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  1. I "@knightxelite05" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character. //Signed by @knightxelite05
  2. Operator Ice Dragon's Background is mostly classified however there are some things that can be dug up from his dossier. He is a Japanese Canadian man, with his mother being 100% Japanese and his father being 100% Canadian. He joined the Canadian Special forces and served for many years in it. Once he was discharged, he was approached by Potius Cras and given an opportunity for employment by the Corporation as a PMC operator. Before the outbreak, everything was pretty standard. Security details, taking out HVT's when necessary, but after the apocalypse that's when everything went bonkers. He was in Germany for some time during the start of his employment and became acquainted with Doctor Kaiser during this time period. However shortly before the outbreak he was stationed in Japan. His family in Japan has since been brought under the protection of the Corporation. Ice Dragon is a part of the deceased Operator Denrei's team which now has been taken over by Kyuodo. They were bringing high value employees, including a Doctor from Japan and some sensitive materials and data into the area, as well as other Operators, such as Operator Bleach. Tidal has requested that Denrei's team remain in the hot zone of South Zagoria and to continue to assist, which they are getting a lot of extra pay for. After making contact with Stone, Ice Dragon set out to rally with the others.Recently before his deployment to the South Zagoria region, Ice Dragon and team made a drop with the Operator Valkyrie who was shortly captured after their meeting. They have not seen Valkyrie since.
  3. Ryan Heller was a young boy who loved to play with fire and anything that went boom. Born & raised until the age of 12 in New Mexico, his family moved to Russia. He learned all about small bombs and other bombs from his father who then worked in a Russian factory for the army. Ryan was never one for taking orders or following the rules. His mother, an American woman, was a stay at home mom for James. It was always a pain, however as Ryan was always getting into trouble with the police, other folks in the town and even the wildlife. He has been arrested many times for arson, breaking and entering, assault with a deadly weapon, and armed robbery. When he turned seventeen things took a turn for the worse. His father got fired from the military factory and they no longer had money coming in. His father became an alcoholic and grew more and more abusive each day. He was always spending the little income they had or earned on vodka, girls or anything that he desired while Ryan and his mother starved. On many occasions, Ryans’ father would beat he and his mother, which led to James developing a few mental conditions such as PTSD, depression and bipolar disorder. These mental conditions only in turn made him more dangerous as well as unpredictable. One day, his dad, a man he once looked up to, pushed him over the edge. In what James believed to be self defense at the time, he grabbed a knife and stabbed him 45 times as his mother desperately tried to stop him. As she begged Ryan to stop and tried to pull him off of her husband, her son accidently stabbed her in the neck. She bled out in what seemed to be seconds. Realistically, Ryan doesn’t know how long he held onto her for. Her last words were “I know you didn’t mean it baby.. I still love you..”. When she died, something in James snapped. He grabbed his fire bombs and molotovs and began to burn down houses, starting with his own. The police finally caught him after he burned 12 houses to the ground, killing 19 people in the process and crossfire. He was sent to prison island as they called it. In the months following, he became a feared prisoner. During his time on the high security island, he met and befriended a young girl that the other prisoners called Quiet. It suited her, considering she didn’t talk much. He also met a prison guard named Xander Meyers. He was friendly enough. The young man definitely wasn’t like the rest of the guards. At first he didn’t trust the two of them, as he usually doesn’t with most, but in time they grew on him. After about 7 months or so after Ryan was locked away, an alarm began to sound throughout the entire island, ordering an evacuation. He was determined to find an escape, and although it was not easy in the slightest, he did. Ryan Heller was free.
  4. Operator "Valkyrie" Was sent in by Tidal to meet up with Stone and the others already on the ground because of the fact that the teams already in Chernarus that were part of wave 2 had already experienced loss of life. This operator is cool under pressure though, so even though hes recieved multiple warnings about how bad things are on the ground and hes read the debriefs hes not concerned. This is just another day on the job to him, and hes thinking that it will be an easy punch in and punch out. He's spent a fair amount of time back on the bases in Europe, helping with guard duty, and has been lucky enough to not spend to much time out in the field. But because of this, he's been some what itching to get out there and see whats really happening to the world outside of his bubble. He has his own reasons for working for the Corporation-- and those he keeps to himself, not even telling the other operators what are his thoughts or what hes up to. Now hes working for those same reasons but in a new and strange country... Chernarus wasn't like anything else he'd seen before, once they stepped off the boat, they started to head to the rally point. Due to the AA in the area, they had to come by sea, it was a rough ride due to the storms, however... the largest storm was yet to come.
  5. #Sleepy For Class president

    1. Sleepyhead


      FREE CAPRI SUN! Vote Sleepy!

    2. knightxelite05


      Done without question

  6. im being Attacked.

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      I shall neva Be claimed


  7. *Ryan Listen's in then press's his PTT And responds with slight Sarcasm* "Last Time i tried helping people I got left behind to die So i think I'll pass." *let's go of the PTT And Keeps on walking*
  8. *Ryan sets down his rifle and takes a seat the cracking of a fire can be heard as he press's his PTT* "wow it seems like the south is going down to shit Makes me wonder if its even worth coming down to try to help out again.But i don't know. With my Friends Abandoning me here in the north And leaving the Country it makes me think that no ones Worth the Effort I don't care if anyone's listening Even our old enemies But.. *Sighs* Good luck out there people And if you think you can Change my mind your welcome to try to contact me" *he lets go his PTT and stares at his fire With his mask off*
  9. *press's his PTT* "I made it to the town west of you but i can't make it Further could you make it to me?" *sets down his radio again."
  10. *zombies sounds can be heard with some static* "I gotta move..*static* shall try to get somewhere with a better signal"
  11. *ryan press's his PTT* "If need be i will do my best to make my way to you What you think." *Sets down his radio*
  12. *Ryan press's his PTT button* "Sorry I had to get some radio Silence. I don't know how to tell you without my Attacker or one of them returning to finish me off. I might try to meet you half way" *Ryan let goes of his PTT*
  13. *Ryan turns on his radio dispite his will to not want to and speaks* That kind of help would be nice to see but I do not think I will survive the journey to you people." *Ryan's voice would sound heavy and cracked from lack of food*
  14. *Ryan Struggling To handle his radio do to grave Injuries Heavily Breaths As he listens In silence Hoping They hadn't left him to die where he was left You can hear Ryan drop his Rifle and lean Against a metal Object.* "I see.. that i once again have been Left... to die.." *he coughs hard then gets back to the radio* "I figured this would happen Well i guess this is what i get for Trusting in people Again I won't make the same Mistake again.. Even if it has to kill me. if I make it that far" *infected sounds could be heard in the background and Ryan Groans as he picks up his rifle and stands* "If anyone hears this.. I shall Keep Fighting the infected till my death.. which i'm sure is coming But if Anyone does somehow find me.. *pauses* Don't I shall Do What I promised When i joined up with you Nikolai.. I'll kill them all and the people but i Hope i don't have to." *Drops his Radio And the PTT button gets held by a stone and Gunfire can be heard but then you hear him say to himself* "Fucking Military base's"
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