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  1. Brayces


    Since I missed the thread; 

    I have never played, nor ever will play, a 9 or 11 year old character. The character who was kidnapped by anarchy was 14, and even that was pushing it for me. Directly after that I retired the character and haven’t played her since. 

    My current teenage character is 16. She WAS 17 but people were being creeps and juicing like eboys in and out of RP so I deaged her to 16. I also purposefully lower my voice pitch to ensure I don’t sound like a squeaky toy. My character before her was/is 24, the current one I have active.  

    Please do not comment on if childRP should be banned or not on my status, I am not posting this status for this reason. I am just clearing up a misconception that I willingly would play a 11 or 9 year old when I never have and never will. 

    Thank you. 

    1. burRP


      ❤️ juice 

    2. GreenySmiley


      lol XD IC Rain thought you were 9 lol or told you were XD

      sorry for the misunderstanding... I believed her being 9 XD she was played well either way.

    3. Baron


      It's a debate as old as DayZRP itself honestly, however I don't believe any of the topic was necessarily pointed at your characters. I respect the reasons behind the clarifications however, just keep doing you Brayces. 👍

    4. DrMax


      Ellie and Dolores smelt bad tbh. Just saying!

      Ive Roleplayed with both of your characters which are young and you play them fine. You understand how they’d act and do it well. Without sounding like one of them weirdo people you experience, your voice sounds fine on both the characters when you played them. I don’t see the issue with roleplaying as a young character if played well. Some people just ruin the experience of it by acting like a troll. 

      You do it fine. Ignore the haters. 

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