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  1. James Edward

    James was born in scottland in a city called Edinburgh, as he was growing up I became intrested in the idea of death by accidently killing his pet rabbit, at the age of twelve James killed his mother purley out of fustration and was sent to sevral mental hospitals over time but by the age of twenty eight he ended up on a prision in some place called chernarus the guards abused him several times but three months after being there a infection spreaded of some sort and all the guards, doctors and even the prisioners started to maul each other, eat eachother and rip each others limbs off so when James saw this he decided to hide inside of one of the cells, over time James found medical supplies along with food and water to get him self back to being able to fight for him self and to also get off the danm island he was stuck on but how ever when James was making his escape he ran into one of the infected who looked fimiliar for him to then realise it was guy the guards had executed the day that James arrived to the prison, James then realised that it wasn't just a infection and that it was people coming back from the dead to attack others, James manages to find a paddle and moves one of the old wooden boats down to the shore of this island to then get inside of it whilst it slowly drifts in the water James paddles and paddles for about thirty minutes to then reach land, he looks around for a while to realise the whole of chernarus has went to hell over time, purley cause of some out break, James is kidnapped by some heavly armed men and knocked out only to find him self back at the coast wearing someone's clothes that arn't his.
  2. AWOL Ranger, Reward Offered [Open Frequency]

    *Jack responds calmly* I have not betrayed you, you have betrayed me also I told you Riley why I had to abbandon the operation for you to then say I've gone AWOL when I didn't but how ever because of what you've now caused I shall not be returning to you what so ever and I have no clue what you have to offer to theys men accept from some empty and rusty old ak's but anyways buddy have fun on your little hunt *Turns off his radio and continues to walk to his destination*
  3. Riley's Rangers {Open Recruitment!}

    Please rewrite what you've typed there, no offence but you've made alot of spelling errors and your sentence is hard to read.
  4. Riley's Rangers {Open Recruitment!}

    this isn't power rangers >:C