eggs with biscuits and gravy. Best breakfast ever invented. Favorite Restaurant ?
  6. Bravo343

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    A Few things @Play3rFTW, why respond to your groups thread, something OOC Entirely, ICly with the text of your characters language ? I can see the point of doing it IG but why on the forums ? All it is is google translate. Now for the discussion. 1; Completely, however, the situation as I was told happened like this. I believe it was @Everybody Hates Banks initiates, to which I begin to shoot(seeing only 2 people I felt it would be a fair fight). @Dubstep212, who was facing the other direction, turns around to figure out what is going on, gets shot, and runs away to bandage himself, sees my body, realizes I'm either uncon or dead, and decides to fight. So a couple of things I have learned while running with Pado, Dusty, Randle, etc etc. If say this happens, and the guy bolts but was not shooting, A- try not to shoot, as odd as that sounds. Chase them down, give them another chance to comply by reinitiating(even though yes you do have kill rights) and giving them another chance to walk away relatively unhurt. 2; When you worked with the sledgehammer it was used to break bones, which I guess other people don't actually RP out their injuries but I do, and being hit with a sledgehammer, and a crack, means a broken bone, which can take weeks to heal. Now it wont take that long, maybe a week for me but I will RP out broken bones and gunshot wounds. The With the Chainsaw thing, well. I just have to say there is a little bit of gore in this one. And that is a very light wound. Something akin to what I would think you did to me, now IRL if you did that across my back you would end up damaging the spine for sure, there is no avoiding that, especially with the little line you put all the way across. I did give you perms to scar and I will definitely RP out the thing, but it just seems a bit unrealistic. I think that the idea of carving is a cool one, and it was definitely unexpected, but I think a chainsaw is just a little too much. As for the shot again I don't care about dying in that I want to get my stuff, I was actually enjoying the RP provided and felt that it could have been extended(btw I was non compliant for a reason icly, and OOCly I knew it would lead to a punch or two and some more RP). Again I understand why it happened and am not upset that it did, I just wish there could have been more RP and that is the solution. 3; I concede the point of Operative, technically the day you stop doing operator shit is the day you stop being an operator, for example my character(SFC Dimock) Was part of the 82nds Pathfinder Company until it disbanded in 2015. If you didn't know Pathfinders were basically Rangers, and were pretty serious operators, look them up theyre pretty cool. But since Fred was transferred to 3rd BCT in 2015 with the deactivation of the pathfinders he lost the title of Operator, as he was no longer an operator. He very definitely WAS an Operator but is no more. Either way you are changing your backstory and I am eager to read it. As for the others I only ask what acts you speak of. I can understand I wasn't there and therefore wouldn't know but I am curious as to how you could radicalize those people. On another note you are correct, you should not assume based on location, however I looked at more than just location, I looked at how they were raised, what they like to do etc etc. Example: Hunting is a very conservative thing in nature, I don't know a lot of liberals that very much enjoy hunting. That doesn't mean to say they aren't out there. Just bringing up a point. 4; This is a good one to debate and I will enjoy debating it with you So yeah, we can agree communism hasn't worked yet. That's done with, as for the RF and Sanders thing, well think about it. If you are indeed a broad spectrum of socialism how do you cover the whole thing and not have internal issues ? It is just like any other political movement, it, while at the core is joined by the same basic ideas, is splintered. You can see this with Alt Left and Right groups, of which both moderate Right and Left viewing people don't agree with to the point of disavowing their actions, even though they subscribe to the same political movement. Anddddd 5 ; So I say gear RP based on a couple of things. As this is an OOC topic I don't see why OOC cant come into play. Wen I talked to banks, he said something like "we were just going to rob you until you shot me". Now I have no problem with robbing people, it can be kinda fun, but please have some RP behind it, for example the muslims tax, which you all could pull off very well, say there is a tax to fund the state and if you dont pay it they rob you blind. I just saw no RP that had anything to do with leading up to the initiation. I understand that may not be 100% necessary but your guy stalling me and my guy for your friends to get into position to rob us ? Sure, but we didn't do anything to him, in fact we could tell he wanted us to initiate, giving us the bird when we asked if he had any spare ammo, we tried to leave. Which by the way we were going to Cherno to see how you guys were doing and see if there was any RP there, I'm sure banks relayed that part of our conversation due to the irony involved. Anyways laggy response over, glad to see the quick response
  7. Salty reactions to dank feedback inbound


    1. Zero


      But your entire feedback is salt. ? 

    2. jackhammer40k


      Salty feed back with dank reaction

    3. Play3r_FTW



    4. Bravo343


      How can their be salt ? If I was salty I would just throw up a report. I have the video.  Is there something wrong with leaving meaningful feedback for serious potential problems ? If you want to see actual salt all you have to do is look at the group I tried to put up, its called "The Forgotten" or something like that. The Thread was temporarily shut down and people got points for flaming. Trust me If I had salt there would be a much different and much less civil post.

    5. Play3r_FTW



    6. Bravo343


      Do you reply in anything other than gifs and Serbian ? 

    7. Play3r_FTW



    8. Roland


      I think it was good feedback, definitely good points brought up that I would very much like the group leader to look into.

    9. Bravo343


      Thanks Rolle, I'm kinda tired of only salt being thrown at groups and hate it, learned from experience. so I want to be productive and leave good feedback as much as I can. #Endthesalt

    10. jackhammer40k


      honestly I think it is because when banks talk to you in TS it turned out we were all good we were okay then I see this and I feel its more than just giving us feed back I feel its more giving us shit for our backgrounds and plus you did put up on your status saying. "Salty reactions to dank feedback inbound" so was it just feed back or was there more to this post???

    11. Play3r_FTW



    12. jackhammer40k


      If there is no salt then ill leave it there

    13. Roland


      @Play3rFTW your status updates have been permanently disabled.

    14. Bravo343


      @jackhammer40k no salt man, I posted the status update because I wanted to express my opinion and views that I have seen that any actual feedback recently is met but salt and flaming, and me being me I made it a joke. It is actual feedback and my talk with banks was good. But I felt the feedback was necessary as there were some holes, and tbh I'm tired of groups archiving before they leave the ideas section because no actual feedback was left and people just threw salt in there so the owners just say it aint worth it and ditch the project. IMO a group should only really be abandoned and archived when Its time has come, for example the VDV.

  8. Bravo343

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    So just some feedback after being held hostage and all. 1: Just because one guy doesn't comply doesn't mean that they all won't, sadly you do need a good reason to shoot. Technically you did not give @Dubstep212 enough time to comply as he did not have a weapon out to fire at you when you initiated. Not that he was going to but you need a little bit more reason than a guy in his dynamic didn't. 2: When your holding someone hostage, ya can't just swing and force the RP, its called powergaming. Your lucky that I don't care enough to report because breaking legs and shoulders without asking is a little bit powergamy. I will say on a positive note you did ask before you carved NATO into my back. But on a side note for that, a chainsaw would realistically kill the person one way or another. Either by ripping the persons insides and destroying the muscle or by tetanus from the rust on the chainsaw, not to mention any of the oils that would be introduced into the body. On another note it would be good to OOCly check the persons blood, as it can lead to what happened. I died because I got shot as a warning for not complying, even though it wasn't meant to kill, just to wound(literally shot my boot, but not enough blood or bone). 3: Noticed that quite a few people in the group(after reading lore/characters and connecting the dots with IC) have backstories that make no sense. David Banks, A hardcore marine who loved the living hell out of America, a bloodthirsty, West hating Communist ? A CIA Operative(it is Operative not Operator, that's ODAs OD-Ds, SEALS and DEVGRU), a raging communist extremist ? A 21 year old from Wisconsin, who was a hunter and should be a settled conservative, in a communist revolution, and a leader ? A Louisianan survivalist, again what IRL would be a very conservative person, a raging communist. A LOT of these characters do not make any sense to be here, and kudos to those who actually make sense, maybe the Swede who was born to a radical left wing chernarussian. That makes sense for a guy to go commie, not a guy who carries his grandfathers WWII Service Pistol. 4: Lore; don't really have that many problems with it, could use work but its solid enough 5: Goals; If you are trying to get people to your side and make you seem like robin hood with your free handouts, why are you boys the robbin hood taking things for almost no reason ? Also if you are communist why even bother with democracy if you are such raging communists ? Democracy is a historically western idea and one almost never associated with communism. Don't even bother with democracy in my opinion, just like the Russian Federation and their elections everyone knows that they are rigged and opponents are shot by the secret police. And technically the RF is a capitalist country, the USSR, Vietnam, Communist China, North Korea, Cuba. They are all Communist Dictatorships. So I don't see what you are trying to accomplish here. Are you all Bernie Sanders Socialists ? In which case you should be extremely against the idea of fighting and war(I have met very few Bernie supporters who would agree to going to war for anything less than Hitler himself) Or are you Leninists ? In which case you would all hate any western ideas or thoughts. Also if you are the Leninists why so many westerners ? Not going to circle back but please refer to point #3. All in all could use a lot of work to make this thing well and truly solid. I would suggest making more of the original Krasnye Volki characters or more former Chedaki characters. It would make a lot more sense and could lead to some dank RP. Right now this feels like just another GearRP group who want to control a part of the map and set up a communist government to give an excuse to GearRP. I had a good talk with @Everybody Hates Banks in TS and he helped me with some of my issues with the encounter earlier, and there is still no harm no foul. But I felt that this deserved some dank feedback. If ya'll wanna talk more over TS or PMs I don't mind, No need for salt but there are some pretty big issues I see with the group. Hope you guys can really get a chance to develop, new groups get a lot of salt for no reason these days so rarely do they get the chance for actual feedback and the chance to grow from said feedback.
  9. This man is a fucking legend 


  10. Bravo343

    Offworld Operation "Gun Drop" Gorka

    I just want to know who the mother*cker in the blue/black flat cap who f*cking rushed like a marine on crack was. o7 to you good sir, whoever you are.
  11. Hmmm.... 

    They literally told their friends, AKA the people actively trying to kill us, that they were going to assist them as medics. - @Duster

    "I told them explicitly that we would not partake in any gunfights or any hostile actions, we would be there as medical personnel only and would leave afterward" -Kriss Blade

    Hmmmm... must do more digging..... 

    According to the Geneva Convention, knowingly firing at a medic wearing clear insignia is a war crime, however when a combat medic pulls their weapon they are no longer noncombatants, and can be shot just like anyone else. Also, Kriss had zero identifiers showing that he was only a medic (white armband, medical clothing etc) and had his weapon drawn at the time of the incident. 

    Perfectly valid kill boyos. Dusty had no way to know that kriss' intent was to be a combat medic due to him having his firearm out at the time, as well as he is in a dynamic with them so the rights do transfer.....

    Well looks like someone got salty and reported for nothing again. Ah well, all in a days work for dayzrp I guess. 



    1. Cuteboi39


      bravo jesus 


    2. Bravo343


      I tend to go overboard when I see a bullshit ban because staff doesn't know how a firefight works 


    3. YNW Dusty

      YNW Dusty

      Urite urite

    4. Bravo343


      Like I get that there is lulls but one thing hitlogs don't show is suppressive fire, its like fuckin csgo, how many shots does a retard miss because his aim is shit? same thing, how many shots are meant to get someone to duck and cover so your buddies can move without being, guess what, SHOT.  This is such a good meme sometimes xD

    5. strider


      oh my goodness bravo

    6. Undead


      while yes this is something. It should just be common sense that the verdict given was fucking dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    7. Bravo343
  12. Bravo343

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Cremated, so my ashes can be mixed with gunpowder and shot from the 120 on an abrams, DEATH BEFORE DISMOUNT!. Best job you've ever had ?
  13. Bravo343

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    The color I have on mine right now, even if the paint is falling off its still great. Its kind of a somewhat dark red. (Cars a Gen 5 Prelude btw) Favorite auto maker ? (not just cars, semis count too here, so Peterbilt can be an answer)
  14. Thanks, need to learn how to do this stuff better it's pretty fun.
  15. Bravo343

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Easy- pure sewage. There is a reason you don't go all the way down in a sewer pump station. Favorite car of the ones you've had ?(if you haven't your fav of the ones your family had)
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