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    Realizing that a lot of the people that I was advised were "shit" and "Don't focus on what matters" were just forced into bad situations in which certain events were the only outcome 9/10 times by others mostly based on personal beef/issues and that when separated from those they have negative encounters/pasts with allowed these same "bad" people to grow and enjoy doing what they love. Providing positive and encouraging interactions with.

    I feel bad for thinking, even in a slight smallest amounts I did, negatively about such people. Though it never extended past my own mental thoughts and never into verbal or textual means. I am still happy to see these people, when given space and respect, will easily return the favor in kind and I look forward to interacting with them more.

    I guess in short, always approach people with at best kindness and at worst neutrality. Under all those labels other people affix to someone, is a real human with valid feelings and is likely willingly and wanting to be understood and accepted. Like a abused dog, sometimes they bite first as a defense but when you allow them to get to know you they open up and they're not as bad as others made them seem.

    If you find yourself unhappy, and feel angry and defensive all too often. Perhaps you're the abused dog lashing out at others creating a vicious cycle of hatred and anger. Step away from others who are hurting you, if you can, even if they call themselves your friends. You're not meant to be so frustrated, on edge and unhappy all the time. I promise. You do deserve to feel okay, and to feel comfortable and at peace with who you are and what you're doing.

    Sorry for rambling, but just wanted to let people know they're not alone and I am not one of those who hears a label and immediately goes, "Well, that person IS shit." just because someone else told me so.

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