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  1. Nico listens to the radio as he tries to think who this person is. Nico scratches his left cheeck when he Suddenly remembers the voice of the man speaking trough the radio. Nico presses the PTT: "oh Its you... the crazy man robbing around. How is your friend who attempted to murder both of us? He has some real isseus! We both know why i was forced to shoot you and your friend. Now i am going to help this man, do not interfere or you'll get shot again!" You would hear a brief static noise before Nico starts talking again. "You might have spared him some pain giving him some morphine. A small medical team is enroute to his last known location. " Nico releases the PTT button clipping the radio on his belt.
  2. Nico is searching for medical supplies in a building as he hears a voice speaking trough the radio. Nico shifts his gaze to his radio, realising the man needs medical attention or the man might die. Nico unclips the radio from his belt, presses the PTT button and starts to speak. "This is Dr. Van Beek. Can you tell me your position? Are you able to move yourself? Over." Nico releases the button listening for the survivor to respond.
  3. Why do you keep denying the fact that especially you pointed a gun at me several times. About the cuffing part. I didn't let you cuff me. I didnt have a choice because at the moment you pointed a gun on me TheElderTurtle started to cuff me without any notice. Considering the current Dayz game mechanics it's not possible to do anything when getting cuffed in this way.
  4. I find it hard to believe that the video has been corrupted as the video would exactly confirm my pov. But im not the one the judge about that and i will not accuse you of anything. Sadly i have a really low end computer otherwise i would've recorded the incident myself (My computer records it really badly and the screen is flashing in the video etc. Theres something wrong with my color scheme in windows and haven't found a way to fix it yet). Wrong, it was exactly you harming roleplay. Knowing you were a new player i decided to ignore it but i still wanted to state it in this thread and after all this report is against me and not against you. It's not about gaining an advantage at all. For example knowing my name when i haven't told you it is really breaking the role-play for me and i'm sure for others aswel. You were actually making fun of roleplay ICly instead of having fun with roleplay and staying in character. Examples: Nico Van Beek, Thats a really cool name. Calling me Nico several times. Talking literally about dayz as a game and talking about its updates. Using the term PVP and the word player. I have never stated that you two doing that was against the rules. It happens everyday in DayzRP and i even considered fun getting hold up/robbed. I only stated it to prove your hostile action against me. The holding up roleplay was pretty good and i answered with a roleplay to trick you two, earn your trust and put you down. And yeah i was very stocked up on ammo. TheElderTurtle has literally taken several rounds from me or has forgotten to put them back. He only had an AK74 so i see no reason why he would carry the exact same types of ammo as i had in the exact same quantity as the mag sizes.
  5. Guns were clearly pointed in my face multiple times. Your friend even wanted to kill me several times where you had to stop him. How do you explain that i found my ammo in your backpack? You literally emptied my mags into your backpack. Took some .45acp rounds as well. But that's not the point. The point is that you have taken a hostile action against me. And as i told you ICly. You should have asked. I might actually have given it to you and it wouldn't have gotten you killed. I was very stocked up on ammo and had to kill the two of you with 1 full clip since all the other ammo was in your backpack. You might tell me that i'm fine but you've still taken a hostile action against me. Both of you were constantly breaking character and talking OOC over voip. Both of you mentioned my name multiple times without even knowing it. That is considered meta-gaming. I decided to ignore it at first because you said "//new to roleplay" but since you created a topic i would like to state it.
  6. You have totally forgotten to state the fact that both of you initiated on me, pointed a gun in my face, has taken some items and cuffed me and therefore both of you granted me kill rights at the moment you initiated on me because it was clearly a hostile action to put a gun in my face and cuff me. Also both of you are constantly metagaming, breaking character, talking OOC with the microphone such as dayz, games, updates and you both even stated my name without even asking me my name. My pov: I was running towards the radio station on the NWAF when Fran and Jamie appeared out of nowhere. They initiated on me. we talked a little bit and then Fran takes out his gun pointing it at me and Jamie starts to cuff me. They take me into the building followed by a short roleplay. They take some stuff. we talk a little and they uncuff me. From the point they performed a hostile action on me, i decided to put them down whenever i can. My IC reasons for this is that Nico is robbed many times and has suffered many mental problems due to this. Suddenly Jamie felt some kind of remorse and became a friendly guy and asked me to join them. At first i refused, because who is going to roll with the people who just robbed you and perhaps nearly killed you? After i refused, i decided that if i would go with them, and await my chance i can kill both of them. So i asked if i could join them. We went to check the NWAF for about 20 minutes and when they both started to drink from the well i saw my chance. Took out my gun and started to shoot. I killed Fran instantly and Jamie started to run around and i think i did hit him a few times. I retreated to bandage myself because i was bleeding. When i came back to the scene i saw that Jamie was overrun by zombies. Sadly his pulse was gone.. yes sadly, because i would have loved to bring him back to consciousness to torture him for a while.
  7. Exactly, i mean if i would rob someone, and i certainly would during an Apocalypse in real life. I would use the exact same approach and Exchange the exact amount of words.
  8. Not really. It was random. I can not remember it that good. What does speaking have to do with roleplay anyway? You can't tell me that initiating on him and robbing him is not RP. edit: this server almost make it sound like you are required to have an entire conversation.. and that bothers me. In real life, during the Apocalypse. I wont talk to someone i rob either. I would say the few words i said on DayzRP. In real life you wont get a cpnversation either. I mean what do you expect during a robbery? That the robber is gonna tell you his life story?
  9. In my eyes the entire situation is RP. there were silence moments Indeed. But not the entire situation.
  10. I am not sure How long it lasted. I think a few minutes. Yes this was all, But i must say that i got a little nervous as this was my first robbery.
  11. Actually before, during and after. Before: I greet him, even asked his name and we had a little small talk. I asked him if he did belong to any group or something and told him i am a lone-wolf. He answered that he was a lone-wolf as well. My character tricked his victim RPly to trust him. During: When i point my gun at him i tell him to put his hands up and to turn around facing the wall. I tell him to walk backwards until i say stop. This is a military technique my character has obtained when serving in the army. By letting the man walk backwards to him with his hands up. He wouldn't be able to surprise my character which could lead to his death. When i said "stop" my victim complied. The next thing i told him was to get on the ground, keeping his hands on his head. He asked me why i am doing this and that is when i told him that " these are hard times. It's the apocalypse." I tied him up and took some goods from him. I wanted to knock him out so he couldn't follow me and that idea i have because i got robbed once and they did that too. But after i said that to him i considered not doing that because i'm simply not an animal and i have disarmed the victim already, he couldn't do much more to hurt me. I didn't know how to untie someone as i never had tied someone before so i googled on how to untie a player in dayz and it told it can be done with a sharp object. e.g Axe or Knife After: When i untie the victim i tell him that if he will try something or will try to follow me, that i will kill him. He says i'm a death man, so i laughed and evacuated the scene.
  12. After that my Victim was cringing about being in danger of wolves, i told him hes going to be fine. I told him that if he would try something or follow me that i Will have to kill him. Then i evacuated the area after i was told i was a death man. (Keep in mind that Nico is a mentally ill man and is not a talkative person.) the man didnt complie on my commands to be quiet and i didnt feel like telling" sorry man " blabla , nahh i didnt know the victim IC, so my character doesnt care about empathic for his victim. Edit: Also i gave him some RP 100%, he told this looked like a normal dayz server, But i can assure you, i even bet my life on it, that he would ve been dead already 5 times on a normal server.
  13. my pov: Today i feel like having hostile rp as i have never done this before. I was standing in the barracks when a man approaches me and at that point he seemed a good target and i did decide to trick him. When i have a chance, i will rob him and stock the goods in my camp. (my roleplay reason to rob him is to gather as much resources as possible). Suddenly the guy walks further in the room and i decide to close the door and start the robbery. The man did try to kind of talk me out of robbing him so i told him to be quiet. At first i wanted to knock him out so he couldn't follow me, but i decided to not knock him out. After i have taken a few items from him i cut him loose, he told me im a dead man.. and i ran away. As far as i know i left him with a reasonable chance of survival. And i did steal some goods if him indeed, but isn't that supposed to be the idea of a robbery?
  14. Pov Nico van Beek: Nico just finishes his Apple as two men walks in the house. They are uniformed and looking dangerous, Nico thinks.. Nico greets the men and leaves the house. The men continue searching the house and Nico leaves the house. Suddenly Nico notices the two armen men following him. "I gotta get myself in safety" and Nico starts running to a house and locks him self in. who are these men? Bandits? Gouvernement? As Nico hides in the house one of the men approaches Nico with his hands in the air, telling Nico that they are friendly. Nico is a very paranoid person so he decide to keep his Shotgun In a position to draw it fast if something goes in. Suddenly one of the two men points his gun at Nico and perform a hostile situation. When the two men were standing close to eachother, Nico decided to take his Shotgun and shoot the men to death. Nico pulls the trigger and BOOM; a men falls on the ground, while the other men tries to leave the small room Nico Reloads his Shotgun and shoots again. Unfortunately Nico's gun Jannes and the man was able to leave the room. Nico reloads his Shotgun to remove the jammed bullet, peaks around the corner and BOOM. Nico is dead.
  15. Nico was born in the year 1976 at a city called Amsterdam. When Nico became 18 years old, training for the Dutch Army came on Nico's path when he went to the military school. Nico finished his training in October 1998 and became a Soldier of the 3rd grade in the Dutch Royal Army. At the year 2000 Nico's success in accomplishing missions has given him many promotions and became a Sergeant. He was well trained to survive for days and was send to Afghanistan in 2003. Since 2008 Nico is suffering of a post-traumatic stress disorder and was fired from the Dutch Army. Years later Nico decided to go on a world trip in the year 2017. Guess where Nico has stranded...