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  1. Was funny lol. I had to hold in my laugh when i saw Rim shooting with a shotgun.. Sorry Rim i don't wanna be rude. Hope to see you guys again, you defenitely are fun to play with.
  2. Sure thing man, you're right. Was a mistake, not going to do it again. New to Roleplaying, thats why it happened. I'm back in Novaya Petrovka, so if you wanna punish me, i'll be there.
  3. Anyways, it was a gunfight in the city. We knew that civilians are in the Church. I didn't think that civilians would hide in a garage door. So yeah.
  4. I am sorry for what happened. Like Jay said, we heard the town was getting attacked and we were alarmed. Then Jayy saw some people going into the garages. So before i tell more what happened, i wanna say that i helped the saviors a lot and i promised them to help them against the Communist too. So when i knew the town was getting ''raided'' by the communists, i was very nervous. Because last time, i got robbed by them when they raided the city. I didn't want to get robbed again, so i was ready to kill communists whatever that costs. When the garage door opened, i saw that one guy with the orange armband and immediatly started to shoot. Out of panic, i thought the others may be part of them. I heard Jay saying: ''Rami, what have you done'' while he was running away. I didn't realise what i did until i was in the garage looking at the bodies. I recognized Emilie. Then i was getting shot from outside. I ran towards the main road, when a communist kills me around the corner. Thats my POV. BUT, you shouldn't go there in the beginning. You have to know that if i see you with a communist, i start shooting. It was your fault being there anyways. The Saviors clearly marked that civilians are getting evacuated in the church! I could've RP, but i could have get shot or robbed again. And i didnt want that to happen. Well sorry anyways. I apologize for ruining the RP for you guys.
  5. It's been months since it happened. I don't even remember how it began. My first memories of it, is escaping the bunker, i was held in, when all of a sudden 2 of them came out of nowhere to attack me. But then I saw another threat, they were running to my direction, like a horde of mad dogs. They were making this horrible noise, so I ended away of the bunker. Oh, Chernarus. We didn't know it from all that military intervention. As far as I know, The Chedaki or the US Army could have done it, and left them to die in this place. Anyway, I made my way in the city, and to my surprise, there are two other guys, they looked at my gun, they asked me to kill them. Maybe not doing it was the worse thing I did that day. They grabbed me and took it, and shot me in my leg. Then proceeded to kill themselves. It was so ugly to see it. People were desperate, trying to die, just to save themselves. But I couldn't die yet. It was not my time. I knew that i wanted to know what’s going on, so I rolled deeper into the city, waiting for someone to help me. 25 minutes in the town and I just couldn't believe it. Someone looked at me and came running with a blood bag in his hand. He said Something in Russian, I didn't understand. Something like "brat" and "priyti", but he left. I was so sad about it at the time, I started crying. The next 5 minutes I see him, with a stick and some rags in his hands, And my tears of desperation and sadness turned into an incessant laugh, that I couldn't stop. After helping me with something he made, a splint or something like it, he says "Ты можешь идти?" To which I nod, affirmatively. As my leg still hurts, it still makes me sad, makes me think I won't see the next day of an outbreak that had just begun. Anyway, that day, we walked so far into the woods, I didn't knew where we were anymore. He pinpointed a place on his map, I'll assume he understood the local tongue. We then ran like 850m more into the woods, into a chicken house. That was the moment I felt the safest in my life. But the safety was not very long. Neither of us had much ammo or supplies, and we could lose everything with the bat of an eye. We started to plan a raid to the airfield nearby, made preparations, made every possible situation and thought about it, as we knew a lot of people would be going there to get all the goods in that place. Fast forward 10 minutes, we're in there. We can see it. I told him to look for anything nearby, anything that looked suspicious. So we were on our own. If he died, I wouldn't know it. Look what an amazing find, an AK101! And A full magazine for it? Nice. I was so happy, I would finally have an advantage on someone. With a lot of 5.56 bullets, I made my way out of it, so he could get a share at our base. As I am getting out, was the moment I heard his gun fired. Holy shit was I scared at the time. I'm running to the hills, to see if he is alright but he's not. He's laying at the ground, someone else had his gun now. He's dead. As I take my gun out, the guy gets his hands up, hoping I would not shoot him. I asked Why. He said that life does not forgive, life is relentless, life is violent. Life is death, and death can happen in every moment. I shot his legs. I was so angry at the time, I couldn't even control myself. I didn't want to see him alive, but I wanted him to suffer. So I shot then both of his hands. His crotch area next. Then I made a clean shot to his heart. People does not know what cruelty is, until they experience it for themselves. That's why he was so kind to me, he didn't know the cruelty of humans. To this day, the only thing I do is justice. It makes me happy to kill, but to kill in need. Killing just for fun is horrible. To this day, I wear colors in resemblance to his light black and red outfit. And when someone is in desperate need, I give him a helping hand. There are a lot of crazy guys leaving people to die in the woods. Death is everywhere. You just have to know where to look.
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