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  2. Cowboy

    Riptide Emergency Distress Call 91.1Hz [Open Freq]

    *Deacon raises a brow at the distress call, holding the transmit button, but stopping after a moment, looking at his brother as he shook his head no.* "Well that makes our job easier brother, let's go find him."
  3. Cowboy

    Make DayZRP great again

    No, no no, no, and no. I agree with some of these things like making dying matter, and having to get groups approved, but having to have your character be apart of a group? Naw. Also the dynamic part. Say we make a character that is the brother of another character, if we're just rolling around the two of us, and one gets held up or attacked, common sense would dictate that the brother would do whatever it took to save his brother's life. So thus being said, I don't want to have to be apart of a group just for my character to help his brother out if he is attacked. Just my two cents.
  4. Well the name's Deacon, Deacon Bennet, my parents were what they liked to call, 'retrievers' if you would. Just a fancy word for bounty hunters. They couldn't afford much through their way of life, and weren't all that well known, so we made do with what they could afford. One night pa told Ronnie and I that they were going to go bring a big bad guy to justice, and told Ronnie to watch after me...... They never came back from that hunt, the police wouldn't tell us what happened, but we weren't stupid, they were shot and killed by their target. Years down the road Ronnie and I started to hunt in their honor. I was twenty-two when we first started to hunt bounties. It's been five years now, and we got this job through the grapevine, heard some druglord/kingpin type feller had been screwed over by some punk dude or some shit. The man offering us this bounty was a man named El Carlito, the job was simple, find this asshole who shipped off in his yacht to flee the country, and bring him back in one piece. We left later that day on a plane, we were told it was 'first-class', bullshit. It was the cheapest pilot Carlito could buy, a man named Marty Carthride, some hippie lookin' weird bastard with a strange mustache, he smelled like onions, and couldn't fly worth a shit, we landed in Chernarus due to the hostilities with the Chernorussians and the Russians, had to check our passports and identification and all that shit. Carthride was refueling the plane, when we were attacked. Some sort of 'rabies' or somethin', so now were here, travel has been blocked off, and we're fuckin' stuck. Looks like we may or may not have luck findin' our target, but one thing we do know, is that we WILL survive.
  5. I wasn't even in game at all today, or anytime this week...... I think you are reporting the wrong guys, sorry.
  6. Cowboy

    Interview with a community member: Tony!

  7. Cowboy

    [Open Frequency] God walks with you once again

    *Cowboy holds the radio close to his lips, thinking to himself, happy to hear that Preacher is indeed alive. Static makes the transmission hard to understand.* "Preacher..... Brother........ Safe...... Please come....... Home....... Summer......... Camp......... DAMMIT....." *A few gunshots can be heard followed by the whizz of a crossbow bolt leaving Cowboy's famous crossbow, then followed by silence.*
  8. The reason I posted this was because quite frankly I'm tired of the bickering. I've seen many people who have many outlooks on this situation and the plain fact of the matter is this, THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE, needs work. It's not one group of people, it's not just the staff, it's not just the players who want change, it's all of us. If you can't man up or woman up I suppose to your actions, and accept change, then there is a problem, now Rolle, I respect what you have done these years I have been here, but even though you are the owner yes, you still need to understand that these players you speak of who want change but you don't? That's a bit childish the way you put it and I mean that in the nicest way possible. You have this site and servers because people want to PLAY on them correct? Then my question is why in Sam hell don't you listen to the sheer amount of people who do play, who donate, and who support the site? People play here because it's fun, and if they have options for change that could improve the experience, you should hear them out. Yes it's your site, you own it, WE GET THAT, but you need to understand that maybe some of these people who vote as a majority might have some good ideas, and instead of sweeping them under the rug, perhaps hear them out. That's my 2 cents, take it as you will, I just want this to go back to the glory days.
  9. Alright ladies and gentlemen I've kept quiet for most of this shit, and when I say shit, I mean actual shit, this community used to be a place where I'd come to have fun, take a load off after a long day at work, I've made so many friends here, and have had so many good times. It seems like nowadays that isn't the case. Nowadays it's a competition to see who can bash who the most, who can be the most popular, and who can play the blame game on who. You all may ask, but Cowboy why are you even bothering? You haven't played in months, where have you been? Well my answer to that is simple. I've waited to see if the shit would clean itself up like many others have, and I was wrong for that. You see, you can't blame one person, or a group of people for the downfall of something like this, no you have to accept the fact that WE as a community let this happen. Like I said this place used to be fun, and I mean we had fun. Now it's all politically correct and it feels like a job now rather than what it actually is, A GAMING COMMUNITY. We come here to have fun, and a majority of the people I have had fun with are now banned trying to show you people this. Now their ways aren't exactly the best, but they tried to prove a point. It's time we all open our eyes and come back together as a community, because in all honesty, that's the only way it'll go back to greatness. Have a good one y'all, and remember, always enjoy yourselves. -Cowboy
  10. Cowboy

    Love You All

    Lol all these motherfuckin' amazin' people man, fuck it, we all still play together, no need to get all emotional and shit! (;
  11. Cowboy

    What has this come to?

    Now you see why I left a while ago? I'm not flaming or anything like that, but I agree 110% dude, this community used to be a place to have fun, we all played, and I've been in this community since 2013. It's had ups and downs, but this SJW bullshit is exactly what I said, BULLSHIT. People get offended so easily nowadays that it makes it so hard to have fun, people don't realize that hey, it's a GAME on the INTERNET. Have of the people who complain about this shit, don't really know what it's like to face the world everyday and see what's going on, most are probably in their houses 24/7 and need a "shield" to protect them. Look I've kept quiet for waaaaay too long about this, but this community is falling apart, and it's sad. Most of the actual RPers who brought something to this community are gone, and what's left is a shell. Blame the game, blame the community, but something has to change, just figured I'd post my support Viking, you've been a good friend and still are, and it's sad to see something go, but Dayzrp is on the downhill slide. Even in game doesn't feel like a survival situation anymore because of all the damn rules protecting people, oh well I guess, no harm no foul in posting my two cents, although if someone gets butt hurt for my opinion, feel free to ban me, I don't really care anymore to be honest, have a good one y'all.
  12. *McQueen sits there looking at the radio he had found, trying all day long, he continues to attempt to contact his brothers that he had been separated from. Spitting before he speaks.* "Hey Ray Ray, Grayson, where you sumbitches at? I ain't hear hoot nor hollar from y'all since we split up, dammit boys where the fuck you at? Look I can't read a lick of this fuckin' chicken scratch on these here road signs. Hell I can't tell what these fuckin' maps say either, somethin' bout' Che...... Cher...... Chernocork, yeah I think that's the fuckin' name of this damn city, look boys, I ain't got a clue in sam fuckin' hell where y'all are, but I'm comin' to find y'all, aight? Oh and RayRay, you best have a God damn beer waitin' for me you sumbitch, I love y'all, and for the love of everythin'........" *McQueen's voice trails off before you hear a loud crack of a 12 gauge. Followed by McQueen yelling.* "Sumbitch just tried to shoot me with a fuckin' bow and arrow! All fuckin' Apache scalp taker like, FUCK, I gotta go boys, someone probably heard that there shot, fuckin' pricks I swear." *You hear two to three more shots ring out from McQueen shooting the man who just tried to kill him, followed by McQueen yelling something jumbled and hard to hear.*
  13. Cowboy

    Worthwhile investing time?

    You gotta understand, after a few months of things popping up, and trees being cut and mines being dug, it puts a lot of weight onto the server, it's not because they wanna be mean and wipe your hard work, it's because the game is so heavy on the servers after a few months time, the lag will be unbearable, you can already tell the morning lag is getting worse and worse each day, a wipe is inevatable, but that's the whole thing about the game, by the time a wipe hits, most everyone that knows how to play the game will be built to the max, and grow bored of just fighting, so the wipe will refresh the building aspect as well, believe me, I wish we didn't have to wipe at all, but the servers can only handle so much before imploding and causing massive lag spikes.
  14. Cowboy

    LiF Style: Whose roleplay did you enjoy?

    Gotta say last night's defense of Stormbreach was pretty fun, took down 5 Rovech and Templars before finally succumbing to a bolt to the face. GG, would 2v1 and win again. Good stuff boys, got all but three of em, had a blast too!