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  2. Xander Meyers

    Xander Meyers was not by any means the strongest guard at the prison. He was a rather timid 6'2'' tall man, barely a man. The prison was a maximum security prison that was on an island off the coast of the shore. He was only working night shifts for a few months when he started to hear guards talking about the inmates getting sick. One night while he was starting his shift he saw a guard that was being dragged away by a few other guards. He tried to pay no mind to it, but he knew something was very wrong. Guards were getting sick, as were inmates. It started out slow with not many cases of sickness, though gradually over time became more and more common. Apprehension hung in the air as rumors began to spread throughout the prison, and eventually, it fell. Guards ripped each other to pieces, and so did inmates. Some of the prisoners were still stuck in their cells. As Xander and a few other guards began to plan their escape, he passed by cells of prisoners who weren't sick. They had planned to leave them there, letting them die off. Xander couldn't bring himself to do it. He let the other guards leave the island before he did as long as he still had away off the island and supplies to help him do so. He was the only guard left that wasn't infected by the disease. There were only a couple of prisoners who weren't sick - a man who was convicted for arson as well as multiple murders & a younger girl who earned the name "Quiet". Most guards thought it was funny that a girl such as herself was in a maximum security prison. So did the inmates. She was convicted of murder, though no one truly believed it. She seemed timid and never spoke when she didn't need to, which reminded him of himself in a way. Xander decided to let her out of the cell, leaving the arsonist who was showing signs of sickness, and gave the girl a full set of riot gear to match his own. He didn't fully trust her so he kept her in cuffs until they could make it off of the island. Once the two had reached the mainland in a small boat, they began to plan their next move. He looked at Quiet and she motioned towards this little town in the distance. We started heading that way.