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  1. Brayces

    Show me how to live

    Awesome writing per usual! Hope to run into Leo more! Ellie's a little MAD at the moment!!
  2. Brayces

    Frannys Artworks

    SLAVA CHERNARUS!! Looking great, Franny!
  3. Brayces

    Conformity in Chaos - The Personal Records of Doctor Oswald Vinogradov

    Nice work, Havs! I like seeing you be creative.
  4. Brayces


    Been switched to full time remote employee because the office closed down my department where I'm located and the only options were relocate or nah. Since they like me, I guess I WFH now. 



    1. Hofer


      I envy you 😮

    2. Malet


      Going outside sucks anyway - The graphics are pretty good, but it gets repetetive really fast 😄 

    3. Harvey


      You move for work all the time, dont blame ya xD

    4. RedSky


      hehe, hehe, HAHA, LONG LIVE THE IT WORLD!

      snoop dogg dancing GIF by Romy

    5. Brayces




      Thanks guys, ❤️ Time to plan more travel!!

    6. Malet


      Visit @Dino in norway. According to him its as hot there right now as the background in your Gif 😉 

    7. Dino


      It's burning over here, send help. I live in Norway, IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE COLD!

    8. Brayces


      *Books plane tickets.*

      ON IT.

    9. Harvey


      Dino 🔥 Is 🔥 A 🔥 Hottie 😍

    10. Brayces


      CALM DOWN, HARVEY. *Gets the mop* Damn, making my floor all slick.

    11. Malet



    12. Harvey


      You 👏 Are 👏 All 👏 Hotties 👏 To 👏 Me



    13. Brayces



    14. Dino



    15. Harvey


      👏 Love 👏 You 👏 All 👏 In 👏 A 👏 Wholesome 👏 Way








      Except @Malet 😉❤️ Thats also sexual 😉 

    16. Brayces


      Harvey out here making me feel things.


    17. Harvey


      Brayces you can get your touchy feely love from a certain British chap from Croydon but you will always have my wholesome love ❤️ 

      *Orders the same drinks twice.*

    18. Major


      Excuse me Harvey.

      I believe sexy time was promised.

    19. Harvey


      Hit me up on steam, ERP will commence.

    20. Azu


      Let me disperse this by making any mentions of ERP around me illegal.

      lil jon drinking GIF by NBA on ESPN

  5. Brayces

    So It Goes - [Open Freq.]

    *The light sounds of wind rustling against the breeze waver through the popping and whirring of static from your radio, at first seeming as though someone absentmindedly depressed the PTT on their own device, allowing the brief silence to break into your own world for but a moment. Before long, a soft voice is heard. American, young, and tinted hues of mourning she speaks voice low,* " ... I don't think I'll get to see you again. I mean, where you are now. Because of everything that is going on. Maybe after things calm down. ... I want you to know, I miss you. Bet you guessed that much, hah. I also want you to know that you are--were, ... were the best. Really." *She exhales audibly, her voice hitching along her breath* "I suppose I can say, you taught me a lot. Like, a lot of things I didn't know and I never got to say thank you for that. I'm sorry, I should of said thank you a lot more when I could. It just seemed like you were always going to be here, you know? Always be around, since you promised. So I figured, 'Ah I'll say it later' but ... Later's here, and you're not. I'm sorry about that. I hope you're not upset with me, where ever you are now. ... I still have those photos, I won't lie I stole the one from your school file in Servero... I would say sorry, but I'm not sorry about that. I also still have the family one, you know? From your house with Petra and Milan. Suppose it's stupid to hold onto these kinds of things, but they're all I have left." *A shaky inhale is heard, and her voice takes on a higher pitch as she sniffles trying to carry on,* "I never regretted knowing you, and I am sorry for causing all this to happen, I'm sorry for not figuring out shit sooner. I didn't mean for i-it to all happen, you know? I just ... Fuck, I don't know. If I knew that this would happen I would of just ran off some place far, far away. Fuck, I would trade me for you if I could. You were so good, so strong but I'm stupid and weak and a idiot. All I do is get my friends hurt, an-and I can't even stop it from happening or fuck, even help them after the fact. You were just doing what was right, and ... it cost you so much. I'm sorry, Jaro. I don't know if you can even hear this, but maybe somehow, somewhere ... Please, please don't hate me. ... Please forgive me. ... I'm so sorry." *The transmission ends swiftly, the static cutting out as the broadcast ends unceremoniously as it began.*
  6. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Dino @Conor @Baron Loved RP'ing with ya! I hope you don't feel too smacked in the feels, just yet.
  7. Brayces

    Amber Eyes

    *Scrambling for her radio, the young voice breaks through the static sounding desperate and and broken, protests from another voice can be heard in the background along with a slight amount of scuffling,* "Jaro? Jaro?! Is that you? F-Fine and dandy! *The young girls voice sputters what she recalls from long lost conversations.* Please, please tell me it's you! You sound so different ... G-God, I knew it wasn't true ... Please, tell me you're okay ..." *Breaking into sobs, her voice losing it's pitch and control as her breath hitches,* "Please, p-please ... Please. I'm so sorry..." *The transmission cuts abruptly, as if the PTT is released too soon.*
  8. Brayces

    Show me how to live

    “The worse she got, the more she made. Mystifying."
  9. Brayces

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    Something I wanted to put out for dead Jaro, real name MILAN. (Still crying btw) but I suck at comic making HNNNG. I have little to no patience for it, haha. Anyways, here have one semi-inked frame and the rest a rough WIP. \o/ Maybe one day I'll return and crank out the rest. Add a few more frames, etc. In case you're confused, Jaro got shot all UP in his torso/lungs which resulted in his death. I was gonna gore it up with a buncha blood all over but more in the inked parts. The person who he's grabbing is Nikolai, who witnessed Jaro's last moments.
  10. Brayces

    Show me how to live

    oOoooOO, boy if Leo finds Ellie she won't be the same person Jaro used to know. *Idly folds more cranes here and there.*
  11. Brayces

    Show me how to live

    *EXCITEMENT GROWS* Come back to us!!
  12. Brayces

    Once on the field, always on the field

    --- Here I doodled something for your DUMB DEAD CHARACTER and his (probably dead) sister. *Continues to grossly sob in the background)
  13. Brayces



    Me to everyone who asks me why I'm hanging out with any male friend of mine.

    1. Eagle



    2. RiZ


      Wholesome memes

    3. Hofer


      I thought the answer would be "to ERP"

    4. Azu





  14. Brayces

    Once on the field, always on the field

    JESSSSUUUUUUSSSS ... WHY DID YOU PERMA??!?!?!?! JARO, FUUUUCCCK... I am heart broken and tearing up IRL. Such a awesome character and he will be greatly missed ... I hope we can run into you on your new character, so HURRY UP AND MAKE HIM!!!
  15. Brayces

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    I've met so many good people from this community, and even those I've met IRL because of this community. While I never was one for RP nor Survival Shooters I still managed to find a home here. I hope I can continue to have the friends I do now long into the future even if DayZRP is a thing or not.
  16. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Dino @Ouromov @APositivePara @Kordruga @Baron @SquirtleKitty @Kain Today's RP summarized! Had a blast per usual, this will be a interesting turn of events...
  17. Brayces

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Kordruga

    Daddy Vladdy!
  18. Brayces

    Vultures Media Thread

    UwU Snypur Rweporting fur dwuty! OwO7 Had fun shooting all the infected Katie gathered up! BONDING RAIDER MOMENTS!
  19. Brayces

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    All your previous posts were fine, IMO. But thank you again for having me! Like I mentioned before, you're a awesome RP along with everyone else and hopefully even if Ellie gets free we can all still have "Raider Academy" training classes again! Can't wait for the rest of the docs to learn of all the dubious things we've been up to! >;3 Torture Classes when?
  20. Brayces


    Suggestion for new GMs;

    Please ASK BEFORE you spawn in hordes and wolves. It seems a few of you are rather new to the tools and are over doing it. I've heard of not only my own experiences in which way too many infected and hordes spawn in and are way to overwhelming but others as well. This leads to unnecessary deaths which ruins RP because now we have to hold gear and run and find the person(s) again.

    So, ask before you do it.

    Suggestion; if you accidentally murder a player at least spawn them back to their bodies... 

    1. APositivePara


      Preach 🙌

      I mean i lost all my shit bc of a server restart lul

    2. FalkRP



      Its better when a horde turns up out no where. If someone dies, they die, gear shouldn't be worried about. 

    3. DrMax


      I lost my scalpel 😞

    4. Brayces


      I don't mind if the death is natural and stuff, but like we've been subjected to several hordes and wolves every day. Like, we'd like to actually RP as well at some point without having to now run back and forth.

      Ask the GMs to spawn them all on you then, @FalkRP! Take our spawns, we don't really want them as often as we get them. 

    5. RavenousRP


      Zannan is the best man that man knows how to do it right 

    6. andysuter


      I'm kinda with falk on this one. We had 2 hordes last night. 1 in middle of some impromptu wedding stuff (actually dancing like fools to abba) and one during an intense random encounter between two groups. Then they chucked in some wolves too. It was good fun but there was like 12-15 of us

    7. Brayces


      I think Onyx did one for us at Bere, and it was great. Gave us Emotes, gave us reasonable amount of infected, and breathers, then ran to us after it was over as his character all "GASP GASP, I just saw a HORDE run this way! Wtf! I need to follow it, the rest is going north! Here, take this weapon I don't need it where I'm going!" Then dropped the reward and skadoodled.

      10/10 that is preferable. 

      Recently all we've gotten is *Spawns in 50 infected/Wolves up the road, no emote, no warning, nothing.* Wolves don't howl if you spawn them in, hence why we need emotes, etc. 

    8. APositivePara


      @Brayces the way @Zanaan did his was fine with the emote, about 75-100m of distance to give us time to realise that we're being targeted by the wolves.

      But that';s different to the other side of a fence or around the back of a house you're in. 

    9. Rover


      I'll agree with the above.


      A while back in the middle of a city (at night) I was emoting with someone that was injured and out of the blue a wolf leapt from an alley and chomped him. Absolute silence, no warning, followed by an infected horde shortly after. If there wasn't a dozen people down the road, we both probably would have died.


      It'd be nice to have some warning, or at least ample time to be able to realize its happening. 

    10. Kordruga


      The asking in PMs thing is good for new GMs to practice their tools.

      @Realize PM'd me asking if a horde was ok to be spawned and I gave him a location that would both look good and give us time to react. 

      @Zanaan Does it really well with his server messages before spawning, giving players time to react. 

      Other GMs in the past, haven't been so good 🤐

    11. Zanaan


      I always try and make sure my hordes are fair and balanced to the people in the area, as well as not interfering with any direct RP situations before doing them.  I don't always announce hordes via RCON, sometimes wanting an element of surprise if larger groups are present, but if it's a large horde or a smaller group I generally will. 


      I'll keep an eye on the ones the GMs are doing, I understand the desire to use them but they must be done both with the idea of fairness and server stability in mind. The latter in fact is why I don't do many town sized hordes with prizes at the moment, server just can't handle it at the moment. 


      It is important to note that deaths do happen during hordes (and it's funny to see when it does happen due to someone being overzealous), but it shouldn't happen simply because hordes are spawned overly frequently or too close to the defenders to give them time to react. 

    12. Hofer


      I got smashed by 6 wolves yesterday 😭

    13. Eagle


      Last time I got wolf spawned on me my head got bitten of then a huey came about and tossed me back to my lads.

    14. GalloWB


      I agree to an extent. Groups just travelling? Ask before you spawn,

       That legit just ruins RP because this game is shit and someone will probably lag and die. Guaranteed. If however theres a massive base like say the library or Novaya when it was at its peak, then I would say it's okay to do it willy nilly. It also leads to a fun RP scenario.. Not so much when you just waltst into one while travelling.

    15. Harvey


      Back when we first got the tools hordes were rarely spawned outside of events, but honestly I like the idea of random hordes without warning, as long as they are not excessive.

      It may be a good idea to place them in open fields, where people can take the option of sneaking around or taking them on.

    16. Crusader-chan


      In my experience. The best way it has been done has been announcements about hordes roaming in from X location and giving a small time frame to either hunker down or to start making off. Then they start to bleed in from whichever direction. We had huge hordes at Gorka not long ago that also bled into Polana, was actually enjoyable to be honest.

  21. Brayces

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Thanks man I planted the bean farm myself! But overall, your RP has been awesome! You're more of the wild card of the group and I love it.
  22. Brayces

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    This group has been hella fun to roam around with recently! There's the awesome internalRP that goes on and the lovely hostile ExternalRP provided to passerby's and friends alike! Never a dull moment and everyone's characters bring something interesting to the table. Special thanks to @APositivePara, @Kordruga, @SquirtleKitty, @Conor, @Kain, @Baron, @AndreyQ and Wolfen who I am unsure of who they are on the forums but they're not on the Group CP. Anyways, you guys have made my experience so far very much enjoyable and I am loving the adventures we get into!
  23. Brayces

    • Brayces
    • Hofer

    Red, or dead.

    There is no green.


    1. Hofer


      Red is the colour, I have to agree with that.

  24. Brayces

    What music describes your character

    At the moment this is def it! --- Lyrics:
  25. Brayces

    Add Safety Mechanic to Guns

    Would be cool, but you're talking a whole extra function added to a weapon/weapons which means a overhaul of all current weapons and a animation to show it's flicking on or off based on each weapon ... I don't think we really have the ability to mod that far yet with the current abilities in DayZ, but it would be a neato thing to have either way!
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