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  1. After I accidentally killed him I ran to closest house I could find and logged out so I could start searching speir:es discord name and fully focus on solving this issue and solve this issue with him and apologizing to him. Apology which he accepted and then telling him that I would be willing to guard his gear for him so he could come back and then he said that its okay and that his friend is bringing it to him. Now he says that me and my buddy stole his gear which definately is not true we left everything he had for him on the barrack. If he did not get his gear back its either A: his friend did not take all of it to him or B: his friend took some of it to himself. I am not accusing his friend tho maybe he just didnt have enough room for his stuff or something which is prolly why speirs couldnt get all of his stuff back. I acknowledge that this was a rule break from my part to log out but because I killed him by accident it was my first priority to focus on solving the issue with him so I wouldnt be split up focusing on my character as well. I am telling the truth and I hold no personal grudge against speirs and I really hope we can just get over this dispute and go back to playing on this server.
  2. We talked with him normally for like 10 seconds till we tell yall to put your hands up. I dont know why its bad to approach your friend in conversation for 10 seconds till we tell yall to put your hands up. As you can hear we RP realistically as soon as we tell you to put your hands up we yell ''PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP'' in a frantic way. Do you have any proof that I offered speirs any favors? We literally just said to him that we would leave his stuff on the barrack and that I could go guard it if he wanted me to. I was going to guard it till he said that his friend is bringing it to him. Also most of the times ypu spoke which wasnt a lot was very disrespectful like I have said earlier. Please do not result into personal attacks in the forums I know this is a sensitive subject but lets not start call each other names ok? I know you act like this in game but didnt expect this kind of behavior in a forum dispute. Now we will wait for the admins judgement. Me and my friend accept whatever the judgement may be from the admins. Again I apologize for killing you by accident and I understand if I do get a punishment for it because accidents like that shouldnt happen. I should of known better than to hit you with my rifle which I didnt know could kill with one hit if aimed to the head. Would like to point out last thing. You were so cool about this accident in discord so the reason you probably changed your mind and reported us was because your squad mate prolly told you to. This seems to be a case of bigger squads getting mad at the little guy. This can make the community very toxic when innocent people get reported just because someone is angry which we can see you clearly are by the way you type in this thread. Calling us names etc. I accept any possible punishment for killing you by accident. Now lets hear from the admins and hope this will be solved.
  3. I am very happy that they are posting their POV:s. Even if your mic emoticon is on it doesnt mean your talking all the time you can double tap caps lock for it to show its on. And dont try to make this look like your the only one who was trying to contact. I was asking your friend for your forum name as you can see on the logs so I could apologize to you so it wasnt like I didnt try to contact you. In discord you seemed like a really cool guy and I was sincerely apologetic because I felt horrible for killing you accidentally. I know it sucks dying for bullshit reasons and having to run up again. I would appreaciate if you stopped bringing your friend into this saying ''we never acted emotionless at all and we complied with you'' and with the previous message'' and saying we engaged in little talk and role-play when you can clearly see the microphone icon being used a lot on my recording as well as my friend speaking to you both as well'' I havent accused your friend of any wrong doing so stop trying to making it look like that I am trying to accuse your friend as well. It you who I am accusing not your friend so please stop it. Also calling me a daft is really uncalled for in this Report thing.
  4. I never claimed your friend did anything wrong stop putting words in my mouth your friend was RP:ing alright. It is you who I have the problem with. Also stop putting words in my friends mouth he definately did not say ''bitch put him down'' He told me ''bitch put it down'' telling me to put my gun down since my friend is the more tender one if you listen to the video in 0.5 speed you can hear him saying ''bitch put it down'' My brother is always nice treating the hostages well which you can see by how he behaves toward the hostages. This is why he said to me ''bitch put it down'' Also right back at ya. Lying on a report is perma bannable. We never said on discord that we didnt take anything from you both YES we did take stuff from your friend not you. The only reason I hit you was because you were being disrespectful and trying to tell me what to do even though I am holding you up so you trying to give me orders and having an attitude is FailRP. Also werent you banned before for RDM:ing someone with a car or something? Also havent you reported about people before with the end result being that the person you reported was not quilty? You seem to be a very sensitive person that reports people just because you might be mad regardless if these people are innocent of the things you accuse them of. Like I said before reporting people with no good reason is really toxic for the DayzRP community. I do apologize for killing you accidentally which I already have apologized for and you accepting my apology. I do not know why you are wasting ours and the admins time.
  5. First of all very convenient of you to have your voice ''missing.'' and lets first talk about the redwood incident. Your saying it was bad RP situation? The people me and Screenedabrown held hostage literally after the incident thanked us for good rp and that they havent experienced hostile rp for a while. Me and my brother were roleplaying as radical religious people. We held up the redwood radio people for the broadcast to advertise our religion and our Colton family and our way of life. Me and Screenedabrown had this interaction with the hostages for maybe about an hour providing good immersive roleplay. When we were about to leave I dropped my lockpick on the ground and it glitched and made me not able to unlock the doors and leave the redwood radio which we were about to do so I had to relog from the game and what I didnt realise is the que was 30 people so I had to wait like an hour to get back into the server while Screenedabrown is guarding the hostages till i get back. While im gone Screenedabrown gets confronted by group of at least 3 guys and they stated that theres 8 of them which was a lie. Screenedabrown told the rescuers that he will shoot hostages (which was just a threat) if they start breaching inside the redwood compound which makes it unrealistic for them to try to get in which they did compromising the lifes of the hostages. They opened the door to the redwood compound so my friend starts shooting at them and also hits one of the hostages in crossfire but doesnt kill him. When I log in like 20 minutes later this incident because of the que and server restart. I log into the server and I ask ''who killed my brother'' and one of the rescuers said ''Me and I enjoyed killing him'' Then they tell me to put my hands up after one of them saying that he enjoyed killing my brother. After that I rush them with my AKM blined by anger because of my brother being killed by one of em and also being stated that he enjoyed it. I saw three people outside one with no gun and then I get sprayed and I die trying to avenge my brothers death. Realistically you would definately not surrender to people who had just killed your brother and said that he enjoyed killing him. Realistically you would be filled with anger and grief. I would love the hostages to bring up their points of view of the incident. The reason we held these two gentlemen up in VMC is because we had a hostile interaction with some people who had yellow armbands before so we were sketched out by everyone we saw as you can see by the way I behave we were paranoid as you can see in the video we were really sketched out by one of the dudes backpack having yellow armbands. We were still paranoid after our hostile experience with those people who had yellow armbands. It was definately not gear RP. We were really interactive with you guys providing immersive hostile RP. You said that it would be unrealistic for me to rush your group because I was outnumbered and seemed like I wasnt scared to do it and not valuing my life but at same time while we are holding you up you act disrespectfully, acting emotionless and barely even talking and being quiet a lot so in the video it is very convenient for you to not have your voice in the video. About your death. I am sorry it was a clear accident. I did not know that hitting someone with a rifle can kill them so quickly because I have done that before and no one had never died of it. I clearly stated that I am sorry in the chat and that I tried to get in contact with you and solve the problem. I do apologize for this accident but I refuse to apologize for the other stuff you are accusing me of. We did leave your gear and we also never said that we didn't take stuff from your friend. I took your friends AKM and a vest which had a pistol in it because I did not want him to start shooting at us with this AKM after we leave because we did not trust him because he said he is associated with Wolfpack which we have had some quarrels with in the past. For speirs stuff we left literally everything we left his AKM and his backpack which had a lot of guns like MP5 and M1A. We did not take any of his stuff so him lacking his stuff is his friend not either picking it up or his friend took it for himself since we took his AKM and pistol. Hes friend still had back up weapons that we left for example speirs:s stuff that we left on the ground and also my friends winchester that he left on the ground for them so we did leave his friend with weapons so he could defend himself and we did not take any of speirs stuff. I would like to expose speirs for his own rule breaking 4.4 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards. As a victim you may NOT: Pretend to be fearless, emotionless, not feel pain, or otherwise be unaffected by the situation where your life is at risk in a hostile situation. Be passive during the hostile role play and refuse to actively participate in it. Just sitting there and not contributing to role play can make the situation very boring for the attackers. He was mostly quiet and the little amount he spoke was disrespectful. He did not seem to value his life at all as he seemed so calm about the situation with me roleplaying you can see my character is on the hinge acting very emotionally as you can see when I yell them to put hands up and raise my voice in certain situation etc since realistically In a situation like that I would be adrenaline filled unlike speirs who was super calm barely even talking and when he did he spoke with a normal voice acting disrespectfully and asking to get his gear back.Which again I will repeat very convenient to not have your voice on the video. I would also like expose him for another rule break 3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously. As you can see in the video he is using discord at 6:32 even though he does not have a personal radio item in his inventory and also if he did have it hidden somewhere which he didnt he couldnt of been talking there since he had his hands up. Also one reason to not have his voice on the video and probably the reason he was so quiet. Reporting people for no good reason is very toxic for the community. Edited for grammar reasons
  6. Lee Colton was adopted from Vietnam to loving American parents when he was 10 years old. He grew up in the town of Benton Harbor in the state of Michigan. His adoptee parents had a divorce when he was 15 so after that he was raised by his mother. Lee was youngest of 4 siblings. Like his older brother named Carl he decided to join the United states Military. His brother had join the army so he decided to join the marines. When the outbreak started Lee was in the big city of Elektrozavodsk trying to assist the civilians with other marines to evacuate the city. When the living dead started to overrun the city Lee got lost from the other marines because he had lost his radio in the middle of the chaos. He couldn't find any of the other marines anywhere and he saw that the city got overrun so he decided to leave and go try to find his brothers unit in Cherno where he was deployed. Lee found his brother in Stary and they have been together living the nomad lifestyle.
  7. Paul was born in Paintsville Kentucky to an abusive family with an aggressive alcoholic father Who took out his anger on him and his mother regularly. Paul used to get into a lot of trouble and had a drug addiction. He would steal money from the local church to feed his drug addiction. Always when Paul would take drugs he would start claiming that he had conversations with God and claimed to have seen God. He would start thinking that he is a prophet of God. This all stopped when he became sober and devoted his life to learn and spread Christianity he would go preach on the streets with his church fellows and try to bring people to Christianity. This made him want to become a missionary. His dream of becoming a missionary finally succeeded after studying the Bible for years. Paul and his friends from rehab who also went to the same church named Mike and Josh traveled to Chernarus to spread the word of their Lord. After living in Chernarus for a year the outbreak started and at the time Paul was praying with his fellow Christians in a monastery till the horde of the living dead overrun the place. Paul went to hide in the church for a couple days and when he came out and the horde was gone he saw that everyone had died. Paul started to live in the church and started farming to feed himself until the evil people came and stole all of his farmed vegetables and his farming tools. They robbed Paul and they were sure he was going to die in the wilderness of Chernarus so they just ordered him to go on his way. Paul started to wander around the forest and surviving on eating berries and fishing. Paul had been alone for a\couple of months now which also increased his delusions of being a prophet. He started to call himself a prophet of God. He would start preaching like crazy about what God had supposedly told him. Also being the only survivor of the incident increased his belief of being a prophet. His goal in life is trying to get people to be his followers and devote his and his followers lives to submit to what he sees as God's will that comes from his hallucinations. Paul now wanders around Chernarus trying to find survivors to follow him on his path to the garden of paradise in heaven.
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