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  1. Safe Zone Trial

    Fair enough. Could people volunteer as security or something?
  2. Safe Zone Trial

    Would there be people IC monitoring the camp? In more simple terms, what's stopping a group of bandits running through and initiating on some people within the camp's perimeter.
  3. What the hell? [Open Frequency]

    *The atmosphere around Harry grows dense and he becomes saddened at the response* *Pushes down on the PTT* Yeah, no news. You're probably right. *You hear Static*
  4. What the hell? [Open Frequency]

    *Harry remembered the chopper flying above and nods at his colleagues, picks up the radio and transmits* Does anyone know what the hell that was yesterday? I was near the radio station and I heard a helicopter pass by, is someone coming to help? Does anyone have information on this? So many questions, maybe it's the military, maybe it's a bunch of idiots who nicked a chopper up north. Answer me goddammit! I wanna go home, home to my family. Fuck it, *You hear static then a gunshot go off in the distance* *Harry picks the radio back up* If anyone from Nato can me, do you guys know something about this, perhaps the UN? *Harry releases the PTT*
  5. United Nations Announcement; Bravo Hotel [Open Frequency]

    *Harry smiles at his colleagues and picks up the radio, pushing down on the PTT* This is great news, good to see the UN trying their hardest! Hope to see you fellas around, need any supplies, we'll try and help out. *Harry releases the PTT*
  6. An Address to the People of Chernaurus [Open]

    *Harry looks at his stab wound and his friend's gun shot wound and winces, pushing down on the PTT* We, Black water individuals were tortured as the VDV believed us Rebels, we were not. One of the VDV members eventually shot my colleague Kyle, as he did not tell him what the man wanted to hear, and I got stabbed in the leg. We weren't rebels, but don't the VDV realise, if they do these sort of things, more and more rebels will fight against them, how stupid ey? Listen lads, if you need 5 or 6 individuals to help you in the fight, count us in. We are more than happy to wipe out these Russian Scum. Contact me, Harry on a private frequency if you need any help. *Harry takes another glance at his leg wound and puts pressure on the bandage, and proceeds to take the battery out the PTT*
  7. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Ah okay, fair enough then.
  8. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    This looks really good, way more organised than our Blackwater PMC. But may I ask, what is the reason for being enemies with us? We haven't met you IC and you haven't mentioned about any rivalries with Black water. Unless there is something I don't know about we should be on neutral terms?
  9. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Harry picks up the radio* Like I said, he probably needs a doctor as we have eye witnesses telling us she was shot point blank... *Andrew pauses and re-pushes down on the PTT* Academi is a subsidarie company it isn't the same thing as Contstellis holding, Constellis just own Academi. We aren't bothered about what you call us, Academi or black water, we are mercenaries looking for work. Why would we be frauds? *Harry releases the PTT*
  10. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Harry picks up the PTT* I'm afraid we cannot take your contract sir as we have eye witnesses telling us that lady got executed point blank. Perhaps you should see a doctor of some sort, there is the UN camp at Berezino where as far as I'm aware there are psychiatrists available for help. *Harry releases the PTT*
  11. No religious group ?

    I think that a moderate orthadox group would bring in some good roleplay. And as we get further into the apocalypse, i.e everyone gives up hope on a cure. Maybe you could go a little insane, I know this has been done before, as I have been apart of a cult. But it's really, really interesting role play when you see crazy people. Like start talking to yourself when near people, talk about an anti-christ. I was apart of the tree people, who believed that the trees were like god's gift. Was weird as hell, but a good role-playing experience. I'm saying that like, as you get further and further into the apocalypse, the group should perhaps change a bit you know?
  12. The voice of chernarus

    Fair enough, despite having to get batteries it's a pretty cool idea, I love Fallout's radio as it really makes the atmosphere feel apocalyptic. Maybe if you could get people on the show, asking them questions about their endeavors, just a suggestion
  13. The voice of chernarus

    How would anyone be able to hear the radio? I'm all for it, I think it would be a sweet touch. But everyone would have to have the right frequency, have a walkie talkie, and have batteries what diminish quite quickly. Unless there is some other way we can hear it?
  14. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Harry, confused picks up the radio* Did you not hear the man on that other frequency, the lady you want dead was executed in the old UN camp. *Harry releases the PTT*
  15. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Harry grunts and pushes down on the PTT* The reason we failed was because we didn't know how the infection worked at the time... also I'm not bothered about meeting you, I just wanted to prove my legitimacy, nevermind then. Have a good day! *You hear static*