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  1. I grew up in a Suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. I was born in a fairly wealthy family, and I was raised with a lot of love and care. At a really early age, I caught an interest in the military, and I would spend a lot of time out in the woods with one of my best friends, Daniel, playing around with toy guns and old ragged military uniforms. Me and Daniel were best friends, and we were very close to each other. As I became 19 and finished upper secondary school, I decided that I didn't want to continue my education, and instead i joined the danish military. And of course, Daniel did the same. Unfortunately, we did not end up in the same unit, and well... I was pretty upset. But there was not really anything we could do about it. I quickly fell in love with the military, and well.. I was pretty damn good. I was always up for a challenge, and I always gave it 100 %. But I did not feel like it was enough of a challenge for me. I was hungry for adventure and challenges. So when I was done, I decided to join Jægerkorpset (A danish special operations unit). Except from one situation where I almost got killed during an exercise, that left me a big scar on my right arm, I got through the selection course and passed the following training. Almost immediately after graduating, I was deployed to Afghanistan with the team that i was assigned to. I was the patrols demolition expert, "The man with they key", as some of our american allies liked to call it, haha. It was not for so long though, because not even a month into our deployment, our patrol leader got injured durring a brutal firefight, so i had to take his place as the patrol leader. After around 8 months in Afghanistan, we were finished with our deployment, and we were sent back Denmark. After around 7 years in the unit, I decided that it was time to stop my career in the military. I have been deployed 4 times in total, and have learnt a lot during my service. But it was hard to go back to a normal life, and i struggled a bit. It was like my day-to-day life was missing something... One day, while I was digging around in some old storage boxes, i found a picture of me and Daniel as kids, dressed up in military uniforms and toy guns in our hands. I was suddently reminded of the good old times I've had with my best friend, and I decided to contact Daniel. Daniel remembered me, even though it had been more that 6 years since we last spoke to each other. We decided to meet up, and go on a hiking trip. Daniel suggested that we would go to Chernarus, because he had a few associates in the country, that he knew through his job. They could get us there extremely cheap, and because we have both heard a lot about Chernarus because of the civil war, we thought it would be an awesome and exciting experience. And ohh boy was i wrong. Only a few days after we had arrived, and we were out hiking near a little dirt road, around 10 people came running at us. They looked frightened as hell. When we tried to stop them, one of them told us, in rather broken english, that there was a disease gone wild in the country and we had to get out of there. But man, we though it sounded crazy and we didn't really bother to think much more about it. "Those crazy locals... trying to scare tourists away or something?" Well, that same night, we set up a little camp near a road that we were following close to the coast. We were in the middle of making dinner, when all of a sudden around 10 of these infected came out of nowhere and attacked us. Daniel panicked and he ran off into the darkness, and i got up as fast as i could to try to follow him. But we were seperated right there... I could not see anything in the darkness, and I quickly realised that i lost him, so I just started to run. I ended up in an abandoned shed, where i spent the night. So now i am left here alone in this foreign country, lost amongst the few others that have survived the initial outbreak. How I will survive, I don't care... Right now, I need to find Daniel again.