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  1. Hailing from Ukraine and being raised in the then Soviet State, Roman had a rough upbringing being from a poor farming family. He is one of three children alas being the oldest he took the brunt of the abuse from his alcoholic father. When his father wasn't busy boozing he taught Roman farming, hunting, and tracking, which he took a instant liking to. Being forced into school by his mother to try to better his life caused him to rebel more and become more of a street kid, always causing problems in the town by skipping classes and being trouble sum. Having more of a street education perhaps benefited Roman more then a "book" education in the long run. After the troubled childhood he had, in addition to loosing a brother after an accident made Roman decide to turn his life around and sign up for the military. He had a grueling, short service due to being deemed "too combative and against army values". He left the service and traveled around the country doing small and odd jobs to scrape by and make a living but in time he found a small village where he was able to buy some land and a cabin to hunt for the local market and make a small living off of that. Many years later Roman has been quite contempt with his life, but he started to hear on the radio one day about this virus sweeping through his country. This news didn't necessarily worry him as he has lived through many of these sickness' and viruses before, he just took his normal precaution of stocking up a little more on the essentials, cleaning his few weapons and going through his routine like normal. Though as time went on he kept hearing from the villagers of calls with family or reports of things progressively becoming worse and worse, and not long after he ran into his first I guess you could call it sick person. Being a skilled tracker/hunter Roman was able to hide from it and observe him from a distance safely. After waiting some time with and watching it appeared the man noticed something or someone and ran off , Roman slowly followed him. Curious as to what caught his attention he soon saw that same man hunched over something and appeared to be touching it all over, Roman decided to get a closer look and feeling uneasy about the situation he loaded 2 rounds into his shotgun and clicked off of safety. He made his way over and was unable to get a good look and at that time and to this day he still can't figure out how but the man stood and turned and looked directly at him and started to come after Roman. Roman ran and yelled at the man to stop or else something might happen they both will regret. Tripping in a small creek Roman thought that man would be on top of him but he managed to scramble up the small bank on the other side and heard the man fall down with a splash in the same spot he did. Being out of breath he gave himself a second to breathe to only realize he must of dropped his weapon in the creek when he fell, fearing the man would fine it and try to use it Roman struggled himself up and managed to find a rundown shed. Making his way inside he tried to catch his breath and after a minute someone was pounding at the door, so he yelled out hoping to hear a voice but alas no noise but the pounding. Roman started to make a hard choice a found a fist sized rock in the room with him and at last the door gave way and the man, dripping wet was at the door, so he gave out one final call to back away or he will defend himself. In that instance the man lunged at Roman and knocked him back, Roman made the hard choice and had a scuffle on the floor with the man, swinging the rock he held violently into the man until he stopped moving. After the scuffle, Roman was left standing covered in the mans blood, heaving, and feeling older then he thought he was. This incident made him question his morals, faith and guilt him for some time, as he was forced to defend himself and kill this man. He kept replaying the scenario in his head thinking why did this man force him to do this and what made him act in this way.
  2. Alternative maps? Sure. We try them once in a while. Most recent one was Napf. Made a separate background for that island and everything. We'll probably try another one eventually, but truth be told most of them end up the same way: Abandoned after a couple of days. People try them, people get bored, people go back to Chernarus where everyone else is hanging around. Its almost funny, on a social-experiment kind of level. Because there are A LOT of people bored of Chernarus. But its where everyone keeps coming back to regardless. Alright Thanks
  3. Do you think DayzRP will ever have another "universe" AKA another map to play on? (Just curious not complaining about Chenarus)
  4. Yea I think the house from 28 days later would be a really cool idea to see.
  5. i agree 100% quality is better than quantity. Agree with both of you guys I totally agree with all of you
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