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  1. Ben

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    I remember when yall were around pre wipe, i likes this group, hope to see you ig
  2. Didn’t know this was a thing, cheers
  3. This game mechanic makes initiations way riskier. In this vid, I fully implied on complying with the demands from the initiator @ExoticRP . When you are initiated on and you have a gun in your hands and press F2, you start to wave your hands, when you put them down the gun goes automatically in your hand. This looks like you're about to light em up, which was not my intention. Everyone needs to know about this otherwise you'll be stuck in my boots, I complied with demands buut the initiator panicked because of this dumb ass game mechanic and I got shot. So pls watch the video n learn yos?
  4. Ben

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Please remove me from roster, stuck dick in a toaster and now I have a job ? n won’t be active enough. Thanks guys (;
  5. Ben

    Dayz Server Monetization Rules

    Lmao you’d be happy if you spent €60 on stuff that you can’t keep permanently? Each to their own I spose
  6. Ben

    favorite initiation lines?

    ?? hands, ffs
  7. Ben

    Remove Plate Carriers

    Got into a fire fight fighting kamenici I think ? Anyway me and a guy push upstairs in a piano house and he’s wearing a plate carrier, he pushes first and shoots him a lot then does, I push in and empty around half a magazine into him, still didn’t die then he killed me. They deffo need to be nerfed or removed
  8. Ben

    DayZ RP Custom Map.

    Chernarus is the OG map, it’d be better just to edit it when tools become available IMO
  9. I ❤️ DayZ


    1. Cid


      Big oof.

    2. Nihoolious


      I love roleplay

    3. JackZRP
  10. Ben

    Interview With A Community Member: Farmer-BorisRP

  11. Image result for big lez show

    1. PalmtreeWhale


      the bird looks like a human midget wearing a costume to hide it's human identity.. to not be eaten by the giant monkey trolls

    2. Ben


      lmao you lit af rn xD

  12. Ben

    Teamspeak tagsss

    Pls no papa rolle
  13. Ben

    Teamspeak tagsss

    Lmao I think there might be a problem with white listing on discord though. I’ve asked so many different support peps like yeah I can’t join any channels and then I get a response of oh just wait it’s an auto matic process and then I wait then nothing happens. Still can’t join lol, think TS is the way forward
  14. Ben

    Teamspeak tagsss

    Yeah I hate discord
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