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  1. *Deacon pulls the radio to his mouth, clenching his fist in anger.* ”Well I think I found my next target, fuckin’ bastard when it comes to motherfuckers who hurt children, they become a top priority to hunt down and exterminate. This Asher fella? Why don’t you grow some balls and meet me one on one. Mano a mano motherfucker. I’ll be lookin’ for ya.” *Deacon releases the ptt, throwing the radio at the wall of the building he’s hunkered down in out of anger.*
  2. *Deacon smiles at the kind responses.* ”I’m glad y’all see the good in what we’re tryin’ to do. I’ll be in touch with y’all.” *He would release the ptt letting out a faint sigh.*
  3. *Deacon raises a brow* ”I think ya got the wrong guy I ain’t ever spoke two words to ya, hell I doubt you even know my name.” *He releases the ptt.*
  4. *Deacon presses the ptt, takes a deep breath and begins to speak.* ”I’ve personally spoken to many of y’all, many support our cause and what we fight for. What I’m lookin’ for now is men who wish to actively fight alongside us as brothers. It’s simple really, we’re huntin’ the assholes of this land, the ones who rob, torture, steal, and mutilate innocent survivors who are just tryin’ to live their lives. We help those in need, and root out the rats and snakes who need taken care of. If you wanna join up and fight the good fight, hit me up on this frequency.” *Deacon releases the ptt, sighing a bit as he leans back up against the tree he’s been napping under.*
  5. From what I’ve been hearing I’m sure they’ll cross too for sure.
  6. Thanks for the kind words it truly means a lot to us!
  7. Yeah you’ve already contacted me once on discord icly so you can do it again you’d have the means to contact me
  8. Oh this isn't my first group lol, look up the Rough Riders MC and the Brave. Thank you though!
  9. Thanks @Tonyfor providing the graphics for the title headers, now to just get you in game so I can throw you on the roster
  10. You could let me know how the thread looks haha, I have someone working on graphics for us since I for one am not technically inclined in that aspect but other then that, I’ve typed up quite a bit on the backstory, since it’s a group that started after the shit hit the fan, the origins are kinda in the people and the one collective goal of hunting bad guys. I appreciate it!
  11. I believe @CocoMiiis working on some title graphics for us, so shout out to them!
  12. *Deacon would open the journal and write, hiding away in an abandoned house, sitting up against the bed, a cigarette lit.* I can't believe it. Ron..... I can't believe you were executed..... I wish I knew who did it bro, I wish should have been there...... I..... I won't ever let myself forget that. Brothers are supposed to go out together, we're all we had left. Look I know you'd be proud of me for what I'm doing now, but I can't help but feel like it doesn't mean as much without you here beside me. I got a hell of a crew put together, I think you'd love em'. *A couple tears would fall from Deacon's eyes, dripping on the paper, no one was around to see so he just let them fall.* I just wish I wouldn't have had to learn all this information over the damn radio. Y'know I still remember back when you first taught me how to shoot, when we used to go fishing out at old Mr. Samuels farm, I hope where ever you are now you still remember those days too. Some days that's all I remember, that's all that keeps me going. Other days I can't stand the thoughts in my mind, because it just forces me to come to the realization that you're truly gone. I'll find whoever has your ashes, they need to be spread. I got a place in mind big brother. I'll find the sons of bitches who did this to you and make em' pay. You can bet your ass on that one, I promise.
  13. I agree there I didn’t know a group thread required visuals, I know they make it look better but I didn’t know they required them. As for the story I can write more up tonight, any complaints that have been spoken have been addressed I’ve updated more goals, and I’m working on visuals but those take time so unless someone in the community is quick and good with them I dunno what to do about that. Nothing states graphic or visuals are required, but I will work on getting them done.
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