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  1. Asking: /anyone Q1.I noticed there is a new patch and i am really wondering if they did also fix the notes bug(cant write or read the notes). Does anyone know of it is or not? A1. I Myself have yet to try out the notes but honestly this would be a much better to be put into the question thread then in the Ask Admins. But knowing Dayz I would go with no. /Aiko
  2. Interested in the actor role, count me in. Supported I'm also available to edit video's and i can do some art also.
  3. The strange thing is that is also happen when you start the bus. I have also seen a truck doing strange things. When I started it, it turned 180 degrees. I hope they will ever fix this vehicles.
  4. I don't really know if this is a game bug or something else. My question is, if this problem does happen a lot. I have run into some problems with this bus which caused me to die from falling. I wanted to enter the bus, and when i started the engine. It became a flying bus. So i wanted to get out of it and fell on the ground which caused me to death. So i found another bus flying in the air like mine did and took a screenshot. My question is, if this problem does happen a lot, and if there is a way to not make the vehicle fly when you start it.