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Characters Comments posted by Brayces

  1. 34 minutes ago, Hofer said:

    Still no love for Dimitri eh?

    One day when I'm not lazy I will update his section for the CP!

  2. 10/10 Solid TextRPer. You type so fast, but are able to really showcase your characters intent, emotions and personality without missing a beat in RP.


  3. Is 35, looks 60 IG. Best grumpy Chernarussian Grandpa. ❤️

    Just now, Brayces said:

    Is 35, looks 60 IG. Best grumpy Chernarussian Grandpa. ❤️

    Oops 39** Sorry.

  4. 3 minutes ago, APositiveElmo said:

    Why are you gay?

    I often think so with how much you call me out on liking men. 😞

  5. Thanks for coming to help, Ellie! Sorry the message didn't get relayed that we escaped and we escaped a second time. 😆

  6. Finally you added more photos, I was wondering when you'd do that.

    I like Jona, you play him well! It's always a joy to engage in RP with you because you never let the moment grow stale or awkward and Jona's jovial and happy-go-lucky personality mixed in with a taut seriousness is a very realistic and fun character to engage with. ❤️ 

  7. Should include to her likes; "Enjoys fist fighting young boys" and to her dislikes "Sleeping on top of chicken coops" 😆

  8. 10 minutes ago, APositivePara said:

    Holy hell i just realised who those quotes related to, damn. Still tho love the page @Brayces

    HECK Ye, Radek made a impact on Nikolai and Ellie. 😄 IF ONLY ... HE'D COME BACK ... 

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