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  1. Brayces


    I just wanna thank some people who've been putting up with me and the amazing RP they've been providing in the last week or so.

    @Dino - You and I have a amazing story going on at the moment, and I love the effort and dedication you're putting in to each encounter even when you're dead tired. I hope I am pushing you out of some comfort zones and really allowing you to explore RP you seemed to be interested in! Just knowing you'll wait to get in game to further the RP we have is a warming feeling I have in my heart. I'm sorry my online time has been so sparse and I can't always game for long, and when I can it's cut short by something! 😞

    @Ouromov - Snek! Haha, picking you up was a great choice in my mind, you're a seasoned and well rounded RP'er with the subtle dedication and ability to know when to allow others to take the spotlight and when you can shine. I hope I can give you all the opportunities you deserve to showcase how much of a great RP'er you really are to everyone else! 

    @Stagsview @Para @Bot Elmo and the rest of Dead Batteries - Having you guys as hostileRPers has been a blast, I know I can trust everyone of you and your group with your RP and your absolute dedication to RP and story line/character progression. I know I can trust you not to yeet me when I hit the wrong button, or say the wrong thing and that is a comforting thought. After all RP is a two way street and being able to explore roles and experiences together is amazing specially when there's understanding and trust. You allow the HostileRP experience to really be the best it possibly can be. From the Feedback you request and actually take into consideration rather than a curt "thanks" and moving on, to the OOC things ask you ask before engaging in a intense RP session is bar none! Legit, bravo! I love that our characters have a storyline going and I hope to see it progress more and more. ❤️ In short, I want to make your characters live on forever in drawings and stories, you mean that much to me. 

    @Kase and the Mac Tire group - Coming to you was a wonderful RP choice and I am happy it's played out the way it has, while we're (Us three) not the direct aim of the group I am still happy to be apart of your on goings and whatnot. I hope we all get to RP together more, you have a nice roster of interesting chars. Whether it's Hutch drinking pond water, Sauce yelling about shrooms, Dom being ... Dom (even if he's not in the group), Ron giving bears, Spencer being exasperated, etc it's always a blast to meet up! I want to get to know more of the group and it's people, and I hope we also give you IC Goals and RP points to go off of! 

    1. Elmo


      I will not read this obvious bean farm.

    2. DrMax


      You’re so welcome for all the roleplay I provide on all my characters. You’re so welcome ❤️

    3. Brayces


      ❤️ ya Elmoooooo~

      @DrMax I need more WOOSH in my life tbh

    4. Aiko


      I am upset I didn't get an @ I knew you didn't love me.

    5. groovy dux

      groovy dux

      Just take my beanz already

    6. Brayces


      I love my weeb overlord @Aiko❤️💕

    7. Dino


      Much love, much fun ❤️

    8. DrMax


      It’s okay @Aiko. Clearly Ellie doesn’t appreciate Dr. River & Dr. Andela

    9. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      As much as I haven't met you IC, take beanz, sis.

    10. JimRP


      Bean farm.

    11. Brady


      look at all those free beans

    12. Ouromov


      Rp'ing with you two has already made the decision to come on this server worth it. I came here for the RP and got exactly that in it's purest form. So thank you on my part ❤️

      Twists and turns, twists and turns. Round and round we go, but everyday is something new and enjoyable ^^

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