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  1. Whitelist

    how DO I CLOSE IT
  2. Whitelist

    @Brady Ok thx anyway.
  3. Whitelist

    @Brady Are there any on and can I Ask them if they could review it.
  4. Whitelist

    @Brady Who actually does the review on the whitelists.
  5. Whitelist

    @Brady I do thx for the response
  6. Whitelist

    @Brady Do I have to use a mic or can I type my mic is not the best
  7. Whitelist

    Does Anyone Know How Long It Takes to Have A Whitelist Review
  8. Whitelist

    My Backstory randomly went when I pressed next and it took me back to the questions why did it di this?
  9. Whitelist

    I have read through the rules but cant find the passphrase do I click on the links and read through those as well to find it.
  10. Whitelist

    Thx Man
  11. Whitelist

    Where do I post/make my whitelist to join the server.