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  1. Ben

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    I’m down for reverting them to how they were back when they were decent. As for unbanning players idk but if it’s for a meme or something maybe give them a chance ? Server is dead 24/7 so new people would be great
  2. Completely agree with this. Why are they even developing a console version when they haven’t finished it on pc, triggers me internally. They need to sort their priorities smh
  3. Ben

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  4. @Jamie From looking at the video it looks like Harrison is the only one who takes a shot at the car. Sorry I wasn't implying that it was ricochet that hit the truck just that people were shooting at infected who were aggroed because the truck attracted them. @DatTurtleI didn't initiate on you so you saying 'you guys' isn't correct, it was only Harrison who shot at you, so therefore none of us really combat logged besides Harrison. Because we didn't initiate because we didn't shoot. I didn't physically or verbally give you any signal that I was initiating on you because my intention was to simply talk to you.
  5. I was in the situation involved as you can see the man in the blue raincoat in that video, is me. Henry Shields POV: We were rolling through town, talking to some people and see your big truck pass through. I think someone mentions you're in the black roses and we try to get you to stop because we had information that you could have used. I then try and pursuit you to get you to stop however you keep driving. - End of POV Might I add that, you wrote this report in clear salt. You lost all your gear, I understand it's frustrating, but really? You can tell you're annoyed just by how you wrote this report. Also there were people shooting infected because of how much attention the truck brought.
  6. Met you lads last night in Svet, fortunately we left before things went south. Also met the connor mcgregor soundalike lmao, you guys were good at role-play so I hope to see your group lasts a while!
  7. I've come to a better understanding, could I get this thread closed please? Thanks for the replies guys. /closethread
  8. They should do but I mean I don't think most do. And yeah fair enough, I just thought maybe it was a good suggestion, most people don't agree, fair enough I won't be salty about it xD.
  9. lmao no one reads thread rules, most of the time anyway. It wasn't my plan to come back, but I don't think a 30 day punishment is neccessary. I now know to read stuff, because stuff like this happens. I only made this post so that people don't make mistakes like I did in the future. Maybe I should just made a general discussion post as this clearly ain't popular.
  10. Things change however, Like I said, I didn't realise I'd be coming back this quickly. I can understand that people are petty enough to do it for attention however those unfortunate souls lmao who didn't read it, rip. I'm not doing it for my purpose but for others because they may do the same thing as I.
  11. I totally see where you guys are coming from, my main point really is the fact that I didn't even read the thread rules, a very stupid mistake. A mistake that costed me a month waiting time, If I had known it was going to be like that, then I would've just ghosted the community.
  12. Okay so basically, a month ago to this day I was a very very busy dude, I had shizzle to do and was sorting out things for the navy. I also had a friend to come stay with me for two weeks right, anyway besides the point I believe that if you make a leaving thread, the ban thing is kind of ridiculous. I can completely understand that some people make leaving threads for attention, I get it, some people are a little bit weird. But I had not read the thread explaining what would happen if I made a post in the leaving page, no one does right? Well, I had to bare the consequences and wait for almost a month. You see I didn't think I'd be getting back on for a while, but I found time andddd nope. 1 month you have to wait, I feel sorry for anyone else that might not read the thing so is it possible that you reduce the time it takes to get re-whitelisted? It can't just be me that thinks it's a little harsh no? I could of literally just ghosted the game instead, not said anything and some friends of mine be like where the hell you at? Anyways, thank yall for reading. Kitsune.
  13. Thanks everybody That Video makes me cringe so hard. But hey we traded in the end Anyways got a Royal Navy interview I have to prepare for never gonna forget this community I’ll hopefully be back soon.
  14. Yeah basically got so much shite going on rn, got my mate coming to live with me for a bit and that so I probably won’t be back for weeks n weeks. See ya round I suppose