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  1. Lyca

    • Lyca
    • Brayces

    I got a present ingame for you :x

    1. Brady


      Honestly it better be sucking on ur toes or ill riot

    2. Brayces


      @Lyca Is it another bear?! I swear, I'll have nothing but BEARS in my BAGS for days! Where will all my tons of APPLES GO!? Haha, JK! <3 I'm sure it's lovely. 

      @Brady I s2g I will not be sucking no toes, WHEN YOU GETTING IG? HUH? WHEN YOU GONNA PLAY SOME DAYZ ARE PEEEEE?

    3. Brady


      I have no time!!! Maybe when I get shipped for college ill have more time.

    4. Brayces


      Awww, okay! :( Just missin' the Toe Hunt Squad ©. 

    5. Lyca


      Its not a teddy bear ^_^