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  1. Cowboy

    Motorcycle Club Roleplay Guide

    I don’t need a guide, if I had one then everyone would know the Rough Riders secrets. ? LIVE TO RIDE RIDE TO LIVE.
  2. *Deacon would respond quickly* "You talkin' bout' me boy? I don't even know who the hell you are, but I can assure you I am not whatever that word means, honest work for honest pay, I don't bullshit my contractors." *He'd set the radio down, still confused at the random broadcast."
  3. *The radio would buzz to life, Deacon would speak calmly and intently.* "Hell yeah we're always lookin' for contacts. Let me know the place and time." *The radio would fall silent*
  4. *Deacon would bring the radio to his mouth* ”Where can we meet to discuss the target, also payment? I don’t do bounties for free.” *Deacon reclips the radio on his belt.*
  5. *Deacon would bring the radio back to his mouth speaking calmly.* ”I’m in no way saying I’m better then the next fool tryin’ to survive, but the difference between me and them? I don’t use scare tactics, I let my actions speak for me. Where can I find you partner? I’ll show you my capabilities first hand, that way you don’t have to rely on another mans word, because nowadays people say anything to get your guard down. I’ll do whatever the job pays me to do. Think bout’ it for a few, then respond if the offer still stands.” *Static would disperse as Deacon released the ptt button.*
  6. *Deacon would bring the radio to his mouth, the mans voice would speak in a twang, one somber and serious.* ”Hello, names Deacon. I’m lookin’ for work around the country, work that involves me, my gun, and decent pay, I’m in the works of getting a crew together, so we can run protection, or if you want someone taken care of. As long as it’s good work this here gunslinger will happily be of service, get back to me on here before the boredom rips me in two.” *The static would click and fade as Deacon put his radio back on his belt, going back to carving on a random stick.*
  7. Deacon Bennett was born and raised on a small ranch outside of Buffalo, Wyoming. Growing up as a kid his job was to help his father take care of the ranch, raising cattle, breaking horses, cleaning up the mess they made, and making sure the grounds were kept up as well. Deacon was always a fan of old western movies, and in his free time growing up practiced all the tricks seen in spaghetti westerns we all know and love. He could spin his toy six-shooter around his finger and slam it in his holster with ease, he could fire it from his hip quick as he slammed down the hammer and relived all the movies. Little did he know later in life those skills he learned would save his life. At the age of 18 Deacon had learned from his father all he could, ready to start his own life he moved out of his parents home. He knew how to hunt, fish, could cook fairly well, and work a ranch. Although he moved out he still worked for his father. Still in his free time he would practice his tricks with a revolver. Using a .357 he actually won some competition shoots, and turkey shoots as well. At 24 Deacon had many failed attempts at starting a family of his own. Seeming like his life was going no where he continued to slave away for his father and do his day to day grind, he started going to bars more with some local friends he had, soon the quiet drink or two they usually had turned into wild nights of hammering down beer and whisky. At 26 Deacon had devised a plan with his friends, tired of their day to day lives and the grind they worked they decided to take one out of the old westerns they loved to watch, they were gonna rob a bank. The job went according to plan, they made it out just fine, but one of them ratted. Deacon, afraid of the backlash and prison time fled the country on a small charter boat he paid for using some of the money. He came ashore on a beach in Chernarus, unsure of the customs, and weary of the people. He had to make a living somehow, and so he set off to start a life in this new land. That's when the outbreak happened. Deacon is unsure of what is going on, but he knows one thing, he will survive, at ALL costs.
  8. Good to be back y’all glad to see so many familiar faces.
  9. ROUGH RIDERS FOR LIFE! Lol seriously good to see y'all.
  10. I reckon since rules have been reset and friends are coming back I suppose now may be the return of a great time. I guess we'll find out! HELLO EVERYONE!
  11. Cowboy

    Avoidance of RP

    - User was cautioned for this post -
  12. Cowboy

    Riptide Emergency Distress Call 91.1Hz [Open Freq]

    *Deacon raises a brow at the distress call, holding the transmit button, but stopping after a moment, looking at his brother as he shook his head no.* "Well that makes our job easier brother, let's go find him."
  13. Cowboy

    Make DayZRP great again

    No, no no, no, and no. I agree with some of these things like making dying matter, and having to get groups approved, but having to have your character be apart of a group? Naw. Also the dynamic part. Say we make a character that is the brother of another character, if we're just rolling around the two of us, and one gets held up or attacked, common sense would dictate that the brother would do whatever it took to save his brother's life. So thus being said, I don't want to have to be apart of a group just for my character to help his brother out if he is attacked. Just my two cents.
  14. I wasn't even in game at all today, or anytime this week...... I think you are reporting the wrong guys, sorry.
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