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  1. *Henry is surprised to hear a response as he thought the frequency was dead and immediately pulls out his radio pushing on the PTT* "We're trying to distribute 'Medicine' *Henry would pause and load a mag into his Kalashnikov* "Perhaps we could do some sort of.. business together ey?" "Radio fades*
  2. Kitsunicans

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    When I meet you guys in game
  3. Not met you, I think? But you were in the VDV so I probably did at some stage, anyway idk 7/10?
  4. Kitsunicans

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    lmao thought this was going to be a meme group but then I read the thread. Graphics are great and this looks like it'll bring some interesting rp in, good luck fellas!
  5. *Henry would place his gas mask on the table where all the lab equipment lays, and pulls out his radio, pushing hard down on the PTT* *You would hear a thick, Australian accent and some bubbling going on in the background" "Hello... uh, my name's Henry, we're looking for people who're interested in distributing something for us, rations and ammo will be provided* *Henry would begin to speak, but the sound of some sort of science lab would overlay him* "Please contact me on my private frequency if you're interested. Otherwise.. it would be a shame..." *Before the radio cuts out you would hear a generator and some voices* *Radio fades*
  6. Kitsunicans

    The Moretti Famiglia

    Look forward to seeing you guys IG
  7. Oh god how’d you know my name Also, thanks boys!
  8. Kitsunicans

    New Sin City (Looping Transmission)

    *Upon hearing the news, Henry begins packing up the lab and pulls out his radio, pushing down on the PTT* "Hey uhhh.. This is Henry.. Henry Shields not sure if you can hear this, as it's a looping message but I'll try anyway, we met the other day at that summer camp." *Henry would pause, and look at his colleagues in their silly looking gas masks* "We've got the product, as requested. We'll be headed up there sometime this afternoon" *Before the radio has a chance to cut out, you would hear sizzling and popping sounds*
  9. Kitsunicans

    Anarchy Announcement.

    *Henry pushes down on the PTT* “This is Henry Shields here, I represented Vult’ery last night. What a shame someone had to ruin it as I was looking forward to talking business with you guys. My crew and I will shortly be heading up north, not too sure where but we’ll talk about that some other time... Expect to see us soon. *Radio cuts*
  10. Kitsunicans

    The Moretti Famiglia

    Completely forgot about Harry Weber! It's shame about the timezone difference because I'd maybe be interested in joining but I've got a group going as well /:
  11. Kitsunicans

    Anarchy Announcement.

    *Henry looked around at his colleagues after hearing the broadcast, putting away the copious amounts of narcotics into his rucksack and sits down he pushing down on the PTT* *You would hear a gruff Australian accent* "This is Henry Shields speaking. Not sure how open you guys are to certain.... pharmaceutical products... but we'll chance it anyway. "Seeing as you're 'Anarchists' I suppose you don't mind that,we chemical engineers attend to this little social gathering of yours" *Henry would pause for a moment, thinking about what to say* "Maybe we can help you guys, I don't know some sort of a business opportunity for you fellas" You interested? *Henry releases the radio and looks back at his colleagues in the portable lab.
  12. Looks pretty sweet dude. Liking the graphics.