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  1. Brayces


    Looking for a "PvPRP'er" who's interested in TextRP (or developing char. arc/storylines) to start a IC storyline with. Or someone who's just not really explored the more "campfire" side of RP before. (PVP Skills optional but I will judge you Jk.) 

    I'm considering making a alt to textRP with someone one on one who's not used to textRP or wants to explore textRP but is unsure of how to start it. (Not swapping my main IG char. for this btw friendos who are concerned) But I want to work with someone who's always been interested in textRP or developing storylines outside of the game but never knew how to ask or thinks textRP is dumb and cringe.

    I won't be releasing DMs, criticizing you or telling anyone who you are. And no, this is not ERP (because someone would ask that). I won't do ERP, ever! Sorry. 

    - You have char. who you want to write more backstory for? RP out stuff from the past you want to expand on? FamilyRP? FriendRP? Stuff that's going on currently, but not IG but can affect IG?
    - Want a random hostile/non-hostile encounter with a char. that helps you develop your chars. mental status/morals/goals? 
    - Want to develop a storyline that could lead to IG stuff? Making a friend? A enemy? A frienemy?? BOTH, NONE, ALL?!?

    I've RP'd with people who've never textRP'd before and allowed them to really explore their chars. in a way that makes them feel more invested/immersed. I'm not a published amazing author or 5 Star rated writer, but I love helping people develop their characters. Hit me up on Discord or PMs or however! 

    1. Azu


      As someone who needs to improve textRP and is on a lot less as of recent, I can dig this.

    2. APositiveElmo


      Not ERPing sorry

    3. Brayces


      @Bot Elmo pls ... i made this status and everything ...

    4. Azu


      how long did you bloody spend on this update anyway? go to work!

    5. Eagle



    6. Brayces


      You're welcome as well, @Eagle! ❤️ 

    7. RavenousRP


      🤔Text RP? Defiantly adding that character to my RDM List

    8. DrMax


      Just so I can get to Nikolai, I might do it. 

    9. Azu


      Ah mate, she's showing me up already. We've had 2 messages in this text rp and I just got hit with a paragraph that might aswell be used in an Eng Lang GCSE paper

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