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  1. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Just a note- we are not PMCs we are PSCs, big difference and it does change RP, now if you guys need someone to save Mercy again, eh, maybe, if you need guards sure, if you pay well enough, need a gun ? probably got it, need a vest ? yeah got that too, need an army ? no that ain't our shit
  2. Frank Bigos

    Born to Agnes and Charles Bigos, Americans who moved back to Poland after the fall of the Soviet Regime in 1990, Frank Bigos was always a tough kid, ready to stand up for himself and others when he saw he had to, and he had to on multiple occasions, getting into screaming matches and fist fights often at school, with his first fight at 6, a fight in which he won against an 8 year old boy. That was really the best way to describe Franks childhood, as he had to fight often to protect his siblings, Stasia, Francis, William, and Fred, since he was the oldest. It helped that Frank was usually bigger than kids his age, which helped him have an impressive career, being suspended from school 37 times in his career, having over 2 months off from school due to his fights. In high school his reputation kept him from getting a job outside his family, which was just fine with him, as he enjoyed working with his father, ____, who was a carpenter. In his teens he kept growing, getting stronger, partly due to his increasing work with his father, which, while it didn't pay him well he enjoyed the job and had no problem with a low wage, generally spending it on his sisters. Other than work Frank didn't do a lot in high school*** When he turned 18 he decided to get his 9 months of service out of the way, _____
  3. DayZ RP Streamers

    I'm sure I wont really get noticed but I am planning on streaming DayzRP here very shortly on my youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/107Gaming : as well as put up DayzRP videos, one of which will be up very shortly, by the end of the week.
  4. Fred Dimock

    Frederick James Dimock was born to military parents in Hanau, Germany on May 26th, 1993. His father an Engineer with the US Army, his mother a former Air Defense Artillery battery commander. When his fathers tour ended in 1995, he went to teach at the Engineer School in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. At a young age Fred had an aptitude for anything military, having memorized the rank system for the Army at the age of 5, and studied Patton, Rommel, Napoleon, and Caesar before high school. In high school, like many other boys his age, he got a girlfriend. When his father was transferred to another unit, this one a small reserve unit that needed a good active duty commander to bring up its failing ratings. When he moved, his girlfriend cheated on him, driving him further to the decision that the military and service were to be his life. After spending time in the north, he grew to hate it, and decided that, at the age of 18, he would enlist in the United States Army, and after considering the Corps of Engineers, he instead dedicded to go to Jump School at Fort Bragg, South Carolina and be an Airborne Infantryman. By the time he got done with Basic, AIT and Jump School it was early 2011, and with the rest of his unit in the 82nd Abn he deployed to Kandahar in Afghanistan. After serving 2 tours there, 1 in Kandahar and the other on the border with Pakistan, he was selected to be a Pathfinder, an elite Airborne Trooper who, like a JTAC would coordinate with the Air Force on landing zones and cargo drops before any sort of airborne or airmobile operation. In late 2015 he was sent with Rangers from the 2nd Ranger Battalion into northern Syria to aid Kurdish Rebels in the fight against ISIS, called Daesh by the troops After spending a year and a half there, Fred finally went home, as the newly elected and inaugurated President Trump had pulled out special forces in favor of conventional troops like the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions. When the outbreak occured in July,2017, Fred was sent in with other Pathfinders and Special forces teams, he susected Delta Force and SEALs but could not confirm, to investigate and provide intel to the US and Chernorussians. He has been performing said mission to the best of his ability, although without a satphone it has been difficult to transfer recent intel on the infection to the Dept of Defense.
  5. NATO Contact Frequency 88.8Hz [UNSECURE]

    *Picks up headset* WO Reynolds, this is SFC Fred J Dimock, Fox Comapny, 2nd Battalion, 82nd Abn. DOD ID No. 19990520 Requesting RP Location Over *sets down headset and waits for a reply*
  6. NATO Contact Frequency 88.8Hz [UNSECURE]

    *SFC Dimock picks up chatter on an open NATO frequency* This is Kilo 2-7, WO Reynolds please set Rendezvous Point, I will get my team and I out to that point ASAP, repeat requesting regroup point location for NATO forces *sets down transmitter and waits for response*