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  1. Vomit is on the entire wheel, I thought. Unless Roland removed it? It’s not under sickness I don’t think though. Check the other locations? laugh on the other hand is not on the emote wheel.
  2. Hello, Developer Watchman,

    I hope this finds you well. The days draw long and the nights colder, as the rains down in Livonia as they do all days and I am reminded of the warm summers in the country home we often visited.

    I hope that you still find the warmth, even now during the shivering embrace of the war. Fear not for the end is near, I feel.

    Wishing you the best, keep safe.

    Watching the skies, always,

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  3. 👀

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  4. "You hear a whisper in the trees, what is it saying?" --- This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete. *I will fill this with more information later on*
  5. Yaayy! I'm glad the twins had a impact on Eli!
  6. Spoilers but this was a nice video essay. 👌

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      Yesss its amazing

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  7. Oh man, having you bump into us was great. I am so happy you decided to stick around and watch the whole thing unfold! I love when things roll dynamically and just carry on into other storylines. Also, the other girl (Karina) was @Franny! I sure hope we meet again either by chance or similar! Sorry the char. you met died. I swear it was for a good purpose!!
  8. Quick Reminder, William. Our Devs are NOT 3D modelers. They are texture and code artists, meaning they make code and re-texture existing items. Adding in items like AI (dogs, cats, rats, etc) takes a lot more than just slapping a model in there. Adding little nonsense like scrolling text on the front page is used in HTML5 or w/e code the website is made with in which Roland is quite well versed is easy. The code used on the website is not the same as the code used in the game. When adding third party mods, Roland needs to gain express permission (typically) if it's something that can be bought and sold in the Item Store(IE; clothing items for example). Right now groups can get their own armbands and outfits(I think?) if they're approved. He also has to Vet the mods to ensure they are not harmful nor bog down the server too much or do not interfere with existing code and mods. Things like "adding cheese" would be fine if there's a model for it already in the game and our Devs can retexture it. If there isn't a model we have to weigh the desire for a block of cheese to be modeled or downloaded, then placed into the server. IE; is the effort and benefit to RP that much so it is worth the time and effort to implement it? So, is there a massive desire for cassette players and cameras? If you feel it should be a mod that is added, put it on the suggested mod thread list and Roland will look it over. P.S. Comfort can be spawned in, but only by us LMs, it does not spawn on the loot table. We are working hand in hand with the Devs to make new Items or setups related to Lore. I've personally gone through and placed bodies/markers for the Serial Killer event all over Livonia. I'm a big supporter of getting stuff IG that players can interact with instead of having to use Emotes all the time.

  10. Just wanna say thank you to our devs, they've been so helpful specially for LM stuff that I can't thank them enough.

    You guys are always so friendly, willing to assist and wonderful teachers.

    I know a lotta people don't realize the work and effort you put in, specially in the background but we do! 

    The LM team loves yooooouu ❤️ 

    thanks thank you GIF

    @Ducky @Watchman and also sorta @Kerkkoh just because he still helps fix things when not even on the team anymore lol

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      Always a pleasure to assist the lore team!

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      thanking you

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      GIF by SkySlope

  11. I did spend time trying to get some damn ASCII art into a note to look like doodles. But alas ... The spacing is off and it cuts off half way through. So, guess I'll be sticking to *there would be a doodle of whatever upon the paper* instead.
  12. *Your radio springs to life, and the young girl from before chimes in at hearing Callahan speak, the soft smile upon her voice a audible expression which could be heard through her words as she spoke,* "Callahan? You helped River? Thank you so much, Callahan to you and your men, for being there when he needed help. I heard we managed to get one of our own toward him after the fact but who knows how long he would of lasted without your help. So thank you for that. Currently based? We're based out in To..." *There would be the noise of rustling paper before she spoke again,* "Topolin, the hospital. We've sort of set up there to help treat people." *With that your radio falls silent.*
  13. *Your radio pops and crackles to life, as a staticy voice issues through the plastic. The soundings of a young American girl as she speaks, her tone is somber,* "Hello all ... If you haven't heard, Dr. River is not going to be practicing for a bit. He ... Well, he to put it bluntly lost the use of one of his hands..." *She takes a breath, before continuing,* "For those who are friends with him, you know how important his work and his patients are. We are referring all active, past and current patients of his to Kings Ridge for reassignment and evaluation. We still have other doctors who can tend to your needs and help where they can. Despite this harsh time River is recovering in a undisclosed location for a undetermined amount of time. Please feel free to reach out to him if you have his private frequency. Thank you for your time." *Once more your radio falls silent, the static and voice fading into the air.*
  14. You and me both, brother. Haha, MOSIN FOR LIFE. I don't think the goddamn bears need a buff, if anything and this is a very hard IF anything needed a buff I'd pick the wolves. Not the stupid ass yogi bears beating me to death for my picnic basket!!
  15. ... I... W-what a creative bit of writing... I... I'm not sure which is the best part ... if I had to pick a favorite, it'd be ... all of it.
  16. So glad we got to rope you in as well! Completely random that you showed up but MAN I think it added to the experience. I hope you and Eli had a blast Sorry for making Eleanor feel the sad feels. ;(
  17. scared homer simpson GIF


  18. Hope you all had fun! I have a massive headache from fake crying the whole time!!! But I hope I impacted your characters, as well as everyone enjoying the event we did! :3 @Franny and @Stagsview Thanks for always making these things enjoyable!
  19. So uh, yep. To answer your question quite a few of us play and quite regularly as well. With a full time job and stuff, I tend to take a day or two here or there when I can be missed to refresh before jumping back in.
  20. Had so much fun today! Thank you @DrMax @Stagsview @Franny!! I hope you had fun Thank you to the people we encountered! @DieselTheSnowMan, @Poster and your friends!!! Had a little chat with @MaybeleleLR and your boiz! Good running into @Cuchulainn, @HDragon and @Ryan Shepherd and whomever else ran in during the encounter. It was CHAOS but haha, it was funny. Sorry Mr. Old Man got shot. ;( We did try to save him! And of course thanks to @Scarlett for coming to the rescue and @TheBar0n for the assist! :3 Sorry if I missed anyone! It was a ... a lot of people coming in and out. Please lemme know who they are!!
  21. I understand carrying gear or RP items on your person, but when people offline raid they're not stealing medical supplies (typically). They're stealing bullets, guns, and building items. Maybe food. I'm with a doctor group and we have no base, we all carry some medical supplies on us and log out with those items in our inventory. We have never had a situation where we had to store 50x the same item in order to RP effectively. And if people rob us they don't take said medical items because they don't want them. They want bullets, belts, guns, vests, attachments, etc.
  22. This is will not change. Ignoring the basis of if Offline raiding is good or bad, how the hell is it going to be regulated? Say we do ban offline raiding. Okay, how do we catch people? You want the Staff Team to sit and sift through hours of logs to find out if X person from X group or dynamic was online when person B decided to raid even though X person wasn't online during the case at the time? Like ... Near impossible. Even if you create a script that checks groups to see if they're online when a base is broken into that's theirs(which you have to determine by some magical mean) by someone that doesn't impact non-grouped people. What about dynamics? They have no common denominator to tie them to a Group (like a group tag). I think the better decision is to let loot go. The only thing that I think is important is outfits (not weapons or bags or anything) just outfits. Since customization is low on DayZ a person can stand out by the clothing they choose to wear and for that we have the item store. But beyond that? Nah, let it go. Do as Elsa does. Hoarding gear in a base serves no purpose, really. Besides you aiming to gather it. And if gathering gear is a goal then raiding is a GODSEND to you. Now you have reasons to go gather more! Because someone stole some! I'm not saying don't collect gear, but I'm just saying if you have a base people are gonna break in and steal. It's gonna happen.
  23. Pretty much what everyone else is saying here. While it's awesome people CAN speak in languages, this is a RP community and it limits RP if you're also required to speak the language of the character you're trying to RP as. Tossing in words here and there and even speaking in sentences is fine but if you encounter another player who says "Oh I'm Russian!" And you start speaking in actual Russian to them, perhaps make sure they actually speak the language or swap to textRP instead so they can read what you say in English via Emotes, like Para mentioned, and immersion isn't broken and they don't feel ostracized from their desired RP. It's great when people try and RP as different groups, I recall @Malet would RP his Chernarussian char (while being not actually Chernarussian... Duh) and tossed in a lot of phrases from Czech(?) here and there but with context it made sense. Kept saying something that was like "Goddamn it", or "Damnit" a lot can't recall the word now but you know what I mean! Which we were able to understand as it made sense based on what other things he'd say in English.

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