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  1. OK, sure - from my perspective we were running around the area of Stary hunting while we got out of ammo for my hunting rifle. We decided to move down to Stary to scavenge some ammo and suddenly ran into @barto300. We did talk to him and slowly built up the tension of the initiation when we were moving up to the hill. At no point he was intimidated, nor scared about a group of 3 people accompanying him to the woods, nor did he try to ask questions what we are doing with him. At some point he asked for the reason why he gets robbed, which was not 100% explicitly stated with the full reasoning provided here, which might have been a mistake. However, we did leave him with his clothes, ammo, and in close proximity to a city where he potentially finds food or other players to help him out. We did not harm him in any case. Or leave him behind to die, we unloaded his ammo to not get shot in the back. Reasoning for the robbery: - We did need ammo for hunting and were unsuccessful in finding such in Stary, when we ran into him, we did recognize he had a Mosin on his back which was matching for our requirement - we did a long RP with him (around 15-20minutes) to NOT fall under the rule of GearRP, so we talked a lot with him explaining the background story and so on which is also related to our characters evolution in game I am open to discuss this report and understand better, how and why this might be against any rule and to learn from it to better immerse into the game world in the future. Best, Dimitri
  2. Hi - from my POV, the situation was as described by @barto300 despite the following facts: - we did extensive RP with him which lasted for over 15 minutes - we let him all things he had before despite of some food, beverages, ammo and a M1911 + a pristine hunting scope, but we have communicated with him all the time - it was not for the sake of gear it was for the sake of fun, intimidation and at last for some supplies In addition I second what @Terry Cruze stated on: - the possibility to escape - no death threat made by anyone, just the intimidating, scary situation of three people asking you to follow them into the woods - BadRP from @barto300, while playing a mexican character which should reply to spanish questions in spanish We do care about RP a lot and still we did not report that situation, so I am a little disappointed, that this got a report, because for us it was really immersive and we tried to make it as immersive for the other party as possible. I also hope we can clarify this and reinstate what @Terry Cruze said, we are open to discuss. Dimitri Rasputin
  3. Acknowledged and sorry from my side, too. Dimitri
  4. I am the Son of a Russian football player. After being uncovered they fled to our lovely country were I was born and raised. Then all the shit went down, and I went undercover, striving the world looking for food and loot. And of course some entertainment. You can find me in the north deep in the forests feeding on predators flesh. I love to celebrate sunsets with a good campfire and when I see strangers I invite them to sit with me. Sometimes I leave without them.
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