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  1. Brayces

    Doctor Needed

    *Your radio crackles to life, the voice of a young girl wavers through the static* Hello! We're friends with a few doctors as well as roam with a group, who's aim is to help people. We've also met the CDF and they're pretty kind people with some medical people I hear as well. We have some surgeons and other specialists with us, as I'm sure the CDF has too ... We know of one psychiatrist but he's not with us actively but I can reach out to him if you'd like. Let us know! *Your radio dies, and the transmission ends swiftly.*
  2. Brayces

    CDF and group info

    *Once more your radio breathes to life.* "Mm, sure thing. I've asked Dr. River what he'd like to do, so if he doesn't reach out I'll let you know either way." *And yet again it falls silent, popping and whirling static.*
  3. Brayces

    CDF and group info

    *Your radio blurts to life, echoing static and buzzing noises before a young voice speaks; direct and to the point.* Hello! Yes, the CDF are out in Bere. We met them, they're nice but don't take shit you didn't ask to take. Okay? Also don't beat around the bush, they seem very focused on what they're doing and don't wanna waste time. *There is a slight pause, in which the radio continues transmitting.* We, the people I'm with, offer medical aid. We're with Dr. River. If you would like to meet up and talk, I'm sure we can sorta maybe sort that out. I can ask River for you. Let us know. *The broadcast dies, as does the transmission ending with a pop and click*
  4. Brayces

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    @Roland come and get some DEEP MEDICAL RP with us, sometime! We fix you real good like. @DrMax did BRAIN SURGERY the other day! WOO! We are approved! Time to rev up them PvP Montages and skills. *Racks round of MEDICALRP*
  5. Brayces

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    AAAAAAAA A quick doodle of @Ouromov's "Jaromir" likely having a moment after Ellie has decided to smash the 3rd car they've seen today and please Ellie we need to get home, and I'm tired of cleaning windshield out of my pockets. Feel like I need to make him more beefier but alas...
  6. Brayces

    Playing as the opposite sex

    I know several people who RP as females whilst being male IRL. They almost always textRP and it's done pretty expertly. The only time it's not done well is when someone tries to VoIP and they know the don't sound the part and proceed to ham it up being trolly and cringe. IE; lots of sexual talk, stating they're trans(and using it in a derogatory way), stating they're a hooker or similar, etc. Usually those are newer players who accidentally spawn in as the wrong model and cannot for the life of them RP out of a situation like that. But people who actively try to RP as women, who make a well thought out character and put effort into it do it well and the immersion isn't broken.
  7. Brayces



    The cousin to this is, "But we're friends! Do art for me as a friend!" 

    I swear to God, I will not do art for you unless you pay me. I will not draw your character, your OC, your waifu, your favorite animu, your dog, cat or fiance. I will not do your twitch icons, banners, emotes, Discord avatar, Steam avatar, or character pages. I will not draw out your RP scene, or work from a text description or have a chance to do your "comic".

    Pay me. 

    And no, 20 bucks isn't enough for whatever you're asking for. Whatever it is.

    Art is a skill you cultivate over years of practice, people have areas they excel in and to ask a 3D artist to draw a semi-realistic portrait of Peach from Mario Bros is not reasonable. I do not do pixel art, I do not do realism painting, I do not do mechanics, or schematics. I do not do scenery scenes or NSFW. I cannot see inside your head and get the exact picture you want me to make. 

    I do art when I am inspired and I'm not even that good at it. If you want art from me, meet me in RP, develop a IC relationship and impact my character and I will likely feel inspired to do art of what has happened or is happening. I have month long relations IC that I haven't even drawn out so you better be making quite the impression if you want a doodle.


    1. JimRP
    2. Kordruga-kun


      So does this mean you're not going to draw my ERP scenes? 😞

    3. Firemoiselle


      What about stickman sketches?

    4. Brayces


      No BUTS Jim! 😤 Tbh, if I had more time I'd doodle more. 


      And Stick figures is about the best you'll get.


    5. JimRP


      @Brayces I'll run into you again eventually. 😁

    6. Brayces


      Help me make millions by doing less and I can sit at home and doodle all day long.

    7. JimRP


      Tsk, tsk tsk, already tried. You have failed your exam.

    8. DrMax


      What about my drawing of Nikolai? 

    9. Brayces


      DrMax we already spoke about that  ... 👀 I'll get it done ... and exactly how you described ...

    10. APositiveElmo


      Wanna pay in exposure? Quick deposit up front with a money back guarantee if the “exposure” actually works.

      Thatll shut the buggers up 🙂 

    11. Firemoiselle


      i cant even do a straight line so i will gladly take stickman drawings


    12. Whitename


      c-can i have a high five for free?

    13. Brayces


      Yes, Whitename, you sure as hell CAN MY DUDE. *HIGHFIVESSOHARD*

    14. MajooRB


      These artists asking for moneyz...

  8. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was awesome running into you! Sorry for the chaos! Hope to see you again soooon~
  9. Brayces

    Roland the Hall Monitor

    S2 is where the STORYLINE RP is at, but shhh everyone thinks it's just gearRP going on while on S2.
  10. Brayces

    Polaroids and other media

    OOoOO Timmy~ c'mere got something to shoooww yoouu~
  11. Brayces

    Polaroids and other media

    Tfw I have to say bad words IC that I would never say OOC and I feel bad both IC and OOC
  12. Brayces

    The Quarantined

    w-w-w-wow, s-s-so great g-g-guys! G-Good l-luck!!! Please don't capture us we're just good medical people I swear! Haha, JK but for reals been having a lot of fun the RP we've been having with you all! And the OOC trust we have for you knowing that you guys will and can provide amazing hostileRP is bar none! GOOD LUCK!!!! Hope to see you soon!
  13. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Dino @[email protected]@[email protected]@DeagleERP - HAD FUN TODAY! @Kieran - Thanks for the Hordes!! Was a interesting dynamic to our tense talk with @Harvey who, thank you for showing up! You helped to progress some major RP
  14. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Kordruga-kun THANKS FOR THE SURPRISE RP! We had fun with it!! Was unexpected and awesome. Hope to see you soon, Vladdy.
  15. Brayces

    Fucking help [10 Beans if you help me out]

    I was getting bad version when I somehow enabled "Bulldozer mode" in the Launcher under Parameters. Make sure no authors or w/e it's called at the very bottom are checked off.
  16. Brayces

    Brayces Clippy Clips - [Videos and Whatnot]

    @RiZStream being taught by @Ouromov featuring @Firemoiselle @duxpredator and @Dino I was crying laughing again. Hutch knows how to make shit awkward.
  17. Brayces

    Hover Text for Custom Titles - Upper Tiers

    For Roland mostly. Is it by design not to have hover text for the custom titles that upper tiers can edit and place from under their Edit Profile page? If so that's fine, was just curious as the purchasable titles could have hover text and all~ Thanks!
  18. Brayces

    Group settlements

    Still think 20 is too high... Perhaps 15? or 10? What about smaller groups then? Is there no ability for smaller groups to have smaller bases or are they regulated to having just tents and barrels, etc? Or do you suggest they go ahead and "ally" with a larger group to be apart of their settlement to live in and RP? Suppose that can work. Read the repost from you and Phoenix.
  19. Brayces

    Group settlements

    This! ^^^ 20 active members is too high for a settlement. Unless it's a level 4. IMO, make a Level 1 = 5 Active members, Level 2 = 10 or whatever the numbers are so smaller groups that are official can have a base as well and need to increase membership in order to have a higher Base Level.
  20. Brayces

    Group settlements

    - Moving/Relocating a Settlement (How often, where/when/what level can and cannot) - Group feedback being forced/pushed by biased friends or current group members. AKA Stocking the deck with people to inflate the feedback to have the requirement met by people who are known friends/people not that active or having recently been interacting with the group/people actively in the group atm. - What are considered Incidents? Too many reports with verdicts of guilty? Too many complaints from members via DMs/PMs? Too much negative feedback? - You mean "Prohibit" and not "Provide" in line No structures that provide resources (water, food, planks, etc) I think? So settlements cannot PROHIBIT the access to resources such as planks/food/water? - Also glitched/unrealistic bases should be reviewed as well. No stair stacking, floating floors, etc.
  21. Brayces

    The Journal of Quinton Brand

    *Chucks cards at Quinton.* CHEER UP, AAAH!
  22. Brayces

    Polaroids and other media

  23. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks for some actual painRP for once! You sounded believable and not “oof ouch ow” haha, I hope my stitching work is GOOOOOOD!
  24. Brayces

    Bring Back Pre Built bases for Factions

    I like this idea, I also sort of had the same mind about it when bases were first starting to become a issue. But there are questions and issues I have if you could answer! (Can't watch the video at work sorry); - Approving a base layout and during this time the group is archived/goes inactive...? - The limits of how large/small it can be and what all in included - The process of actually making it? We're not about to give away a free base to people just because they're in a group, right? How are they going to "pay" for it? Gather mats and drop them off in front of a GM? - Does this mean base building is NOT possible for solo/dynamics? - How to clear the bases? Is this a map load? Are these placeables? What if they get broken into, does the map need to be reloaded? That requires server downtime ... Does the whole base replaced a second time or is the group responsible for maintenance and upkeep if a wall or fence is broken? - How long does a group need to be online each week/day/month before they base is considered useless? IE; people logging on just to tap the refresh timer to keep their base then logging off without RP'ing, etc?
  25. Brayces

    S1 S2 Seperate Hives and S2 Lore Wipe.

    Nooo ... People already queue for S1 just to play with friends, I don't want to boot up a new lore and character just to get on to play. Maybe make a S3 with all that nonsense on it. But we NEED two servers for the population of the community to get a chance to play. At all. As for bases appearing on different servers *shrug* we'll have to deal with it or the group will need to make the same base on both servers or w/e. - We cannot increase the player limit on S1 to encompass more players - We cannot copy bases over from S1 to S2 (well we CAN I believe but it's not feasible) - It's not fair to force people who cannot queue because of the queue cap to play on a completely different lore AND Character just because one server is full TLDR: Just make a S3 if you want a new Hive and Lore, tbh. We NEED two servers for the amount of players we have and they need to be on the same hive.
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