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  1. Eli Booker is a man of faith that wants nothing more to remind those that have been blinded by the destruction and havoc of the apocalypse and the given circumstances of the events that followed thus to follow in the righteous path of the lord to find salvation and harmony. He is lead by faith and through all difficult obstacles he prospers by faith. When faced by evil Eli does what is necessary to survive at all cost because nothing is more important to him than his message. He can become torn with helping those he wishes to help and completing his mission. This causes issues with himself that make him sometimes second guess his faith leading him to punish himself to put his mind back on track. Eli traveled to chernarus with a group of missionaries looking to spread the word of god to those that have lost faith in these dire times. The group never settled down in one place so from town to town they went spreading the word of the lord and helping all those that needed it and saving those they could. months into the outbreak the group slowly began falling apart. Members began not to trust those in charge therefore a rebellion against those in charge began. The ones that rebelled were banished into the darkness one night only leaving behind the cursed thoughts of their screams as they were ripped apart in the night right outside of the camp we rested at. The leaders then began to lose their minds as well believing that their deaths were their faults. The guilt became too much for them to bare leading the leaders into a dark faithless pit. One by one they sat in a circle around a camp fire one night with the same idea as to how to end the suffering. They would each put a bullet in their own head ending the suffering once and for all. But when the revolver made its way around to Eli he hesitated. Opening the revolver to see a single shell labeled .357 mag. Eli couldn't do it, he stood from the bodies surrounding him and fled the camp that night never returning to it again. Eli Booker has been wandering, surviving on his own ever since. Led by his faith he still spreads when he can and helping those he can sticking out of trouble he overcomes all obstacles in his path.
  2. The was an interesting experience to say the least. When leaving the summer camp we noticed two men heading to our camp. When approached they drew their rifles and stood their ground. Of course this was off putting seeing that my initial greeting was "how are you gentleman". After a moment or two of speaking to the two men the rest of their group joined them from atop green mountain only to begin the Hostile RP by holding us up at gun point. Yes @nick azcarate did take a step after they initiated but I believe that was from being startled from it all not so much the attempt to fight the group of seven or eight of them. So take that how you will. After he was shot, @Shiro logged back in after his game crash and was held up as well. He struggled to find the button to put his hands up and even after no help from the Hostile group through //ooc he was still shot down even though he was unarmed and cooperative with the group. Once they killed @Shiro after saying they wouldn't and that he'd be fine they moved @Mr. Blue and myself up to the main cabin in which they began to interrogate us per say. I would call it more of a robbery seeing that they did not have any intentions to find out any information due to how much they believed they were already aware of. After further RP with my character Eli and the Jaysh Allah I was killed through RP after not allowing them to break down Eli which really bothered them. Shortly after my death and the both of us being robbed along with the deaths of @nick azcarate and @Shiro, @Mr. Blue was set free unarmed and unharmed.
  3. I dont remember much of the moments involving me but I clearly had nothing to do with the worshiping circle group. sorry to be little to no help with the topic at hand. i talked to a girl about some people on a hay bail then proceeded to look at a man out of breathe from running then watched two people struggle to get out of a pipe for a while. nothing else on the topic im afraid
  4. I don't know the names of the of the man who died nor the man who was shot in the leg but I did my RP job and that was to make sure the man shot in the leg survived. I know that the man with the clown mask had been spotted on the room of the factory with the chimney aiming a mosin down at the tents. when i approached the man out of curiosity the man in the clown mask took off down the ladder and up the hill north of vybor industrial towards the barn on the hill. moments later he had killed someone injured another and had been killed himself.
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