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  1. I clicked the wrong one and was to lazy to changeit and I like to reply late / I'm lazy :c
  2. James was born in scottland in a city called Edinburgh, as he was growing up I became intrested in the idea of death by accidently killing his pet rabbit, at the age of twelve James killed his mother purley out of fustration and was sent to sevral mental hospitals over time but by the age of twenty eight he ended up on a prision in some place called chernarus the guards abused him several times but three months after being there a infection spreaded of some sort and all the guards, doctors and even the prisioners started to maul each other, eat eachother and rip each others limbs off so when James saw this he decided to hide inside of one of the cells, over time James found medical supplies along with food and water to get him self back to being able to fight for him self and to also get off the danm island he was stuck on but how ever when James was making his escape he ran into one of the infected who looked fimiliar for him to then realise it was guy the guards had executed the day that James arrived to the prison, James then realised that it wasn't just a infection and that it was people coming back from the dead to attack others, James manages to find a paddle and moves one of the old wooden boats down to the shore of this island to then get inside of it whilst it slowly drifts in the water James paddles and paddles for about thirty minutes to then reach land, he looks around for a while to realise the whole of chernarus has went to hell over time, purley cause of some out break, James is kidnapped by some heavly armed men and knocked out only to find him self back at the coast wearing someone's clothes that arn't his.
  3. Ninjafig

    S1 - North West Airfield l GearRP, 5 Minute Robbery, RDM on a mate - 18:50

    Grimnir you died purley cause of raising the gun and yea I know it was a accident and we are sorry for killing you it was just the fact that we had your friend held up and you came along and accidently aimed your weapon and clegg so he shot you in natrual reaction, hope you can understand.
  4. Ninjafig

    S1 - North West Airfield l GearRP, 5 Minute Robbery, RDM on a mate - 18:50

    Sergeant Rummel has video evidence / still uploading it
  5. Ninjafig

    S1 - North West Airfield l GearRP, 5 Minute Robbery, RDM on a mate - 18:50

    POV -- we came upon the North West airfield, we herd a few shots then we decided to go and investigate what was going down and then all of a sudden one of my guys whistle and I come jogging over to see a guy wearing a green balaclava and holding a ak74su but then I see a black armband so I had the straight up instinct of holding this guy up but before I could Coppral clegg pointed his gun at them and they just kind of stood there doing nothing for me then to say to him something like "put your hands up or els I will kill you" but he did and then he decided to be extremely rude to us and we told him to stop or els he'd be shot but he continued to do so even know i'd warned him a few times for then some guy to come up from behind the container and then to say "should I leave" for then clegg to say "yes" so then this stranger raises his gun and lowers it but the second he is in mid animation to lowering it he's blasted by clegg, asuming that he was going to try and kill clegg so, I freak out like what the hell just happend and we are all really confused for us then to kind of calm down and realise this guy was probaly his friend so I thought to my self "okay then this guy just got destroyed" but how ever even after warning this guy cause of him swearing at us and giving plain out cheek to us he still continues to do so even though we said we'd kill him if he were to continue and so he did and we also have straigh up reason to bleave that they were using a third party since the guy wasn't giving any hints out on being inside of a container and this guy pretty much had no value for life failed to respond to the fact he had a gun in his face and was probaly metagaming to his buddy at the point when we first held him up but how ever we do have a recording of the whole situation I bleave (Clegg is uploading it and it will take a while to upload) ||ALLIES|| Coppral Clegg / John Creed Me - Ninjafig / Jack Rowe Jet Black / Jet black ScareCrow / Mac Daniels ___________ Reason we robbed him - wearing a black armband what another group wears / the Gremlins, who we are currently on really good terms with so we decided to hold him up I asked if he was associated with anyone he said something like "what are you fucking talking about?" I repeated my answer like three times before I finaly got a reply of him saying "no I'm not" - we robbed him cause of the black armband he was wearing and also to the fact that some of us where made to pay some sort of tax of by force a while ago by people with black armbands on the NWAF so that was another reason we try'd to roleplay with him best we could but how'ever he decided you know what lets not rp and lets just swear and shout at them, he aslo had no value for life as I threatend to shoot him if he was cheeky and disrespect full but he continued. -------------------------- Why his friend died - he comes out of no where, most likely being a friend of his or something like that for him to then say to clegg "uhhhh...... do you want me to leave" for then clegg to say "yes" but then the guy raises his weapon at cleggs head for then clegg to spray the guy down as he was lowering the weapon but by that point it was way to late and the guy was dead, the guy with his gun out would of lived if he didn't have his gun out / accidently / not accidently raised his weapon at clegg. __________________ Reason why I was to also initiate is that I'd been personaly warned that there were some what of a white suppremisist group who roles around there wearing black armbands so thats one other reason I was to inisiate / clegg said that he was going to rob someone before hand, I'm not to sure if its in the video, it might be, it might not be, but how ever he said it as a joke for then us to actualy rob someone, but yea thats all the reasons I can state why I robbed him and why my friends also robbed him. __________________ If I forgot to mention anything I am sorry. I probaly forgot some details but they'll be shown in the video most likely. __________________ We were also looking for a weapon / assualt rifle for a friend becuase we were about to go into batttle like 1:30m after the initiation took place so we needed to get our friend a weapon so he could be some what of a actual use to us in the battle that could take place.
  6. Ninjafig

    AWOL Ranger, Reward Offered [Open Frequency]

    *Jack responds calmly* I have not betrayed you, you have betrayed me also I told you Riley why I had to abbandon the operation for you to then say I've gone AWOL when I didn't but how ever because of what you've now caused I shall not be returning to you what so ever and I have no clue what you have to offer to theys men accept from some empty and rusty old ak's but anyways buddy have fun on your little hunt *Turns off his radio and continues to walk to his destination*
  7. Ninjafig

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    if you'd like in ts I can explain what happend from my point of view at least and to give you maybey a better understanding and possibly will give me a better understanding of what actualy happend
  8. Ninjafig

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    Bravo343 I've just watched the video you've posted and I'd like to say that I was the one who opend fired on someone who was attempting to rob us for the truck and I'd never fired down the streat towoards anyone, idk if a firefight broke out where some how you's got accidently involved in the person trying to rob us and fought that we shot at you if so please say beacuse I was the one who shot who ever was trying to rob us and my friend seargentrummle / clyde was pretty much shooting anyone he could see near his building since he had rights to bleave that they were going to atempt to kill him, so sorry about your friends death, the whole thing just became a massive cluster of people shooting each other. and I'd like to talk to you in ts about what happend to your friend in better detail
  9. Ninjafig

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    Okay so this is my POV, we walk into the town half the people there are clearly metagaming / standing next to each other not even saying a word / so its clearly them metagaming and then we are told to leave or some stupid stuff like that and as we are leaving all of a sudden I hear "put your fucking hands up or you'r going to fucking die" and then I turn and they shoot at me and I spray them down with my ak101 and then I get shot in the side of the head from someone who wouldn't of even been able to of heard the situation go down and I'd not even seen this person once in the town as we were going through and trying to introduce our selfs and I bleave my friend got kos'd whilst talking to someone with out him being even inisiated on, so to be honest they had zero reason to initate on us and they never even rp'd with us what so ever it was littraly the case of "oh look they have a truck and good gear lets rob them and metagame the crap out of teamspeak", at this point all the rp is feeling like is a public rp server where you'r more than likely going to get kos'd by some little kid who just wants gear and can't understand what roleplay actualy is, because they must think its (they've got gear lets rob them) and keep in mind please that they wern't rping what so ever and clearly talking in skype/ts or what ever they were using I mean I saw them littraly just getting in position to try something and to also see what we were doing with out saying a single word. IGN = Jack Rowe
  10. Please rewrite what you've typed there, no offence but you've made alot of spelling errors and your sentence is hard to read.
  11. We were in ts but how ever I didn't use any means of metagame / we were just talking about non rp thing and also Roy was repeatedly calling us "Retards" so some people in ts were just saying that he / or who ever was saying that we were "retards" was a asshole or what ever so when I or some one els was talking ingame they may of herd that happening but as far as I'm aware we wern't using a third party application as a advantage and it was near impossible anyways as I had to shout down the teamspeak "guys quiet I'm trying to talk to people" and so they did and to be honest I barley could make anything out of what they were saying accept from like "this guy is a asshole / dick" and along with just most of the people in the teamspeak being offended by roy, if it is not roy my bad, they were offended because of him claling us retards over at least 24 times, this is as much as I can remember because i was pretty tired and I was also starting to have a headache, so after I died I went off to sleep. (also I shot someone thinking it was a hostile since they were next to the building the hostiles were in so who ever I accidently shot I'm sorry for doing so) (also the connection logs show us logging in at the same time beacuse of server restart)
  12. just some pictures of dayz Also theys picutres have alot more backstory than the eye meets Side note, not all of they's images are from dayzrp but mostly all of them are and I see mostly all of them as to do something with rp in some what of a way / the pvp one was just for a bit of a laugh as it is when me and a friend joined a server to wipe a squad of gltichers / dupers out ect, but when we joined they were all littraly where we logged in but before that I'd met this guy in a rp'ish way so yea Anyways hope you guys enjoy what I uploaded
  13. Ninjafig

    S2 BadRP and GearRP Balota Airfield - 8/24/17

    -user was warned for this post-
  14. Ninjafig

    S2 BadRP and GearRP Balota Airfield - 8/24/17

    I was a part of the robbery and what happend was basicaly me and my friends were in a car heading to Cherno or even Berzino to then see this guy next to Belota airfield running at our car in a tactical way so we decided to pull over and rob him since it was very clear like crystal clear that he was going to atempt to rob us for the vheicle / he ran out towoards us with weapon drawn, didn't have time to ingage on us since the car was going way to fast for that but how ever he did actualy failrp by trying to bring up rules ingame and he also has went as far as going on teamspeak to try and contact only one of us to maybey try and say some stuff about us or something, but the guy we robbed was constantly braking roleplay for us to say why we were robbing him and stuff like that so the whole sittuation was we robbed this guy for him clearly attempting to rob us for the vheicle but he didn't have time since we were going so fast and as we had him cuffed I said check for a raido and he went all mad over us robbing him ingame and decided to badrp by constantly acting as if they are in charge of the situation and he also kept on bringing a rule up ingame. Allies Clyde Rummel / SeargentRummel JohnRick / Maverick Dovin Taylor / Dovin me) Jack Rowe / Ninjafig