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  1. It’s been fun but with how life is going and how busy it’s getting things have started to slow down on the group end so for the time being I believe it’s time to archive please. 07
  2. *Deacon would shake his head sadly.* ”That’s why you’re with the dogs Viktor, we don’t hunt the innocent wildly. Get home soon. We’ll take care of the rest tomorrow.” *He clips his radio back onto his bag.*
  3. Cowboy

    New map

    Got it, sorry didn’t see the other threads but figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw it out there!
  4. Cowboy

    New map

    So basically it's what the title says, if possible it would be nice to see a new map other then Chernarus, it's fine and all but I would love for there to be lore about maybe a place in America, or somewhere else a little more exotic, not only that but it would revitalize the world adding more flavor rather then the same map that all of us know by the back of our hands basically, I know it's possible, just want to see what the rest of the community thinks, because I for one think it would be refreshing to see a new set of scenery. Plus it would add some cool role play being in a completely different part of the world then Chernarus where we know all the natives hate foreigners and seeing the same old run down shacks basically. Just my two cents.
  5. Thank you for the beautiful nurses dress. Happy birthday, I’ve met so many great friends on these servers since I joined in 2013 which is so hard to believe it’s been that long ago since I myself was a whitename immersing myself in this world in the mod. I may not ever wear this nurses dress but it’s the thought that counts and as it collects dust in my inventory I’ll remember everytime I go to activate my outfit that it is apart of many great memories and many more to come. Thank you rolle and thank you dayzrp!
  6. Naw let em rp how they want, I've met great rpers who in character play racist characters, or mentally challenged characters or what have you. Buckley Bang, and Juggs are two that come to mind for me. I see it as a way to continue the immersion, not everyone is gonna be some smart, or nice guy or gal, and it adds flavor to the roleplay rather then someone being either example A- A chernorussian who hates foreigners, or B- Some military person of some origin country here to do military shit.
  7. *Deacon sighs and presses the ptt.* ”So y’all think everyone is a bandit now huh? We’re all robbing people and shooting ones who don’t deserve it? I think y’all got a shit outlook on this world and if you ever wanna rebuild it, you gotta see the good in people, think what y’all want but I for one know there are still innocents out there and they need someone to stand up for em. That someone is us.” *He releases the ptt, tossing it onto the bed beside him.*
  8. *Deacon presses the ptt.* ”Seems like more and more people are leaving the country, we wanna help as many civilians and innocents as possible, please if anyone is interested in joining to help others don’t hesitate to contact me.” *He releases the ptt.*
  9. *Deacon responds to the voice.* ”A bandit in the sense I’m speaking of is someone who robs or harms innocents, assholes of the world, there’s people that deserve punishment, and there’s people that are innocent and should be protected or left alone. That’s what I mean by bandit or assholes, the ones who fuck with people who don’t deserve it.” *He release the ptt.*
  10. *Deacon signs pressing the ptt.* ”Still lookin’ for new recruits. If you wanna give the bandits and assholes a fight hit us up. I’d love to meet some of y’all who wanna protect the innocent.” *He releases the ptt, nodding to some of the boys.*
  11. *Deacon presses the ptt.* ”Did you just say you’re a damn king? Oh boy this oughta be fuckin’ great. Deacon Bennett, leader of the Road Dogs, what exactly are y’all plannin’ on doin’ here? *He releases the ptt, scratching his beard in wonder.*
  12. *Deacon presses the ptt and speaks.* ”Come on there’s gotta be more of y’all out there that wanna make an actual difference in this shit, with all the chaos going on someone’s gotta stand up for the little guy, join us in doin’ so.” *He releases the ptt, flicking some ash from his cigarette.*
  13. *Deacon pulls the radio to his mouth, clenching his fist in anger.* ”Well I think I found my next target, fuckin’ bastard when it comes to motherfuckers who hurt children, they become a top priority to hunt down and exterminate. This Asher fella? Why don’t you grow some balls and meet me one on one. Mano a mano motherfucker. I’ll be lookin’ for ya.” *Deacon releases the ptt, throwing the radio at the wall of the building he’s hunkered down in out of anger.*
  14. *Deacon smiles at the kind responses.* ”I’m glad y’all see the good in what we’re tryin’ to do. I’ll be in touch with y’all.” *He would release the ptt letting out a faint sigh.*
  15. *Deacon raises a brow* ”I think ya got the wrong guy I ain’t ever spoke two words to ya, hell I doubt you even know my name.” *He releases the ptt.*
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