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  1. Aleks was Born in America, at the age of 14 while he was in High school he got a pen pal from a school program and that is when he met his wife but he just didn't know it yet. Ana Belinsky was this 14 year old girl from the Chernarus who stayed in a small town called Tisy. She has stayed lived there he whole life, Aleks and Ana Stayed in contact all threw high school and Eventually when Aleks and Ana Graduated, Aleks managed to get a plane ticket and ended up getting to live with Ana in Tisy because her parents ended up moving to Elektrozavodsk cause of work for the father, Ana's parents gave her the old house for me and her to live in after years of talking Ana and Aleks ended up dating around 2005. Aleks and Ana were so in love that Aleks couldn't wait, and he proposed to her on September 28th 2007, 3 days after his birthday, Aleks and Ana planned a beautiful wedding and it was going to happen around 2009...until..the war... The year is 2017 and Aleks finds himself in a country where he does not understand the language fully, a place that he used to call home got turned in to a hell hole and the one person he loved..died...Aleks still hasn't fully recovered from her death...he some how holds it in his head that if he wanted to fix his thoughts he has to live threw all the bullshit that god throws his way...he wont forget Ana, nor will he take his own life, he is just waiting...till some one thinks they can take it from him