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  1. Brayces

    Doctor Needed

    *Your radio crackles back to life, a young voice is mixed with the sounds of rustling and shuffling.* "Got it. We're headed there now ... We're prepping what we have and what we can take. It'll be a little bit of a trip, make sure your injured are stable and we'll be there as soon as possible. *Once again the transmission fades into static before vanishing completely.*
  2. Brayces

    New Dawn | Media Thread

    @Wolffe am I just staring at @DrMax as he tabs out doing Admin crap? "COME ON DOC, WE GOTTA GOOOOOO"
  3. Brayces

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Yeah, that's the trade off which is sucky too. It's why my group doesn't base build. There's no reason to tie ourselves to a location or a server, so we give up the benefits of a base and instead gain the freedom of movement. Sadly, we can't have everything we want and we value RP over Gear so we didn't mind giving up the ability to build a base in order to easily server swap or relocate on a whim. But, I know bases are good for settlementRP and it does suck once you build a base and there's no one coming to visit. Hopefully Roland's settlements idea will come into play and you can just simply ask the big man to load your prefab on S2 instead of S1 or vice versa.
  4. Brayces

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Oh yeah, it sucks. My group had been wanting to meet more of the CDF who were primarily on S1 since they arrived and could not get into S1 to meet them and that blew. But, it's where they chose to play so I'm not about to suffer through a S1 Queue to get to them since several of our members have RL work or bad internet and cannot afford a 30-40 min queue or force the CDF to come to S2 and leave their base behind. 'Cause that's not fair to them, either. So, ah well! We will have to wait until we're both on the same server or suffer through a queue to get to them if we wanna RP with them REAL bad like. But we managed contact so at least we achieved that goal in the end. \o/ Yeah, it's crappy when a group you wanna RP with has moved to a specific server or swapped. The amount of times we've passed the Traders and they were not on the Server we were on is sad, or when we went to Cherno on S2 before the wipe and it was a ghost town ... But, that is the world we live in and we have to make sacrifices sometimes. And the Steam Check only works once you're in the Server and even then profiles =/= the person on the forum. So, there's a chance you won't even know who's who from the Steam list.
  5. Brayces

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Yeah, but it does work. For a bit. For those few days/weeks of being free and not being hounded day in and out by the same people just dressed up under a different banner. You can see why people do it, right? It's a good thing we don't have the server list anymore. Because people used to load that up, see who was playing the immediately go to that server to find them.
  6. Brayces

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    People are moving to S2 from S1 for the following reasons; - Escaping constant PvP Focused Groups/Hostilities (or base raids) - Avoiding the Queue (which is now moot as the Queue will be present on S2 due to the influx) - To pick up prime base locations - Looting I've noticed that when big groups with conflicts move to a server, they bring their conflicts with them. Big group A moves to S2 to get away from Hostile Group B. Hostile Group B moves to S2 to be hostile to Big Group A. Sadly, when people focus on PvP/Overly Hostile to the same people over and over they don't realize they're forcing the other group to server hop just to get a breather. So in a few weeks we will see a migration BACK to S1 once the bigger groups move back over to S1 to get away from their conflicts/hostilities that have followed them to S2.
  7. Brayces

    Dr. Helden Tatcher's Journal

    My "boss" Haha. YES @DrMax WHEN DO I GET PAID?! In all seriousness, it's fun to read through these! Keep it up!
  8. Brayces

    Doctor Needed

    *The radio in your possession buzzes back to life, crackling and marring the airwaves with it's dull tones before the young voice speaks again.* "Shot by the people who you were asking for help for? Damn, that's rough ... How many of you are hurt? How badly? Can any of you move? *A light shuffling can be hard, papers rustling against one another* If you haven't already started basic treatment, be sure to do that now. Uh ... Clear out any bullet wounds free from dirt or debris ... Stop or slow bleeding as much as possible ... by applying pressure to the wounds and packing the larger ones with bandages ... *The crinkling of papers issues forth once more.* We can likely offer some help, but depending on where you are we'll have to see about a mutual location. Where are you currently located? Hm, I have a map with me so I can hopefully figure out where you are ..." *The transmission ends once again.*
  9. Brayces

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck guys! Seems like a interesting concept! Can't wait to see you RP in action.
  10. Brayces

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    WELCOME! Been having fun RP with your buddies over in/at Haven so happy to have ties with them through you @Pepper!
  11. Brayces

    Rule 3.6 Discussion

    I think it's a lot of nuance that gets in the way. Which is why it's easier to say "if you're hands are up you cannot transmit" because it's easier to monitor and maintain. While it makes sense from a mechanic and IRL point of view it makes it harder for the GMs and Staff to regulate the "well was the radio on? Did he leave it on? Can you hear a static? When did he turn it on? Do you have video evidence of turning on and attaching your radio to your bag?" Etc. We want to make the rules easy to follow and easy to monitor/maintain while I agree with you that it likely could work there's a lot of specifics that have to go into it to make it regulated.
  12. Brayces

    Doctor Needed

    *Your radio crackles to life, the voice of a young girl wavers through the static* Hello! We're friends with a few doctors as well as roam with a group, who's aim is to help people. We've also met the CDF and they're pretty kind people with some medical people I hear as well. We have some surgeons and other specialists with us, as I'm sure the CDF has too ... We know of one psychiatrist but he's not with us actively but I can reach out to him if you'd like. Let us know! *Your radio dies, and the transmission ends swiftly.*
  13. Brayces

    CDF and group info

    *Once more your radio breathes to life.* "Mm, sure thing. I've asked Dr. River what he'd like to do, so if he doesn't reach out I'll let you know either way." *And yet again it falls silent, popping and whirling static.*
  14. Brayces

    CDF and group info

    *Your radio blurts to life, echoing static and buzzing noises before a young voice speaks; direct and to the point.* Hello! Yes, the CDF are out in Bere. We met them, they're nice but don't take shit you didn't ask to take. Okay? Also don't beat around the bush, they seem very focused on what they're doing and don't wanna waste time. *There is a slight pause, in which the radio continues transmitting.* We, the people I'm with, offer medical aid. We're with Dr. River. If you would like to meet up and talk, I'm sure we can sorta maybe sort that out. I can ask River for you. Let us know. *The broadcast dies, as does the transmission ending with a pop and click*
  15. Brayces

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    @Roland come and get some DEEP MEDICAL RP with us, sometime! We fix you real good like. @DrMax did BRAIN SURGERY the other day! WOO! We are approved! Time to rev up them PvP Montages and skills. *Racks round of MEDICALRP*
  16. Brayces

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    AAAAAAAA A quick doodle of @Ouromov's "Jaromir" likely having a moment after Ellie has decided to smash the 3rd car they've seen today and please Ellie we need to get home, and I'm tired of cleaning windshield out of my pockets. Feel like I need to make him more beefier but alas...
  17. Brayces

    Playing as the opposite sex

    I know several people who RP as females whilst being male IRL. They almost always textRP and it's done pretty expertly. The only time it's not done well is when someone tries to VoIP and they know the don't sound the part and proceed to ham it up being trolly and cringe. IE; lots of sexual talk, stating they're trans(and using it in a derogatory way), stating they're a hooker or similar, etc. Usually those are newer players who accidentally spawn in as the wrong model and cannot for the life of them RP out of a situation like that. But people who actively try to RP as women, who make a well thought out character and put effort into it do it well and the immersion isn't broken.
  18. Brayces



    The cousin to this is, "But we're friends! Do art for me as a friend!" 

    I swear to God, I will not do art for you unless you pay me. I will not draw your character, your OC, your waifu, your favorite animu, your dog, cat or fiance. I will not do your twitch icons, banners, emotes, Discord avatar, Steam avatar, or character pages. I will not draw out your RP scene, or work from a text description or have a chance to do your "comic".

    Pay me. 

    And no, 20 bucks isn't enough for whatever you're asking for. Whatever it is.

    Art is a skill you cultivate over years of practice, people have areas they excel in and to ask a 3D artist to draw a semi-realistic portrait of Peach from Mario Bros is not reasonable. I do not do pixel art, I do not do realism painting, I do not do mechanics, or schematics. I do not do scenery scenes or NSFW. I cannot see inside your head and get the exact picture you want me to make. 

    I do art when I am inspired and I'm not even that good at it. If you want art from me, meet me in RP, develop a IC relationship and impact my character and I will likely feel inspired to do art of what has happened or is happening. I have month long relations IC that I haven't even drawn out so you better be making quite the impression if you want a doodle.


    1. JimRP



    2. Kordruga


      So does this mean you're not going to draw my ERP scenes? 😞

    3. Azu


      What about stickman sketches?

    4. Brayces


      No BUTS Jim! 😤 Tbh, if I had more time I'd doodle more. 


      And Stick figures is about the best you'll get.


    5. JimRP


      @Brayces I'll run into you again eventually. 😁

    6. Brayces


      Help me make millions by doing less and I can sit at home and doodle all day long.

    7. JimRP


      Tsk, tsk tsk, already tried. You have failed your exam.

    8. DrMax


      What about my drawing of Nikolai? 

    9. Brayces


      DrMax we already spoke about that  ... 👀 I'll get it done ... and exactly how you described ...

    10. APositiveElmo


      Wanna pay in exposure? Quick deposit up front with a money back guarantee if the “exposure” actually works.

      Thatll shut the buggers up 🙂 

    11. Azu


      i cant even do a straight line so i will gladly take stickman drawings


    12. Whitename


      c-can i have a high five for free?

    13. Brayces


      Yes, Whitename, you sure as hell CAN MY DUDE. *HIGHFIVESSOHARD*

    14. MajooRB


      These artists asking for moneyz...

  19. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was awesome running into you! Sorry for the chaos! Hope to see you again soooon~
  20. Brayces

    Roland the Hall Monitor

    S2 is where the STORYLINE RP is at, but shhh everyone thinks it's just gearRP going on while on S2.
  21. Brayces

    Polaroids and other media

    OOoOO Timmy~ c'mere got something to shoooww yoouu~
  22. Brayces

    Polaroids and other media

    Tfw I have to say bad words IC that I would never say OOC and I feel bad both IC and OOC
  23. Brayces

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    w-w-w-wow, s-s-so great g-g-guys! G-Good l-luck!!! Please don't capture us we're just good medical people I swear! Haha, JK but for reals been having a lot of fun the RP we've been having with you all! And the OOC trust we have for you knowing that you guys will and can provide amazing hostileRP is bar none! GOOD LUCK!!!! Hope to see you soon!
  24. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Dino @[email protected]@[email protected]@DeagleERP - HAD FUN TODAY! @Kieran - Thanks for the Hordes!! Was a interesting dynamic to our tense talk with @Harvey who, thank you for showing up! You helped to progress some major RP
  25. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Kordruga-kun THANKS FOR THE SURPRISE RP! We had fun with it!! Was unexpected and awesome. Hope to see you soon, Vladdy.
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