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  1. Jay. Frost

    J. Frost, originally was a delivery runner before the apoclypse begain, ran around devlivering parcels to people in his local home town of pogorevka, he enjoyed running, it helped him get away from the demons of his past, when the apocalypse first started thats what J did, he ran as fast and as far as he could until he ended up at the very far east of the island, for the first year, he hid around got his bearings of the the new world that had formed around him, begain to learn little tricks that helped him stay alive and out of harms way so he could survive on his own.
  2. Settlement 101 (open freq.)

    *Frost presses down the send button on his radio and begins to speak as he slides his knife out of his boot admiring the lady infront of him* *last I heard of this 101 place, the place was long forgotten, what kind of help are talking about here? any specific kind of help your needing? maybe make it abit more..."clear"* *he takes a deep breathe as he runs the knife along his left fore arm, smiling, starting to speak again* *Maybe if you define the help you need I may lend a hand, depends on the type, time and urgency* *Frost releases the send button, still sliding the knife along his fore arm pondering past events, awaiting reply*
  3. Vybor Clinic (Closed Down)

    *Sitting up in his chair as he listens to the Old man and Young woman talking, he smirks and sighs in restraint of himself, he presses the transmit button on his radio* mmmm well, well, well, what's this? another old man that thinks he runs the place, what is it with you people and trying to own something to big for your boots? and god damn the Ladies right, why does everyone keep poking the good doc in the ass, let the guy help people jesus. im pretty sure that if you were hurt and he was your only option to live you wouldnt be saying no am I right? Yes. now leave the poor guy be. You people needa start learning to accept change or youll die out and wither away like the old hags in the wood. *He releases the button and leans back pulling his beanie down over his eyes, resting for awhile*
  4. Vybor Clinic (Closed Down)

    *Standing up next to the lady as he finishes cleaning his rifle placing it on his back, taking out his Radio pushing the send Signal button speaking in a rough joking tone* Yeah, see now the Doc here, offered me help and patched me up pretty good after the so called natives decided to plunge a knife into my gut as a welcome gift, so ill be there watching if needed ill be stepping in too, lets see how many of you can stay true to your words and back the good man up. its not everyday the good guys get a chance to prove their worth in this world so lets let the good man continue what he's doing with some support. *He releases the button laughing in a low enjoyable tone as he drops the Radio back into his pocket before swinging his knife around in his hands getting ready to move*
  5. Vybor Clinic (Closed Down)

    *Jay Flicks on the send signal button on his radio after hearing the news once again, after a short visit to the clinic* Aye Doc really appreciate the patch up on the knife wounds, helped alot, again sorry about you having to leave. Me and the lady will see what we can do for ya might be able to find you a place to lay low. we'll be intouch. *Jay releases the button and sits back in his cabin adjusting his bandages*
  6. *After listening to the conversation go back and fourth between different clients showing interest for awhile J. Presses the send button on his Radio and begins to speak in a gruff voice* so I hear you have some "special" merchandise for sale what kind of prices are we talking here ? oh Qaulity too, Id atleast like some reassurance that what im buying is of decent sanity and doesnt backchat. Maybe let me know and we can sort something out im always around. *He releases the button and awaits for a reply, whilst rotating his combat knife between his fingers, smirking slightly*
  7. Best Line when approaching players