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  1. HeinrichStawski

    Potius Cras

    "I "HeinrichStawski" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." Signed by -- @HeinrichStawski
  2. HeinrichStawski

    Group cap

    As someone who roleplays outside the group, I believe it could even become the whole server. I know this sounds ridiculous and outrageous, but the group's roleplay is based on being a Merc group who goes into an area and contains it. I realize many people don't like big groups and that completely okay, I just have a different vision of the organization as maybe others might. The point I am trying to make is that I don't believe that with such a large group people will not enjoy the roleplay (which is what the server is for) I believe it is just a different type of role play you want to be apart. However; maybe this is where the organization keeps failing to explain, what type of roleplay we tend to gravitate towards. I am glad the community is giving input and maybe we can change and help our members figure out exactly what we strive towards. -Dr. Kaiser
  3. HeinrichStawski

    Potius Cras

    Super sorry that wasn't directed at you, just late on the post guy! Sorry for the confusion.
  4. HeinrichStawski

    Potius Cras

    Hey sorry, I know the situation for you guys was crappy, but as someone who has a lot of time on the server, I am sure this wasn't the first or last time this has happened to you. If you still feel like there wasn't enough RP going on up in the ladder room I apologize, I felt like it was an amazing RP situation where you 3 were up inside speaking with us. However, after your demands couldn't be met with the action you saw fit, we decided to take action and cut the negotiations off. My partner and I were both on the same page, so I apologize it didn't go the way you saw fit in a "Businessmen" RP. I am going to defend @Elijah Johnson and the organization by saying that he and I were the only ones in the base, and being as nervous no-pvper I wasn't even paying any attention to the restart. I realize that sounds like total BS, trust me I know you're saying I am full of it, but I promise you as a roleplayer, as a member of the community I wish wasn't in a pvp game, I wasn't. If you also remember we could have gunned you down after restart; however, I wanted a civil negotiation to take place to see if we came to an agreement. Lastly, this has gone on way too long, if you want to talk about gear RP, I believe it's actually you who wanted to take our equipment in exchange for our lives and you wouldn't leave except if you obtained that weapon. (Seemed odd to me how one of your men already knew about the gun before ever seeing it, I might be 100% wrong but I believe I am right.) We offered you the new car, SVD, anything in the base below that floor, yet you still wanted the weapon that someone was using to defend themselves. @GaryCash and I have talked along with @Elijah Johnson about it and I believe you did speak with them as well, I am sorry that you believed it was bad role play but the stream of Adria_STC seemed to greatly enjoy the RP. you can go find her twitch, but I don't think I should link it here. SOrry again the situation didn't turn out to be as you wished it did, but we really appreciate you guys letting us have revenge and not being salty and greifing the base. Love the RP Uncle C and the Nephew, maybe less of the N word but hey I had a great time so did the half of the Corp! Truely Heinrich Von Kaiser III A.K.A The Doctor (edit: The reason for my shooting in the beginning was to kill them for entering our base as we had previously told them not to enter.)
  5. Heinrich Von HikelBken was born in Berlin to a middle-class political family. His father was a medical house lobbyist and his mother was killed in a car accident that he and his sisters survived. From the traumatic events, he swore to protect his sisters and father to never let them be harmed. Heinrich then proceeded to earn his Bachelors in medical science at the University of Cambridge where he also learned English. Heinrich would then suffered a tragic accident when accepting his degree at the graduation ceremony, his sisters both fell ill. After the death of his sisters, Heinrich and his father moved to Cambridge to be closer to each other while Heinrich attended school. During his time at school, he attempted to discover a cure to the illness that befell both his sisters, eventually, this journey consumed him. Heinrich spends days and nights within the laboratory to determine what exactly harmed his sisters, and his work couldn't continue theoretically, so he had to start using subject. At first, his subjects would generally be lesser beings such as rats and low budget entities; however, this wouldn't always be the case. During his long periods of study in the lab, Heinrich would fall into disagreements with his bachelor father, who attempted to remarry. Disgusted with the idea of his father with another woman, he tricked his father into becoming a test subject by lobotomizing him and turning it into the first human Heinrich ever operated on. much later in life, he changed his name to Kaiser in order to remove the negative family influence from his past and permanently breaking his psychology and creating Heinrich Von Kaiser. 8 years before the outbreak Kaisers' independent practice went under malpractice investigation and was forced to shut down under the order of the crown. After such time Kaiser was forced into homelessness, which only furthered his mental instability. 3 years before the outbreak Kaiser made a name for himself by performing lobotomies on the homeless population in Cambridge and eventually returned to Berlin to do the same, only not on the homeless. Potius Cras caught him attempting to steal from a high ranking company doctor in his home and was to be put to death, but his cunning wit allowed him to set himself a place on the research team and began doing experiments under Dr. Maximus. Although his resentful nature towards Maximus is what lead him to be a new ground operator he respected his work ethic and his research. Dr. Kaiser is now working with the ground team looking to analyze with the samples gathered and will be leading research and development in Cherno-Russia.
  6. Don Darker was a man without a purpose until the outbreak. The outbreak set a path that allowed Don to take a new life of a merc instead of a dead-end sales manager for the Black Stripes in Baltimore. On a sad attempt at a vacation, Don found himself in Cherno-Russia and made his way to the peninsula. After some time spent in the poor parts of the area, Don found himself approached by some not so impressionable men. Don's natural physical and his experience with fighting his 6 older brothers gave him some experience and some build to make him not be one to tussle with. The men who approached gave him a place to stay and a gun in his hand as long as he did what "they" told him. He liked the feel of the weapons and the power given so he decided to extend his long overdue vacation. However; after staying a bit too long Don got wrapped up into the outbreak, now he fights it or whatever is put in his way.
  7. Hank Dempsy, and old-time radio host that wanted to get the show of a lifetime by traveling to Cherno to meet up with an associate about a possible scandal dealing with the conflict of the Chernrussian government and the insurgent leaders of the previous civil war. Hanks never been one to shy away from a good lead but was cautious to look into so he decided to take his producer and longtime college and veteran Alex Grace with him. When the outbreak and chaos ensued Hank and Alex were separated by the military and then hell broke loose. Hanks past experiences of being a United States Petty officer for the Coast Guard gave him an advantage and lay of the land; however not ever receiving combat experience and only working primarily in smugglings and counter-cartel operations he values life in all capacity, even "the bad guys". He awoke after some time from a buttstock wound to the head from a CDF soldier and is now in the desolate world unknown to him. Hanks past experiences in the military and friendly attitude towards life have given him a better appreciation for the blessings given to him, so he looks on life's funnier side and tries to take a less dark or pessimistic view of things. However, Hank being the determined Geo-political reporter and the survivor of a horrific virus outbreak is a search for answers and looking for anyone will help. 5'11"/Brownish Red Hair/Blue Eyes/31yo/Texan/Chaotic Neutral
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