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  1. The Vale of Shadows

    You actually used my gif. LETS GO BOIS
  2. The Forsaken

    I just noticed, White needs to be removed from the roster, as he and I left at the same time just after Rainey did, I am only posting this as Whtie himself is on a hiatus from the game for a while and I doubt he checks the forums anymore, If he needs to post I can talk to him about it but he needs to be off the roster
  3. rescue, because rainey would kill me if I didn't
  4. Public Streaming Channel

    I like it, but I have a feeling that the larger problem is many people may not care about a lot of the streamers who aren't known within the community, Everybody knows people like Dusty stream but not little guys like me so. Its a good idea but in the end, for me at least no one will care enough to watch my streams
  5. The Forsaken

    Yes to add to Rainey's point that we are not super soldiers, we DID lose the 3rd assault, and if I wrote the lore a little oddly around that I apologize, but I remember (logged in after the restart) I remember hearing in Raspad TS that they say you all running away( those who were there for the 3rd one) The second time the same thing happened, when Raspad showed up you were never to be found, and that is how I wrote the lore. We in no way won every time but literally every time Raspad showed up anywhere people ran from them. I can certainly clarify that part of the lore but I figured we could discuss and figure out the facts, as combat knowledge and information can be highly inflated. For example the first attack, we assumed 7-10 Gremlins and we had 3 guys. Then we figure our kills to be at 4 while we only lost one so. Confusing situations make for wrong numbers. If you want PM me and we can get exacts for all 3 firefights and I can get an actual description, not more one side or the other.
  6. Streamin some War Thunder 


  7. The Forsaken

    Thank you !
  8. United Nations [Open Frequency]

    *Fred would hear white yell to him to come to the radio, after hearing what was going on, and being a little bit annoyed at the UN response, Fred picks up his headset and motions for white to activate the transmission* "Mister Zamonski, this is SFC Dimock, report your location and we can send a patrol out to pick you up at your request. Break." *He would look around the room, then at White, who nods his head in agreement* "We will move when ready. Keep your head low until we get to you, Dimock Out" *Fred would cue White to cut the transmission and tell him to stay on the frequency in case anything else was broadcast over it. Once that is done he began moving about, preparing a fire team to pick up the UN Contractor and bring him back to the FOB*
  9. The Forsaken

    I will sleepy Can't wait to see you in game more too !
  10. The Forsaken

    Well hey, good RP can come out of despising one another, I mean look at the UN and VDV . Anyways thanks for the feedback man, hope to see you too !
  11. The Forsaken

    @John This is the first and last time I will say this. This is not your group, nor do I have any obligation to consult you or banks after what you did. If you would actually read the group you would understand why. You and Banks are personally responsible for the situation NATO is in due to garbage leadership and decisions. This is MY idea, which I allowed the others to comment on and help me out. However I wrote this. Also By not contacting command for clarification of orders and not reporting in or attempting to you are AWOL. Now If you will please stop unnecesarrily posting on my group thread because you feel like whining that would be great Also thanks to all of you for complementing the idea, as for the graphics I am working on them ATM but wont have much time today to do so, so expect them in about 6 or 7 hours for reworked graphics. To those who want us to archive because we are erecting something dead and are not willing to give us a shot. Note that two people, Capt. David Banks and WO-1 John Reynolds, nor their lackeys, are on the roster. I can promise you that 90% of the reasons you hate NATO are due to them directly, which is in part the creation of this group. I will say this, we are not NATO 100%, and many of our characters are fed up with the name NATO. This group will allow us to transition fluidly from NATO to whatever we become next. Now if we could please keep it to critisms other than "archive pls your group is dead anyways( I will gladly receive PMs however, if you do have constructive critism to offer" and "this is my group you need to talk to me" That would be awesome Thank you all and have a good one
  12. The Forsaken

    We are impossible to kill. NATO, it, its ALIIIIIVEEEEEEEE
  13. The Forsaken

    Bruh, you shoved a guy off the roof Thanks though !
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