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  1. John was born in a city called Nashville, in the state of Tennessee. After he was born his family moved to a smaller town of the name of Greeneville about three hours from Nashville. He was not the largest child growing up. There was a lot of times where he was bullied or picked on. However, there were plenty of times where John stood his ground a fought. As he grew he got better and better at fighting and his confidence grew. After he graduated from high school he decided to go to college. He went to become a Lawyer, as he was always a very intelligent person. At the age of 18 he decided to leave that small town, as there was nothing there for him. He decided he was going to move to a larger city, not only for the opportunities that awaited him there, but also so he could fit it and disappear. He had been to cities before and fell in love with the way the people didn't notice him or try to speak to him as much as the small town he grew up in. John was tired of being noticed. He needed change. He took his last check he earned from going to college and dropped out. He used that money to go see the world. He traveled all over the place, as cheaply as he could. He would stay in one play for a few months with a job and save enough money to go somewhere else. The first place John moved to was England. He had gotten a job as a Butcher in a local market place, He cut raw meat and put it on little plastic trays and wrapped it in plastic all day. John only stayed in England for two months as it was a dirty, cold, and rainy place. It was far from what he would call, "The Perfect Place." John decided to move to a smaller town in Germany. This town was still much larger than his home town, mind you. He got a job as a hunter at a local hunting lodge. John was wanting to expand his talents to other fields of work so this seemed very fitting. Over the time that he was employed at the lodge he had learned a lot about tracking an animal, staying out of sight, and even learned a great deal about patience. He really enjoyed this job, not so much as the killing aspect of it, but hunting down a animal, and having the knowledge to do so was a great feeling. He stayed at this place for around three months and did not really want to leave, however he had made the deal with himself that he would keep moving and continue to experience new things. Jon moved to a place called Chernarus. Chernarus was a beautiful country. Lots of farm lands with major cities scattered around in various locations. He had moved to a city called Zelenogorsk. He had moved there because of a job opening he heard about. A bounty hunter. This job interested him simply because it was much like his old job, he would have to track, and find where a person would be and capture him. He enjoyed this job more than the last. After about 3 months of working as a bounty hunter he had learned a great deal about the locations of things in the country, the landscape, and also the people. He had fallen in love with this country. However he had made promises with himself some time ago, that he would keep moving. John is really big on the promises he makes. They are the one thing that cannot be broken without punishment. As he was trying to find a flight to his next location, Egypt, He couldn't. All flights were cancelled due to military control. He decided to head for the border, getting in his little hatchback, he left zelenogorsk and headed north..
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    Quiet's Journal

    Its really good! keep it up! <3
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    S1: NVFL in Kabanino - 6/6/2017 01:00 Approx.

    @Strawberry I was mistaken about you being there, but your group was there.
  5. Mazdarati

    S1: NVFL in Kabanino - 6/6/2017 01:00 Approx.

    There were several occasions where you had messaged and poked quiet and even while she was in a channel with you, I can come onto teamspeak and discuss this in more detail if needed. You told her things like you are going to hunt and kill her friends, and also instances where you had told her that specifically about me. I am going to assume this was in character, otherwise you are bringing ic issues ooc. I would hope you wouldn't do that. There was also the day before, you rolled up on us while we were at Stary in a church, I made a direct threat towards you and your group, more specifically you, that I would kill you if you came any closer to her. @kittendo was there during that situation.
  6. Mazdarati

    S1: NVFL in Kabanino - 6/6/2017 01:00 Approx.

    First and foremost I am going to post my POV. Xander Meyer's POV: I was strolling through Kab with @kittendo. We had stopped at Kab for food and water. Once we ate and drank we were leaving the town when @kittendo hit a lag spike. I had to help her bandage and as I was bandaging her, @strawberry jogged up to us. He didn't say much at all. Within 10 seconds of him jogging up, we were surrounded by the remainder of the people with him. We were told to put our hands up, @kittendo complied. I did not. I immediately raised my gun and began shooting. I was aware of how persistant and weird that @strawberry has been with @kittendo. Killed one and knocked out another, proving that I had a chance for escape. End POV. Moving onto the No Value for Life accusation. There are two reasons why you guys are wrong in regards to the No Value For Life Accusations. I will explain both completely seperately. The first reason, In a dedicated and strong relationship, which me and quiet had, The partner would give their own life for the other partner, you build that kind of a bond, which our characters had. I had value for Life, for Quiet. Due to the fact that she was my Significant other. The second reason, There was several instinses where both sides had threatened eachother. In game I was made aware that @strawberry was hunting me and was going to kill me. I had even threatened to kill them the other day in character. They had execution rights on me, My character had to choose between dying from being tortured and eventually killed or die with a chance of escaping from the situation. Xander chose the chance of escaping. We were not in a completely open field as there was a house not even 50 meters away. Knowing that guns were not only pointing at him, but in a circle formation, friendly fire was very likely. Causing 2 deaths and one player unconscious. Xander had left three players down due to his actions, proving that he at least proved a chance. With the full intentions of survival of running to that house under the confusion of gun fire hitting team mates. My character was completely certain that he was going to die either way, he took the worst of two evils to try to secure his survival. There was a value for life. Conclusion I am deeply sorry about the situation, however that is the only way that my character could possibly think of a way of survival. I honestly thought that I was going to die either way, I chose the better option, a chance of an escape, as slim as it was. This will not be a reoccuring issue with my character. It was strictly within that particular situation. I understand both sides. I honestly believe it was a miscommunication, I was certain that I was dead if I complied. Hope this helps clear things up. - Mazdarati
  7. Mazdarati

    S1: NVFL in Kabanino - 6/6/2017 01:00 Approx.

    @Coreena excuse me? A white knight? I'm going to assume you are not talking about me. I'm going to fully respond to this when I get home. I'm currently at work.
  8. My POV was the same as the other two members above @Watchman and @Kittendo. I was inside the piano house in Kabinino with Watchman and kittendo. We were there for a while before we got into a hostile situation. The Firefight dragged on for a while. @StoneSlate was outside the building and was involved in the firefight. He knew we were all inside, so the hostiles were outside the building. Anyone that was around the area at the time of the fire fight had no defense of "not being involved." To many gun shots went off for people not to know it was a fight. To many hostile things were said to each other over VOIP. The guy knew the risk of being there.